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Cerebral Ambient Glitch

Cerebral Ambient Glitch


CEREBRAL AMBIENT GLITCH fills a much needed void for samples in this abstract style of Electronic music genres and subgenres.

The most unique feature of this pack is that ALL LOOPS are at 80bpm and ALL sounds and one-shots are TUNED to F or Fminor - even the drums and percussion are tuned so you'll find tuned and labeled KICKS, SNARES, HATS, PERCUSSION, SYNTHS, BASSES, HITS & GLITCHES (EVERYTHING has been tuned!!).

Everything sounds so amazing together and "gels" so perfectly - this pack is very inspiring.

The samples are warm, organic, emotive, abstract, relaxing, saturated, dubby, layered, gritty, lush and textured.

The loops range from extremely abstract and glitched-out to more traditional chillout sequences. There is plenty of room for you to add your own special "glitch" touches.


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All Samples Name Key BPM
F-GlitchSnare27 F-GlitchSnare27 F
F-GlitchSnare26 F-GlitchSnare26 F
F-GlitchSnare25 F-GlitchSnare25 F
F-GlitchSnare24 F-GlitchSnare24 F
F-GlitchSnare23 F-GlitchSnare23 F
F-GlitchSnare22 F-GlitchSnare22 F
F-GlitchSnare21 F-GlitchSnare21 F
F-GlitchSnare20 F-GlitchSnare20 F
F-GlitchSnare19 F-GlitchSnare19 F
F-GlitchSnare18 F-GlitchSnare18 F
F-GlitchSnare17 F-GlitchSnare17 F
F-GlitchSnare16 F-GlitchSnare16 F
F-GlitchSnare15 F-GlitchSnare15 F
F-GlitchSnare14 F-GlitchSnare14 F
F-GlitchSnare13 F-GlitchSnare13 F
F-GlitchSnare12 F-GlitchSnare12 F
F-GlitchSnare11 F-GlitchSnare11 F
F-GlitchSnare10 F-GlitchSnare10 F
F-GlitchSnare09 F-GlitchSnare09 F
F-GlitchSnare08 F-GlitchSnare08 F
F-GlitchSnare07 F-GlitchSnare07 F
F-GlitchSnare06 F-GlitchSnare06 F
F-GlitchSnare05 F-GlitchSnare05 F
F-GlitchSnare04 F-GlitchSnare04 F
F-GlitchSnare03 F-GlitchSnare03 F
F-GlitchSnare02 F-GlitchSnare02 F
F-GlitchSnare01 F-GlitchSnare01 F
F-OrganicPerc33 F-OrganicPerc33 F
F-OrganicPerc32 F-OrganicPerc32 F
F-OrganicPerc31 F-OrganicPerc31 F
F-OrganicPerc30 F-OrganicPerc30 F
F-OrganicPerc29 F-OrganicPerc29 F
F-OrganicPerc28 F-OrganicPerc28 F
F-OrganicPerc27 F-OrganicPerc27 F
F-OrganicPerc26 F-OrganicPerc26 F
F-OrganicPerc25 F-OrganicPerc25 F
F-OrganicPerc24 F-OrganicPerc24 F
F-OrganicPerc23 F-OrganicPerc23 F
F-OrganicPerc22 F-OrganicPerc22 F
F-OrganicPerc21 F-OrganicPerc21 F
F-OrganicPerc20 F-OrganicPerc20 F
F-OrganicPerc19 F-OrganicPerc19 F
F-OrganicPerc18 F-OrganicPerc18 F
F-OrganicPerc17 F-OrganicPerc17 F
F-OrganicPerc16 F-OrganicPerc16 F
F-OrganicPerc15 F-OrganicPerc15 F
F-OrganicPerc14 F-OrganicPerc14 F
F-OrganicPerc13 F-OrganicPerc13 F
F-OrganicPerc12 F-OrganicPerc12 F
F-OrganicPerc11 F-OrganicPerc11 F
F-OrganicPerc10 F-OrganicPerc10 F
F-OrganicPerc09 F-OrganicPerc09 F
F-OrganicPerc08 F-OrganicPerc08 F
F-OrganicPerc07 F-OrganicPerc07 F
F-OrganicPerc06 F-OrganicPerc06 F
F-OrganicPerc05 F-OrganicPerc05 F
F-OrganicPerc04 F-OrganicPerc04 F
F-OrganicPerc03 F-OrganicPerc03 F
F-OrganicPerc02 F-OrganicPerc02 F
F-OrganicPerc01 F-OrganicPerc01 F
F-DeepOrganicPerc02 F-DeepOrganicPerc02 F
F-DeepOrganicPerc01 F-DeepOrganicPerc01 F
F-DeepMetallicOrganicPerc02 F-DeepMetallicOrganicPerc02 F
F-DeepMetallicOrganicPerc01 F-DeepMetallicOrganicPerc01 F
F-BassyOrganicPerc02 F-BassyOrganicPerc02 F
F-BassyOrganicPerc01 F-BassyOrganicPerc01 F
Fm-80bpm_DubChord17 Fm-80bpm_DubChord17 Fm 80
Fm-80bpm_DubChord16 Fm-80bpm_DubChord16 Fm 80
Fm-80bpm_DubChord15 Fm-80bpm_DubChord15 Fm 80
Fm-80bpm_DubChord14 Fm-80bpm_DubChord14 Fm 80
Fm-80bpm_DubChord13 Fm-80bpm_DubChord13 Fm 80
Fm-80bpm_DubChord12 Fm-80bpm_DubChord12 Fm 80
Fm-80bpm_DubChord11 Fm-80bpm_DubChord11 Fm 80
Fm-80bpm_DubChord10 Fm-80bpm_DubChord10 Fm 80
Fm-80bpm_DubChord09 Fm-80bpm_DubChord09 Fm 80
Fm-80bpm_DubChord08 Fm-80bpm_DubChord08 Fm 80
Fm-80bpm_DubChord07 Fm-80bpm_DubChord07 Fm 80
Fm-80bpm_DubChord06 Fm-80bpm_DubChord06 Fm 80
Fm-80bpm_DubChord05 Fm-80bpm_DubChord05 Fm 80
Fm-80bpm_DubChord04 Fm-80bpm_DubChord04 Fm 80
Fm-80bpm_DubChord03 Fm-80bpm_DubChord03 Fm 80
Fm-80bpm_DubChord02 Fm-80bpm_DubChord02 Fm 80
Fm-80bpm_DubChord01 Fm-80bpm_DubChord01 Fm 80