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Blvckout is back with another crazy guitar loop kit this time even harder!

Blossom is inspired by the sounds of major artist of today such as Juice Wrld, XXXtentacion, Lil Peep, Lil Skies, Iann Dior, Post Malone and many more! This kit packs a punch.

With 30 crazy guitar loops to play with this kit packs everything you need to create your next guitar inspired hit!

All sounds heard inside the demo are included inside the kit. These are sounds you wont find inside any other kit.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Warpath [143 BPM] [C#m] Warpath [143 BPM] [C#m] C#m 143
Upper East [153 BPM] [Fm] Upper East [153 BPM] [Fm] Fm 153
Troubled Waters [168 BPM] [C#m] Troubled Waters [168 BPM] [C#m] C#m 168
Transcend [150 BPM] [Bm] Transcend [150 BPM] [Bm] Bm 150
Sub Par [158 BPM] [Em] Sub Par [158 BPM] [Em] Em 158
Step By Step [130 BPM] [Cm] Step By Step [130 BPM] [Cm] Cm 130
Romeo [103 BPM] [C#m] Romeo [103 BPM] [C#m] C#m 103
Rodeo [140 BPM] [D#m] Rodeo [140 BPM] [D#m] D# 140
Ride Along [156 BPM] [Cm] Ride Along [156 BPM] [Cm] Cm 156
Put In Time [135 BPM] [Dm] Put In Time [135 BPM] [Dm] Dm 135
Pick Me Up [150 BPM] [D] Pick Me Up [150 BPM] [D] D 150
Pepper [135] [A] Pepper [135] [A] A 135
OMO [162 BPM] [Cm] OMO [162 BPM] [Cm] Cm 162
Next To You [89 BPM] [F#m] Next To You [89 BPM] [F#m] F#m 89
More Than Friends [94 BPM] [F#] More Than Friends [94 BPM] [F#] F# 94
Lose My Mind [151 BPM] [Gm] Lose My Mind [151 BPM] [Gm] Gm 154
Issues [143 BPM] [Am] Issues [143 BPM] [Am] Am 143
In a Rutt [161 BPM] [E] In a Rutt [161 BPM] [E] E 161
Hollow [154 BPM] [Cm] Hollow [154 BPM] [Cm] Cm 154
High Spirits [145 BPM] [Bm] High Spirits [145 BPM] [Bm] Bm 145
Fly Away [137 BPM] [Em] Fly Away [137 BPM] [Em] Em 137
Ever Closer [157 BPM] [C#m] Ever Closer [157 BPM] [C#m] C#m 157
Dark Thoughts [128 BPM] [G#m] Dark Thoughts [128 BPM] [G#m] G#m 128
Come Back [140 BPM] [G#m] Come Back [140 BPM] [G#m] G#m 140
Chemicals [156 BPM] [Bm] Chemicals [156 BPM] [Bm] Bm 156
Caught Up [153 BPM] [A#m] Caught Up [153 BPM] [A#m] A#m 153
Catalyst [157 BPM] [Bm] Catalyst [157 BPM] [Bm] Bm 157
Cactus Jack [145 BPM] [Dm] Cactus Jack [145 BPM] [Dm] Dm 145
Brighter Days [155 BPM] [D#] Brighter Days [155 BPM] [D#] D# 155
Bridges [131BPM] [Dm] Bridges [131BPM] [Dm] Dm 131
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