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App FX

App FX


App FX is a comprehensive collection of 445 sound effects designed specifically for app makers looking for original notifications, alerts, tones, and general effects.

Designed using both software and retro synthesizers, this collection contains a wide variety of sounds to accompany every action and function on a modern phone, tablet or desktop application: from simple clicks and tones, to complex melodic alerts and interface sounds.

This collection is divided into 11 folders, according the the type of sound:

  • Alarms: 34
  • Alert General: 214
  • Alert Negative: 18
  • Alert Positive: 24
  • Buttons and Clicks: 15
  • Game FX: 51
  • Interface: 16
  • Messaging: 11
  • Retro: 20
  • Swell Alerts: 9
  • Tones and Beeps: 33

All sounds were programmed, designed, processed and edited at 24-bit / 96kHz, with embedded meta data and accompanying spreadsheet.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
tone_single_002 tone_single_002
tone_single_001 tone_single_001
tone_neutral_002 tone_neutral_002
tone_neutral_001 tone_neutral_001
tone_bend_004 tone_bend_004
tone_bend_003 tone_bend_003
tone_bend_002 tone_bend_002
tone_bend_001 tone_bend_001
tone_alert_007 tone_alert_007
tone_alert_006 tone_alert_006
tone_alert_005 tone_alert_005
tone_alert_004 tone_alert_004
tone_alert_003 tone_alert_003
tone_alert_002 tone_alert_002
tone_alert_001 tone_alert_001
perc_single_bell_002 perc_single_bell_002
perc_single_bell_001 perc_single_bell_001
kali_tone_002 kali_tone_002
kali_tone_001 kali_tone_001
chord_001 chord_001
bellring_tone_002 bellring_tone_002
bellring_tone_001 bellring_tone_001
beep_010 beep_010
beep_009 beep_009
beep_008 beep_008
beep_007 beep_007
beep_006 beep_006
beep_005 beep_005
beep_004 beep_004
beep_003 beep_003
beep_002 beep_002
beep_001 beep_001
alert_key_001 alert_key_001
tone_swell_004 tone_swell_004
tone_swell_003 tone_swell_003
tone_swell_002 tone_swell_002
tone_swell_001 tone_swell_001
swell_alert_004 swell_alert_004
swell_alert_003 swell_alert_003
swell_alert_002 swell_alert_002
swell_alert_001 swell_alert_001
alert_swell_mallet_001 alert_swell_mallet_001
blip_pc_020 blip_pc_020
blip_pc_019 blip_pc_019
blip_pc_018 blip_pc_018
blip_pc_017 blip_pc_017
blip_pc_016 blip_pc_016
blip_pc_015 blip_pc_015
blip_pc_014 blip_pc_014
blip_pc_013 blip_pc_013
blip_pc_012 blip_pc_012
blip_pc_011 blip_pc_011
blip_pc_010 blip_pc_010
blip_pc_009 blip_pc_009
blip_pc_008 blip_pc_008
blip_pc_007 blip_pc_007
blip_pc_006 blip_pc_006
blip_pc_005 blip_pc_005
blip_pc_004 blip_pc_004
blip_pc_003 blip_pc_003
blip_pc_002 blip_pc_002
blip_pc_001 blip_pc_001
message_send_009 message_send_009
message_send_008 message_send_008
message_send_007 message_send_007
message_send_006 message_send_006
message_send_005 message_send_005
message_send_004 message_send_004
message_send_003 message_send_003
message_send_002 message_send_002
message_send_001 message_send_001
message_get_002 message_get_002
message_get_001 message_get_001
interface_fx_001 interface_fx_001
interface_click_006 interface_click_006
interface_click_005 interface_click_005
interface_click_004 interface_click_004
interface_click_003 interface_click_003
interface_click_002 interface_click_002
interface_click_001 interface_click_001
interface_009 interface_009
interface_008 interface_008
interface_007 interface_007
interface_006 interface_006
interface_005 interface_005
interface_004 interface_004
interface_003 interface_003
interface_002 interface_002