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Blue Keys

Blue Keys

Touch Loops

Looking to add some stylish piano flare and style to your tracks?  Then look no further! 

Blue Keys is a delicious dive into the world jazz, RnB & Soul showcasing that Soulection sound we all know and love.  Think soulful piano loops, rich and dense classic Rhodes Piano licks, moorish leads and bags of character.

Knowing how useful MIDI can be we've included MIDI samples for all the loops.  
Having these gives you the chance to break free of tempo, easily modify the timing or modulate into any key of your choice whilst maintaining the initial vibe and style.  It's also a great way to understand key and intervals adding more knowledge to your production arsenal. 

So, if you're in the market for some soul tinged piano chords or looking to break the mould and delve into some new tones and styles then this ones for you.  Timeless instruments, beautiful mixing and endless inspiration, all inside this wonderful package. 

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All Samples Name Key BPM
95_F#m_BlueKeys_02_TL 95_F#m_BlueKeys_02_TL F#m 95
100_F#m_BlueKeys_05_TL 100_F#m_BlueKeys_05_TL F#m 100
80_C_BlueKeys_09_TL 80_C_BlueKeys_09_TL C 80
80_Dm_BlueKeys_07_TL 80_Dm_BlueKeys_07_TL Dm 80
100_F#m_BlueKeys_03_TL 100_F#m_BlueKeys_03_TL F#m 100
100_A_BlueKeys_02_TL 100_A_BlueKeys_02_TL A 100
80_Bbm_BlueKeys_04_TL 80_Bbm_BlueKeys_04_TL Bbm 80
90_Cm_BlueKeys_08_TL 90_Cm_BlueKeys_08_TL Cm 90
100_F#m_BlueKeys_12_TL 100_F#m_BlueKeys_12_TL F#m 100
90_Bbm_BlueKeys_10_TL 90_Bbm_BlueKeys_10_TL Bbm 90
90_Bm_BlueKeys_04_TL 90_Bm_BlueKeys_04_TL Bm 90
95_Dm_BlueKeys_04_TL 95_Dm_BlueKeys_04_TL Dm 95
95_G#m_BlueKeys_10_TL 95_G#m_BlueKeys_10_TL G#m 95
95_Gb_BlueKeys_07_TL 95_Gb_BlueKeys_07_TL Gb 95
90_Em_BlueKeys_05_TL 90_Em_BlueKeys_05_TL Em 90
80_Gm_BlueKeys_01_TL 80_Gm_BlueKeys_01_TL Gm 80
95_Dm_BlueKeys_08_TL 95_Dm_BlueKeys_08_TL Dm 95
90_D_BlueKeys_07_TL 90_D_BlueKeys_07_TL D 90
100_Gm_BlueKeys_07_TL 100_Gm_BlueKeys_07_TL Gm 100
95_Cm_BlueKeys_05_TL 95_Cm_BlueKeys_05_TL Cm 95
95_Gb_BlueKeys_06_TL 95_Gb_BlueKeys_06_TL Gb 95
80_Cm_BlueKeys_06_TL 80_Cm_BlueKeys_06_TL Cm 80
95_Bm_BlueKeys_07_TL 95_Bm_BlueKeys_07_TL Bm 95
95_C#m_BlueKeys_03_TL 95_C#m_BlueKeys_03_TL C#m 95
100_Ebm_BlueKeys_09_TL 100_Ebm_BlueKeys_09_TL Ebm 100
90_Dm_BlueKeys_09_TL 90_Dm_BlueKeys_09_TL Dm 90
100_Am_BlueKeys_11_TL 100_Am_BlueKeys_11_TL Am 100
100_G#m_BlueKeys_04_TL 100_G#m_BlueKeys_04_TL G#m 100
100_Cm_BlueKeys_01_TL 100_Cm_BlueKeys_01_TL Cm 100
80_Am_BlueKeys_13_TL 80_Am_BlueKeys_13_TL Am 80
80_Bbm_BlueKeys_11_TL 80_Bbm_BlueKeys_11_TL Bbm 80
80_Fm_BlueKeys_08_TL 80_Fm_BlueKeys_08_TL Fm 80
90_Cm_BlueKeys_06_TL 90_Cm_BlueKeys_06_TL Cm 90
90_Ebm_BlueKeys_03_TL 90_Ebm_BlueKeys_03_TL Ebm 90
100_Am_BlueKeys_06_TL 100_Am_BlueKeys_06_TL Am 100
90_Cm_BlueKeys_02_TL 90_Cm_BlueKeys_02_TL Cm 90
100_Am_BlueKeys_08_TL 100_Am_BlueKeys_08_TL Am 100
80_G#m_BlueKeys_01_TL 80_G#m_BlueKeys_01_TL G#m 80
80_G#m_BlueKeys_02_TL 80_G#m_BlueKeys_02_TL G#m 80
90_Dm_BlueKeys_01_TL 90_Dm_BlueKeys_01_TL Dm 90
95_C#m_BlueKeys_01_TL 95_C#m_BlueKeys_01_TL C#m 95
95_F#m_BlueKeys_09_TL 95_F#m_BlueKeys_09_TL F#m 95
80_Gm_BlueKeys_05_TL 80_Gm_BlueKeys_05_TL Gm 80
80_Gm_BlueKeys_12_TL 80_Gm_BlueKeys_12_TL Gm 80
80_Bbm_BlueKeys_03_TL 80_Bbm_BlueKeys_03_TL Bbm 80
80_C_BlueKeys_10_TL 80_C_BlueKeys_10_TL C 80
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