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Chill Chords

Chill Chords

Temporal Geometry

Chill Chords is a sample pack for Downtempo, Ambient and Cinematic productions that focuses exclusively on chords. The library has been recorded at 80 bpm and various keys, and it's divided into single chords and progressions in order to provide maximum versatility.

Product details: 50 One shot chords 50 Chord loops 100% Royalty free WAV format

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Chill Chords_Single_F_80_10 Chill Chords_Single_F_80_10 F 80
Chill Chords_Single_F_80_09 Chill Chords_Single_F_80_09 F 80
Chill Chords_Single_F_80_08 Chill Chords_Single_F_80_08 F 80
Chill Chords_Single_F_80_07 Chill Chords_Single_F_80_07 F 80
Chill Chords_Single_F_80_06 Chill Chords_Single_F_80_06 F 80
Chill Chords_Single_F_80_05 Chill Chords_Single_F_80_05 F 80
Chill Chords_Single_F_80_04 Chill Chords_Single_F_80_04 F 80
Chill Chords_Single_F_80_03 Chill Chords_Single_F_80_03 F 80
Chill Chords_Single_F_80_02 Chill Chords_Single_F_80_02 F 80
Chill Chords_Single_F_80_01 Chill Chords_Single_F_80_01 F 80
Chill Chords_Single_E_80_10 Chill Chords_Single_E_80_10 E 80
Chill Chords_Single_E_80_09 Chill Chords_Single_E_80_09 E 80
Chill Chords_Single_E_80_08 Chill Chords_Single_E_80_08 E 80
Chill Chords_Single_E_80_07 Chill Chords_Single_E_80_07 E 80
Chill Chords_Single_E_80_06 Chill Chords_Single_E_80_06 E 80
Chill Chords_Single_E_80_05 Chill Chords_Single_E_80_05 E 80
Chill Chords_Single_E_80_04 Chill Chords_Single_E_80_04 E 80
Chill Chords_Single_E_80_03 Chill Chords_Single_E_80_03 E 80
Chill Chords_Single_E_80_02 Chill Chords_Single_E_80_02 E 80
Chill Chords_Single_E_80_01 Chill Chords_Single_E_80_01 E 80
Chill Chords_Single_D_80_10 Chill Chords_Single_D_80_10 D 80
Chill Chords_Single_D_80_09 Chill Chords_Single_D_80_09 D 80
Chill Chords_Single_D_80_08 Chill Chords_Single_D_80_08 D 80
Chill Chords_Single_D_80_07 Chill Chords_Single_D_80_07 D 80
Chill Chords_Single_D_80_06 Chill Chords_Single_D_80_06 D 80
Chill Chords_Single_D_80_05 Chill Chords_Single_D_80_05 D 80
Chill Chords_Single_D_80_04 Chill Chords_Single_D_80_04 D 80
Chill Chords_Single_D_80_03 Chill Chords_Single_D_80_03 D 80
Chill Chords_Single_D_80_02 Chill Chords_Single_D_80_02 D 80
Chill Chords_Single_D_80_01 Chill Chords_Single_D_80_01 D 80
Chill Chords_Single_C_80_20 Chill Chords_Single_C_80_20 C 80
Chill Chords_Single_C_80_19 Chill Chords_Single_C_80_19 C 80
Chill Chords_Single_C_80_18 Chill Chords_Single_C_80_18 C 80
Chill Chords_Single_C_80_17 Chill Chords_Single_C_80_17 C 80
Chill Chords_Single_C_80_16 Chill Chords_Single_C_80_16 C 80
Chill Chords_Single_C_80_15 Chill Chords_Single_C_80_15 C 80
Chill Chords_Single_C_80_14 Chill Chords_Single_C_80_14 C 80
Chill Chords_Single_C_80_13 Chill Chords_Single_C_80_13 C 80
Chill Chords_Single_C_80_12 Chill Chords_Single_C_80_12 C 80
Chill Chords_Single_C_80_11 Chill Chords_Single_C_80_11 C 80
Chill Chords_Single_C_80_10 Chill Chords_Single_C_80_10 C 80
Chill Chords_Single_C_80_09 Chill Chords_Single_C_80_09 C 80
Chill Chords_Single_C_80_08 Chill Chords_Single_C_80_08 C 80
Chill Chords_Single_C_80_07 Chill Chords_Single_C_80_07 C 80
Chill Chords_Single_C_80_06 Chill Chords_Single_C_80_06 C 80
Chill Chords_Single_C_80_05 Chill Chords_Single_C_80_05 C 80
Chill Chords_Single_C_80_04 Chill Chords_Single_C_80_04 C 80
Chill Chords_Single_C_80_03 Chill Chords_Single_C_80_03 C 80
Chill Chords_Single_C_80_02 Chill Chords_Single_C_80_02 C 80
Chill Chords_Single_C_80_01 Chill Chords_Single_C_80_01 C 80
Chill Chords_Multi_G_80_10 Chill Chords_Multi_G_80_10 G 80
Chill Chords_Multi_G_80_09 Chill Chords_Multi_G_80_09 G 80
Chill Chords_Multi_G_80_08 Chill Chords_Multi_G_80_08 G 80
Chill Chords_Multi_G_80_07 Chill Chords_Multi_G_80_07 G 80
Chill Chords_Multi_G_80_06 Chill Chords_Multi_G_80_06 G 80
Chill Chords_Multi_G_80_05 Chill Chords_Multi_G_80_05 G 80
Chill Chords_Multi_G_80_04 Chill Chords_Multi_G_80_04 G 80
Chill Chords_Multi_G_80_03 Chill Chords_Multi_G_80_03 G 80
Chill Chords_Multi_G_80_02 Chill Chords_Multi_G_80_02 G 80
Chill Chords_Multi_G_80_01 Chill Chords_Multi_G_80_01 G 80
Chill Chords_Multi_F_80_10 Chill Chords_Multi_F_80_10 F 80
Chill Chords_Multi_F_80_09 Chill Chords_Multi_F_80_09 F 80
Chill Chords_Multi_F_80_08 Chill Chords_Multi_F_80_08 F 80
Chill Chords_Multi_F_80_07 Chill Chords_Multi_F_80_07 F 80
Chill Chords_Multi_F_80_06 Chill Chords_Multi_F_80_06 F 80
Chill Chords_Multi_F_80_05 Chill Chords_Multi_F_80_05 F 80
Chill Chords_Multi_F_80_04 Chill Chords_Multi_F_80_04 F 80
Chill Chords_Multi_F_80_03 Chill Chords_Multi_F_80_03 F 80
Chill Chords_Multi_F_80_02 Chill Chords_Multi_F_80_02 F 80
Chill Chords_Multi_F_80_01 Chill Chords_Multi_F_80_01 F 80
Chill Chords_Multi_E_80_10 Chill Chords_Multi_E_80_10 E 80
Chill Chords_Multi_E_80_09 Chill Chords_Multi_E_80_09 E 80
Chill Chords_Multi_E_80_08 Chill Chords_Multi_E_80_08 E 80
Chill Chords_Multi_E_80_07 Chill Chords_Multi_E_80_07 E 80
Chill Chords_Multi_E_80_06 Chill Chords_Multi_E_80_06 E 80
Chill Chords_Multi_E_80_05 Chill Chords_Multi_E_80_05 E 80