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Barefoot Acoustic Beats

Barefoot Acoustic Beats


To create this library of really natural and versatile acoustic LIVE-PLAYED drum loops, I did 2 things: 1. took off my shoes 2. turned off the metronome Why did I do this? Playing drums LIVE, just feeling the beats and rhythms flow, un-encumbered by clicking sync-tracks and having the freedom of barefeet gave me a wonderful environment to explore and record for you extremely natural and versatile drumming.

These beats are perfect for: downtempo, breaks, big beats, trip hop, dub, drum and bass, acid jazz, chill-out, alternative rock (or ANY kind of rock), rock-a-billy, motown-sound and so much more!

All loops are 2 measures long. All loops are provided in REX2 and WAV formats and were recorded at 24-bit, 48khz. These beats were all played 100% LIVE, and are un-processed and 100% DRY. They have a wonderful raw and natural sound. Run them through your favorite compressor(s) and effects and/or your favorite "drum room" reverbs to create your own unique sound.

I've also included a very large selection of individual WAV one-shots of these drums: (Including crashes, splashes and rides), with multiple velocity hits of each sound so you can program your own realistic drum grooves from scratch or program your own unique flair on top of the beats provided!

Also included is a HUGE 83 sounds SFZ format drumkit all ready for you to load into your favorite sampler and start programming your own unique beats! 

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Barefoot Beat014 Barefoot Beat014
Barefoot Beat073 Barefoot Beat073
Barefoot Beat012 Barefoot Beat012
Barefoot Beat006 Barefoot Beat006
Barefoot Beat093 Barefoot Beat093
Barefoot Beat168 Barefoot Beat168
Barefoot Beat138 Barefoot Beat138
Barefoot Beat134 Barefoot Beat134
Barefoot Beat038 Barefoot Beat038
Barefoot Beat165 Barefoot Beat165
Barefoot Beat080 Barefoot Beat080
Barefoot Beat043 Barefoot Beat043
Barefoot Beat015 Barefoot Beat015
Barefoot Beat125 Barefoot Beat125
Barefoot Beat039 Barefoot Beat039
Barefoot Beat021 Barefoot Beat021
Barefoot Beat105 Barefoot Beat105
Barefoot Beat068 Barefoot Beat068
Barefoot Beat019 Barefoot Beat019
Barefoot Beat166 Barefoot Beat166
Barefoot Beat140 Barefoot Beat140
Barefoot Beat055 Barefoot Beat055
Barefoot Beat026 Barefoot Beat026
Barefoot Beat177 Barefoot Beat177
Barefoot Beat117 Barefoot Beat117
Barefoot Beat119 Barefoot Beat119
Barefoot Beat173 Barefoot Beat173
Barefoot Beat107 Barefoot Beat107
Barefoot Beat158 Barefoot Beat158
Barefoot Beat081 Barefoot Beat081
Barefoot Beat144 Barefoot Beat144
Barefoot Beat160 Barefoot Beat160
Barefoot Beat157 Barefoot Beat157
Barefoot Beat151 Barefoot Beat151
Barefoot Beat133 Barefoot Beat133
Barefoot Beat143 Barefoot Beat143
Barefoot Beat113 Barefoot Beat113
Barefoot Beat008 Barefoot Beat008
Barefoot Beat056 Barefoot Beat056
Barefoot Beat077 Barefoot Beat077
Barefoot Beat060 Barefoot Beat060
Barefoot Beat003 Barefoot Beat003
Barefoot Beat083 Barefoot Beat083
Barefoot Beat126 Barefoot Beat126
Barefoot Beat099 Barefoot Beat099
Barefoot Beat155 Barefoot Beat155
Barefoot Beat054 Barefoot Beat054
Barefoot Beat108 Barefoot Beat108
Barefoot Beat135 Barefoot Beat135
Barefoot Beat128 Barefoot Beat128
Barefoot Beat121 Barefoot Beat121
Barefoot Beat092 Barefoot Beat092
Barefoot Beat130 Barefoot Beat130
Barefoot Beat175 Barefoot Beat175
Barefoot Beat136 Barefoot Beat136
Barefoot Beat016 Barefoot Beat016
Barefoot Beat002 Barefoot Beat002
Barefoot Beat122 Barefoot Beat122
Barefoot Beat022 Barefoot Beat022
Barefoot Beat170 Barefoot Beat170
Barefoot Beat100 Barefoot Beat100
Barefoot Beat032 Barefoot Beat032
Barefoot Beat163 Barefoot Beat163
Barefoot Beat044 Barefoot Beat044
Barefoot Beat049 Barefoot Beat049
Barefoot Beat041 Barefoot Beat041
Barefoot Beat057 Barefoot Beat057
Barefoot Beat053 Barefoot Beat053
Barefoot Beat011 Barefoot Beat011
Barefoot Beat050 Barefoot Beat050
Barefoot Beat007 Barefoot Beat007