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Bubble Gum Beats

Bubble Gum Beats

Touch Loops

Our latest collection is one that's not to be missed out on. Weaving together hip-hop, future beats, sound design and modular wave table madness this incredible sample pack delivers inspiration by the bucket load. Think scrambled vocal loops, incredible sound manipulation, abstract synth work all underpinned by some of the best produced beats we've ever stumbled across.

Describing this unique sample collection is borderline impossible due to the breadth of inspiration that was required to create what we're describing as bubble gum beats! From classic Squarepusher to US manglers X & G, Lapalux to Tennyson, Amon Tobin and more this collection has to be heard to be believed.

Broken down into loops, one shots and 5 beautifully composed construction kits you can expect to find warping, twisted bass lines, processed vocal loops, pushed and manipulated sound design textures, glossy pad loops, skatty dancing arpeggios and anything else you could possibly desire from a truly unique sample collection.

So, if you're looking to stand out from the crowd and take your music in directions you could only imagine then get stuck into exploration of sound that's just asking to be abused.


  • Size: 406.8mb
  • Loops: 100
  • One Shots: 66

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Synths G_Quartz_TL_01 Synths G_Quartz_TL_01 G
Synths Gb_DeadThree_TL_01 Synths Gb_DeadThree_TL_01 Gb
Synths C_Chimesss_TL_01 Synths C_Chimesss_TL_01 C
Synths C_Ash_TL_01 Synths C_Ash_TL_01 C
Synths F_PitfallTwo_TL_01 Synths F_PitfallTwo_TL_01 F
Synths Gb_Warmmm_TL_01 Synths Gb_Warmmm_TL_01 Gb
Synths F_TheMum_TL_01 Synths F_TheMum_TL_01 F
Synths F_Pitfall_TL_01 Synths F_Pitfall_TL_01 F
Synths F_Aghhh_TL_01 Synths F_Aghhh_TL_01 F
Synths C_LittleJudgement Synths C_LittleJudgement C
Synths Db_GetEm_TL_01 Synths Db_GetEm_TL_01 Db
Synths F_SadBee_TL_01 Synths F_SadBee_TL_01 F
Synths Gb_Blast_TL_01 Synths Gb_Blast_TL_01 Gb
Perc06 Perc06
Perc02 Perc02
Perc_TL_09 Perc_TL_09
Perc_TL_08 Perc_TL_08
Perc_TL_05 Perc_TL_05
Perc05 Perc05
Perc03 Perc03
Perc_TL_02 Perc_TL_02
Perc_TL_04 Perc_TL_04
Perc_TL_06 Perc_TL_06
Perc04 Perc04
Perc_TL_07 Perc_TL_07
Perc_TL_03 Perc_TL_03
Perc01 Perc01
Perc_TL_01 Perc_TL_01
Perc_TL_10 Perc_TL_10
Textures GatesOfL_TL Textures GatesOfL_TL
Textures DeathChorus_TL Textures DeathChorus_TL
Textures Slammer_TL Textures Slammer_TL
Textures 1Shot_Warmm Textures 1Shot_Warmm
Textures ShortRumble_TL Textures ShortRumble_TL
Textures FreshAir_TL Textures FreshAir_TL
Textures FromThe7_TL Textures FromThe7_TL
Textures Drips_TL Textures Drips_TL
Textures Swept_TL Textures Swept_TL
Textures Winding_TL Textures Winding_TL
Kick_TL_12 Kick_TL_12
Kick_TL_13 Kick_TL_13
Kick_TL_14 Kick_TL_14
Kick_TL_05 Kick_TL_05
Kick_TL_01 Kick_TL_01
Kick_TL_08 Kick_TL_08
Kick_TL_04 Kick_TL_04
Kick_TL_03 Kick_TL_03
Kick_TL_10 Kick_TL_10
Kick_TL_06 Kick_TL_06
Kick_TL_11 Kick_TL_11
Kick_TL_07 Kick_TL_07
Kick_TL_02 Kick_TL_02
Kick_TL_09 Kick_TL_09
Snare_TL_05 Snare_TL_05
Snare_TL_09 Snare_TL_09
Snare_TL_02 Snare_TL_02
Snare_TL_04 Snare_TL_04
Snare_TL_03 Snare_TL_03
Snare_TL_08 Snare_TL_08
Snare03 Snare03
Snare_TL_06 Snare_TL_06
Snare_TL_10 Snare_TL_10
Snare02 Snare02
Snare_TL_01 Snare_TL_01
Snare_TL_07 Snare_TL_07
Snare01 Snare01
152_F_AnotherShot_TL_01 152_F_AnotherShot_TL_01 F 152
140_F_Rinse_TL_01 140_F_Rinse_TL_01 F 140
152_F_Shots_TL_01 152_F_Shots_TL_01 F 152
152_F_Moody_TL_01 152_F_Moody_TL_01 F 152
152_F_ItKeptComingBack_TL_01 152_F_ItKeptComingBack_TL_01 F 152
140_F_WildSub_TL_01 140_F_WildSub_TL_01 F 140
152_F_OneLastShot_TL_01 152_F_OneLastShot_TL_01 F 152