Miracle Sounds

Miracle Sounds are excited to present BIGROOM NEVERDIE, a powerful sample library for Big Room / EDM producers.

BIGROOM NEVERDIE includes 5 Professionally produced Construction Kits , for a total of 312 files and over 871 MB of exciting and unheard before content. The samples range from one shots to FX, drums and many more.

You will also find bonus content such as 6 Presets and 52 bonus MIDI files to give you even more inspiration.

All content is 100% royalty free, so you can use elements from this pack in your productions.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Tom Tom
Synth Synth
Synth Full Synth Full
Synth Full 2 Synth Full 2
Synth 3 Synth 3
Synth 2 Synth 2
Master prew Master prew
Kick Kick
FX 2 FX 2
Clap Clap
Vox Vox
Vox 4 Vox 4
Vox 3 Vox 3
Vox 2 Vox 2
Vocal Chop Vocal Chop
Top Kick Top Kick
Synth Synth
Synth Ful Synth Ful
Stab Stab
master prew master prew
Kick Kick
FX 4 FX 4
FX 3 FX 3
FX 2 FX 2
Crown Crown
Crash Crash
Clap Clap
Cinema Drum Cinema Drum
Top Loop Top Loop
Sub Pad Sub Pad
Sub FX Sub FX
Snare Snare
prew master prew master
Pluck Pluck
Pluck 5 Pluck 5
Pluck 4 Pluck 4
Pluck 3 Pluck 3
Pluck 2 Pluck 2
People People
Pad Pad
LEad LEad
Lead Filter Lead Filter
Lead Brake Lead Brake
Lead Brake 2 Lead Brake 2
Lead 6 Lead 6
Lead 5 Lead 5
Lead 4 Lead 4
Lead 3 Lead 3
Lead 2 Lead 2
Kick Kick
Kick 2 Kick 2
Impact Impact
Hoover Hoover
Brass Brass
Brass 2 Brass 2
Bass Bass
Vox Vox
Vox 3 Vox 3
vOX 2 vOX 2
Vinyl Vinyl
Upfilter Upfilter
Upfilter 2 Upfilter 2
Trap Snare Trap Snare
Trap Roll Trap Roll
Trap Hat Trap Hat
Trance Lead Trance Lead
Trance Lead Reverse Trance Lead Reverse
Trance Lead 3 Trance Lead 3
Trance Lead 2 Trance Lead 2
Trance Arp Trance Arp
Synth Synth
Synth FX Synth FX
Synth 2 Synth 2
Sub Sub
Stab Stab
Stab 2 Stab 2
Snare Snare
Snare Long Snare Long
Snare 8 Snare 8
Snare 7 Snare 7
Snare 6 Snare 6
Snare 5 Snare 5
Snare 4 Snare 4
Snare 3 Snare 3
Snare 2 Snare 2
Short Bass Short Bass
Robot Vox Robot Vox
Robot Vox Long Robot Vox Long
Robot Vox Long 2 Robot Vox Long 2
Robot Vox Filter Robot Vox Filter
Riser Riser
Riser 2 Riser 2
Rise Rise
Ride Ride
Reverse FX Reverse FX
Reverse Brass Reverse Brass
Pitch FX Pitch FX
Percussion Percussion
Percussion 2 Percussion 2
People People
Pad Pad
Noise Noise
Mid Synth Mid Synth
Mid Synth 3 Mid Synth 3
Mid Synth 2 Mid Synth 2
Mid Bass Mid Bass
Mid Bass (SC) Mid Bass (SC)
Long Bass Long Bass
Lead Lead
Lead 4 Lead 4