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Blissed Out Guitars

Blissed Out Guitars

Touch Loops

Blissed Out Guitars is the finest collection of Hip-Hop tinged, chilled electric guitar loops available today.  Performed by session musician extraordinaire Artiom, you'll find endless laid back, authentic guitar loops that guarantee to add that extra vibe to your tracks. 

Inside this chilled beauty you'll find tremolo heavy guitar chords, analogue delay soaked lead lines, rich guitar washes, Fender sparkled jazz leads plus so much more.  Covering tempos from 80-130 bpm, we've made sure you'll never need to overly stretch or warp the loops, giving the best quality possible.

If that wasn't enough, time was spent re-processing and recording our favourite loops through an extensive guitar pedal chain tat included analogue delays, a Juno synth chorus and rich saturation meaning you'll be getting something truly unique. 

So, If you're in the market for some beautifully performed, recorded and mixed guitar loops or fancy taking the plunge with this amazing instrument then this ones for you my friend.  Unique, characterful and always inspiring.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
120_C_BlissedGuitars_06 120_C_BlissedGuitars_06 C 120
120_C_BlissedGuitars_04 120_C_BlissedGuitars_04 C 120
120_C_BlissedGuitars_05 120_C_BlissedGuitars_05 C 120
120_Em_BlissedGuitars_04 120_Em_BlissedGuitars_04 Em 120
120_Dm_BlissedGuitars_01 120_Dm_BlissedGuitars_01 Dm 120
120_Am_BlissedGuitars_04 120_Am_BlissedGuitars_04 Am 120
120_Em_BlissedGuitars_02 120_Em_BlissedGuitars_02 Em 120
120_C_BlissedGuitars_03 120_C_BlissedGuitars_03 C 120
120_Dm_BlissedGuitars_05 120_Dm_BlissedGuitars_05 Dm 120
120_Am_BlissedGuitars_06 120_Am_BlissedGuitars_06 Am 120
120_G_BlissedGuitars_04 120_G_BlissedGuitars_04 G 120
120_Am_BlissedGuitars_03 120_Am_BlissedGuitars_03 Am 120
120_Em_BlissedGuitars_05 120_Em_BlissedGuitars_05 Em 120
120_Dm_BlissedGuitars_06 120_Dm_BlissedGuitars_06 Dm 120
120_Dm_BlissedGuitars_03 120_Dm_BlissedGuitars_03 Dm 120
120_Dm_BlissedGuitars_04 120_Dm_BlissedGuitars_04 Dm 120
120_Am_BlissedGuitars_02 120_Am_BlissedGuitars_02 Am 120
120_G_BlissedGuitars_06 120_G_BlissedGuitars_06 G 120
120_Am_BlissedGuitars_05 120_Am_BlissedGuitars_05 Am 120
120_C_BlissedGuitars_02 120_C_BlissedGuitars_02 C 120
120_Dm_BlissedGuitars_02 120_Dm_BlissedGuitars_02 Dm 120
120_Em_BlissedGuitars_03 120_Em_BlissedGuitars_03 Em 120
120_Am_BlissedGuitars_01 120_Am_BlissedGuitars_01 Am 120
120_Em_BlissedGuitars_01 120_Em_BlissedGuitars_01 Em 120
120_G_BlissedGuitars_01 120_G_BlissedGuitars_01 G 120
120_G_BlissedGuitars_02 120_G_BlissedGuitars_02 G 120
120_C_BlissedGuitars_01 120_C_BlissedGuitars_01 C 120
120_G_BlissedGuitars_03 120_G_BlissedGuitars_03 G 120
120_G_BlissedGuitars_05 120_G_BlissedGuitars_05 G 120
120_Em_BlissedGuitars_06 120_Em_BlissedGuitars_06 Em 120
110_Em_BlissedGuitars_02 110_Em_BlissedGuitars_02 Em 110
110_Dm_BlissedGuitars_06 110_Dm_BlissedGuitars_06 Dm 110
110_G_BlissedGuitars_03 110_G_BlissedGuitars_03 G 110
110_Am_BlissedGuitars_05 110_Am_BlissedGuitars_05 Am 110
110_Am_BlissedGuitars_02 110_Am_BlissedGuitars_02 Am 110
110_Dm_BlissedGuitars_01 110_Dm_BlissedGuitars_01 Dm 110
110_Dm_BlissedGuitars_03 110_Dm_BlissedGuitars_03 Dm 110
110_G_BlissedGuitars_01 110_G_BlissedGuitars_01 G 110
110_Am_BlissedGuitars_04 110_Am_BlissedGuitars_04 Am 110
110_Dm_BlissedGuitars_05 110_Dm_BlissedGuitars_05 Dm 110
110_Am_BlissedGuitars_03 110_Am_BlissedGuitars_03 Am 110
110_Em_BlissedGuitars_01 110_Em_BlissedGuitars_01 Em 110
110_Em_BlissedGuitars_05 110_Em_BlissedGuitars_05 Em 110
110_G_BlissedGuitars_02 110_G_BlissedGuitars_02 G 110
110_Am_BlissedGuitars_06 110_Am_BlissedGuitars_06 Am 110
110_G_BlissedGuitars_06 110_G_BlissedGuitars_06 G 110
110_Em_BlissedGuitars_06 110_Em_BlissedGuitars_06 Em 110
110_Dm_BlissedGuitars_02 110_Dm_BlissedGuitars_02 Dm 110
110_Am_BlissedGuitars_01 110_Am_BlissedGuitars_01 Am 110
110_Dm_BlissedGuitars_04 110_Dm_BlissedGuitars_04 Dm 110
110_Em_BlissedGuitars_04 110_Em_BlissedGuitars_04 Em 110
110_Em_BlissedGuitars_03 110_Em_BlissedGuitars_03 Em 110
110_G_BlissedGuitars_05 110_G_BlissedGuitars_05 G 110
110_G_BlissedGuitars_04 110_G_BlissedGuitars_04 G 110
80_Em_BlissedGuitars_05 80_Em_BlissedGuitars_05 Em 80
80_Am_BlissedGuitars_04 80_Am_BlissedGuitars_04 Am 80
80_Dm_BlissedGuitars_01 80_Dm_BlissedGuitars_01 Dm 80
80_Em_BlissedGuitars_07 80_Em_BlissedGuitars_07 Em 80
80_Em_BlissedGuitars_09 80_Em_BlissedGuitars_09 Em 80
80_Em_BlissedGuitars_06 80_Em_BlissedGuitars_06 Em 80
80_Dm_BlissedGuitars_02 80_Dm_BlissedGuitars_02 Dm 80
80_Dm_BlissedGuitars_05 80_Dm_BlissedGuitars_05 Dm 80
80_Am_BlissedGuitars_01 80_Am_BlissedGuitars_01 Am 80
80_Dm_BlissedGuitars_03 80_Dm_BlissedGuitars_03 Dm 80
80_Em_BlissedGuitars_01 80_Em_BlissedGuitars_01 Em 80