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Big Room Grooves

Big Room Grooves

Skifonix Sounds

Skifonix Sounds presents ‘Big Room Grooves’.
Our biggest ever pack with all the sounds and tools to help you create high energy, rolling festival tracks.
The pack contains 6 fully reconstructable kits including the insert chains used to recreate the sounds exactly as heard in the demo.
As well as this, the pack has plenty of Massive presets, melody sequences, drop riffs, drum loops, drum hits and MIDI files to keep you inspired.
This is the only kit you’ll need to make big, grooving EDM tracks.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
DropRiff_11_F_128 DropRiff_11_F_128 F 128
DropRiff_18_A_128 DropRiff_18_A_128 A 128
DropRiff_2_E_128 DropRiff_2_E_128 E 128
DropRiff_14_G_128 DropRiff_14_G_128 G 128
DropRiff_20_F_#__128 DropRiff_20_F_#__128 F# 128
DropRiff_13_F_128 DropRiff_13_F_128 F 128
DropRiff_1_A_128 DropRiff_1_A_128 A 128
DropRiff_15_A_#__128 DropRiff_15_A_#__128 A# 128
DropRiff_3_A_#__128 DropRiff_3_A_#__128 A# 128
DropRiff_9_E_128 DropRiff_9_E_128 E 128
DropRiff_5_Cm_128 DropRiff_5_Cm_128 Cm 128
DropRiff_19_C_#_m_128 DropRiff_19_C_#_m_128 C#m 128
DropRiff_16_Am_128 DropRiff_16_Am_128 Am 128
DropRiff_7_Bm_128 DropRiff_7_Bm_128 Bm 128
DropRiff_4_G_128 DropRiff_4_G_128 G 128
DropRiff_6_A_128 DropRiff_6_A_128 A 128
DropRiff_17_A_#__128 DropRiff_17_A_#__128 A# 128
DropRiff_12_Am_128 DropRiff_12_Am_128 Am 128
DropRiff_10_F_#__128 DropRiff_10_F_#__128 F# 128
DropRiff_8_C_128 DropRiff_8_C_128 C 128
Bounce_stp_128 Bounce_stp_128 128
Pump_stp_128 Pump_stp_128 128
Tribal_clap_128 Tribal_clap_128 128
Pump_kick_128 Pump_kick_128 128
Groove_stp_128 Groove_stp_128 128
Funk_percussion2_128 Funk_percussion2_128 128
Funk_kick_128 Funk_kick_128 128
Groove_all_128 Groove_all_128 128
Pump_percussion1_128 Pump_percussion1_128 128
Bounce_all_128 Bounce_all_128 128
Bounce_hats_128 Bounce_hats_128 128
Pump_clap_128 Pump_clap_128 128
Groove_toploop_128 Groove_toploop_128 128
Groove_hats_128 Groove_hats_128 128
Tribal_hats_128 Tribal_hats_128 128
Tribal_percussion2_128 Tribal_percussion2_128 128
Bounce_percussion_128 Bounce_percussion_128 128
Funk_percussion1_128 Funk_percussion1_128 128
Bounce_kick_128 Bounce_kick_128 128
Funk_all_128 Funk_all_128 128
Funk_stp_128 Funk_stp_128 128
Tribal_toploop_128 Tribal_toploop_128 128
Bounce_shaker_128 Bounce_shaker_128 128
Pump_hats_128 Pump_hats_128 128
Funk_toploop_128 Funk_toploop_128 128
Bounce_clap_128 Bounce_clap_128 128
Pump_toploop_128 Pump_toploop_128 128
Tribal_percussion1_128 Tribal_percussion1_128 128
Funk_hats_128 Funk_hats_128 128
Groove_kick_128 Groove_kick_128 128
Tribal_stp_128 Tribal_stp_128 128
Funk_clap_128 Funk_clap_128 128
Groove_clap_128 Groove_clap_128 128
Tribal_all_128 Tribal_all_128 128
Bounce_toploop_128 Bounce_toploop_128 128
Groove_percussion2_128 Groove_percussion2_128 128
Pump_percussion2_128 Pump_percussion2_128 128
Groove_percussion1_128 Groove_percussion1_128 128
Tribal_kick_128 Tribal_kick_128 128
Pump_all_128 Pump_all_128 128
BRG_Kick_23_A BRG_Kick_23_A A
BRG_Kick_10_G_# BRG_Kick_10_G_# G#
BRG_Kick_28_G BRG_Kick_28_G G
BRG_Kick_20_G BRG_Kick_20_G G
BRG_Kick_15_G_# BRG_Kick_15_G_# G#
BRG_Kick_4_G_# BRG_Kick_4_G_# G#
BRG_Kick_7_A BRG_Kick_7_A A
BRG_Kick_30_G_# BRG_Kick_30_G_# G#
BRG_Kick_8_G BRG_Kick_8_G G
BRG_Kick_13_F_# BRG_Kick_13_F_# F#
BRG_Kick_12_A BRG_Kick_12_A A
BRG_Kick_21_G BRG_Kick_21_G G
BRG_Kick_18_A BRG_Kick_18_A A
BRG_Kick_27_A BRG_Kick_27_A A
BRG_Kick_16_F BRG_Kick_16_F F