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Astral Beats

Astral Beats

Touch Loops

Sit back, relax and prepare to be transported to a galaxy far away.  This ultra silky, low slung Hip-Hop classic showcases the finest elements of organic hip-hop, jazz funk influenced Rhodes performances and a stunning batch of g-funk synth licks that'll instantly place you into a far flung cosmos. 

This beautifully constructed cosmic sample pack includes a selection of stunning keys licks, super swung organic drum loops, grooving analogue bass phrases, other worldly arpeggios, incredible live mallet loops and a delicious folder of jangling live percussion loops.  Each loop will perfectly nestle against the next allowing you to either construct full tracks, add a touch of inspiration or begin your process of chopping, sampling and composing.  

Produced by a producer with Hip-Hop running through his veins these samples are 100% royalty free, mixed and mastered to perfection and just waiting to be dropped into your DAW of choice.  As always we've included an epic collection of synth, key and drum one shots plus a batch of 90+ MIDI files so you can get in there and tweak to your hearts content.  

An absolute Touch Loops classic that represents everything we adore; low slung beats, beautiful melody and impeccable production skills.. let's vibe!


  • Size: 591.8mb
  • Loops: 188
  • MIDI: 90
  • One Shots: 85

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Hats - Hat10_TL Hats - Hat10_TL
Hats - Hat6_TL Hats - Hat6_TL
Hats - Hat12_TL Hats - Hat12_TL
Hats - Hat5_TL Hats - Hat5_TL
Hats - Hat11_TL Hats - Hat11_TL
Hats - Hat13_TL Hats - Hat13_TL
Hats - Hat15_TL Hats - Hat15_TL
Hats - Hat1_TL Hats - Hat1_TL
Hats - Hat3_TL Hats - Hat3_TL
Hats - Hat7_TL Hats - Hat7_TL
Hats - Hat14_TL Hats - Hat14_TL
Hats - Hat4_TL Hats - Hat4_TL
Hats - Hat9_TL Hats - Hat9_TL
Hats - Hat8_TL Hats - Hat8_TL
Hat2_TL Hat2_TL
Perc17_TL Perc17_TL
Perc19_TL Perc19_TL
Perc2_TL Perc2_TL
Perc13_TL Perc13_TL
Perc9_TL Perc9_TL
Perc11_TL Perc11_TL
Perc15_TL Perc15_TL
Perc1_TL Perc1_TL
Perc10_TL Perc10_TL
Perc18_TL Perc18_TL
Perc16_TL Perc16_TL
Perc6_TL Perc6_TL
Perc8_TL Perc8_TL
Perc5_TL Perc5_TL
Perc12_TL Perc12_TL
Perc4_TL Perc4_TL
Perc3_TL Perc3_TL
Perc14_TL Perc14_TL
Perc7_TL Perc7_TL
Drum Kick7_TL Drum Kick7_TL
Drum Kick5_TL Drum Kick5_TL
Drum Kick8_TL Drum Kick8_TL
Drum Kick13_TL Drum Kick13_TL
Drum Kick1_TL Drum Kick1_TL
Drum Kick6_TL Drum Kick6_TL
Drum Kick12_TL Drum Kick12_TL
Drum Kick14_TL Drum Kick14_TL
Drum Kick16_TL Drum Kick16_TL
Drum Kick3_TL Drum Kick3_TL
Drum Kick15_TL Drum Kick15_TL
Drum Kick2_TL Drum Kick2_TL
Drum Kick10_TL Drum Kick10_TL
Drum Kick11_TL Drum Kick11_TL
Drum Kick4_TL Drum Kick4_TL
Drum Kick9_TL Drum Kick9_TL
Snare12_TL Snare12_TL
Snare4_TL Snare4_TL
Snare3_TL Snare3_TL
Snare7_TL Snare7_TL
Snare13_TL Snare13_TL
Snare10_TL Snare10_TL
Snare6_TL Snare6_TL
Snare11_TL Snare11_TL
Snare1_TL Snare1_TL
Snare9_TL Snare9_TL
Snare2_TL Snare2_TL
Snare8_TL Snare8_TL
Snare5_TL Snare5_TL
Cymbals - Cymal4_TL Cymbals - Cymal4_TL
Cymbals - Cymal2_TL Cymbals - Cymal2_TL
Cymbals - Cymal5_TL Cymbals - Cymal5_TL
Cymbals - Cymal3_TL Cymbals - Cymal3_TL
Cymbals - Cymal6_TL Cymbals - Cymal6_TL
Cymbals - Cymal1_TL Cymbals - Cymal1_TL
Clap14_TL Clap14_TL
Clap7_TL Clap7_TL
Clap2_TL_ Clap2_TL_
Clap3_TL Clap3_TL
Clap12_TL Clap12_TL
Clap13_TL Clap13_TL
Clap6_TL Clap6_TL
Clap11_TL Clap11_TL
Clap9_TL Clap9_TL
Clap5_TL Clap5_TL
Clap16_TL Clap16_TL
Clap1_TL Clap1_TL
Clap10_TL Clap10_TL
Clap4_TL Clap4_TL
Clap15_TL Clap15_TL
Clap8_TL Clap8_TL
80_Cm_Mallets_TL_10 80_Cm_Mallets_TL_10 Cm 80
80_Am_Mallets_TL_03 80_Am_Mallets_TL_03 Am 80