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Box Abuse II

Box Abuse II


Box Abuse II is a sequel collection to the original Box Abuse sound pack, with even more aggressive cuts, punches, kicks and drops, inflicted on a whole new batch of cardboard boxes.

And yes, multiple boxes were harmed during the recording of this project!

The collection is divided into 9 folders, according to the type of abuse:

  • Crush: 30
  • Cut: 4
  • Drop: 7
  • Fold: 2
  • Handling: 15
  • Hit: 18
  • Rip: 20
  • Saw: 4
  • Stab: 19

All sounds recorded and edited at 24-bit / 96kHz, with embedded meta data and accompanying spreadsheet.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
box_stab_019 box_stab_019
box_stab_018 box_stab_018
box_stab_017 box_stab_017
box_stab_016 box_stab_016
box_stab_015 box_stab_015
box_stab_014 box_stab_014
box_stab_013 box_stab_013
box_stab_012 box_stab_012
box_stab_011 box_stab_011
box_stab_010 box_stab_010
box_stab_009 box_stab_009
box_stab_008 box_stab_008
box_stab_007 box_stab_007
box_stab_006 box_stab_006
box_stab_005 box_stab_005
box_stab_004 box_stab_004
box_stab_003 box_stab_003
box_stab_002 box_stab_002
box_stab_001 box_stab_001
box_saw_004 box_saw_004
box_saw_003 box_saw_003
box_saw_002 box_saw_002
box_saw_001 box_saw_001
box_rip_020 box_rip_020
box_rip_019 box_rip_019
box_rip_018 box_rip_018
box_rip_017 box_rip_017
box_rip_016 box_rip_016
box_rip_015 box_rip_015
box_rip_014 box_rip_014
box_rip_013 box_rip_013
box_rip_012 box_rip_012
box_rip_011 box_rip_011
box_rip_010 box_rip_010
box_rip_009 box_rip_009
box_rip_008 box_rip_008
box_rip_007 box_rip_007
box_rip_006 box_rip_006
box_rip_005 box_rip_005
box_rip_004 box_rip_004
box_rip_003 box_rip_003
box_rip_002 box_rip_002
box_rip_001 box_rip_001
box_hit_018 box_hit_018
box_hit_017 box_hit_017
box_hit_016 box_hit_016
box_hit_015 box_hit_015
box_hit_014 box_hit_014
box_hit_013 box_hit_013
box_hit_012 box_hit_012
box_hit_011 box_hit_011
box_hit_010 box_hit_010
box_hit_009 box_hit_009
box_hit_008 box_hit_008
box_hit_007 box_hit_007
box_hit_006 box_hit_006
box_hit_005 box_hit_005
box_hit_004 box_hit_004
box_hit_003 box_hit_003
box_hit_002 box_hit_002
box_hit_001 box_hit_001
box_handling_015 box_handling_015
box_handling_014 box_handling_014
box_handling_013 box_handling_013
box_handling_012 box_handling_012
box_handling_011 box_handling_011
box_handling_010 box_handling_010
box_handling_009 box_handling_009
box_handling_008 box_handling_008
box_handling_007 box_handling_007
box_handling_006 box_handling_006
box_handling_005 box_handling_005
box_handling_004 box_handling_004
box_handling_003 box_handling_003
box_handling_002 box_handling_002
box_handling_001 box_handling_001
box_fold_002 box_fold_002
box_fold_001 box_fold_001
box_drop_007 box_drop_007
box_drop_006 box_drop_006
box_drop_005 box_drop_005
box_drop_004 box_drop_004
box_drop_003 box_drop_003
box_drop_002 box_drop_002
box_drop_001 box_drop_001
box_cut_004 box_cut_004
box_cut_003 box_cut_003
box_cut_002 box_cut_002
box_cut_001 box_cut_001