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Chill Trap

Chill Trap

New Loops

New Loops presents Chill Trap - a musical collection of urban sounds for producers of Trap, Future Bass, Hip Hop and other urban styles.

Chill Trap features 5 full construction kits with over 580 MB of audio loops, one shot sounds and midi files. You’ll find drums, bass, vocals, melodies, sound effects, multi-samples and more!

This audio sample pack has been created to be as diverse and useful as possible. All sounds are individually named and have tempo and key in the file names. The audio loops have many variations for example, with and without FX, full loops, kickless loops, hat loops, kick and snare only etc.

As with all New Loops sample packs, once purchased Chill Trap is 100% royalty free to use in your songs and audio productions.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Hat Looper Hat Looper
Clap Low Clap Low
Bass Moog Decay A2 Bass Moog Decay A2
Kick Depth A2 Kick Depth A2
Synth Pad E Synth Pad E
Synth Classic Square C3 Synth Classic Square C3
Bass Moog Decay E1 Bass Moog Decay E1
FX Noise Sweep Up FX Noise Sweep Up
Kick Depth E1 Kick Depth E1
Kick Depth F_# Kick Depth F_#
Hat Analog Hat Analog
FX Chimes FX Chimes
Synth Moog Lead C2 Synth Moog Lead C2
Synth Pad C1 Synth Pad C1
Plucker Vox A Plucker Vox A
Synth Moog Lead C3 Synth Moog Lead C3
Kick Depth E2 Kick Depth E2
Rim Low Rim Low
Snare Clap Layered Snare Clap Layered
Vocal Living Dream Vocal Living Dream
Synth Moog Lead C1 Synth Moog Lead C1
Bass Moog Decay A1 Bass Moog Decay A1
Synth Pad C2 Synth Pad C2
Snare Classic Snare Classic
Synth Pad A Synth Pad A
Synth Classic Square C2 Synth Classic Square C2
Synth Classic Square C4 Synth Classic Square C4
Bass Moog Decay E2 Bass Moog Decay E2
Vocal Male A Vocal Male A
FX Noise Sweep Down FX Noise Sweep Down
FX Noise Sweep Full FX Noise Sweep Full
Synth Moog Lead C4 Synth Moog Lead C4
Kick Depth A1 Kick Depth A1
Bass Moog Decay F_# Bass Moog Decay F_#
Ride Clean Long Ride Clean Long
Vocal Male Low A Vocal Male Low A
Synth Classic Square C1 Synth Classic Square C1
Rim Hi Rim Hi
CT1-3_160_Synth-Pad_A CT1-3_160_Synth-Pad_A 160
CT1-3_160_Vocal-Male-Dry_A CT1-3_160_Vocal-Male-Dry_A 160
CT1-3_160_Synth-Moog-Lead-Pt2_A CT1-3_160_Synth-Moog-Lead-Pt2_A 160
CT1-3_160_Drums-Clap CT1-3_160_Drums-Clap 160
CT1-3_160_Vocal-Female-Chorus_A CT1-3_160_Vocal-Female-Chorus_A 160
CT1-3_160_Drums-Ride CT1-3_160_Drums-Ride 160
CT1-3_160_Drums-Kick CT1-3_160_Drums-Kick 160
CT1-3_160_Drums-Percussion CT1-3_160_Drums-Percussion 160
CT1-3_160_Vocal-Female-Dry_A CT1-3_160_Vocal-Female-Dry_A 160
CT1-3_160_Drums-No-Ride CT1-3_160_Drums-No-Ride 160
CT1-3_160_Synth-Moog-Lead-Pt2-Dry_A CT1-3_160_Synth-Moog-Lead-Pt2-Dry_A 160
CT1-3_160_FX-Plucker-Vox_A CT1-3_160_FX-Plucker-Vox_A 160
CT1-3_160_Drums-Snare-All CT1-3_160_Drums-Snare-All 160
CT1-3_160_Synth-Classic-Arp-Dry_A CT1-3_160_Synth-Classic-Arp-Dry_A 160
CT1-3_160_Vocal-Male_A CT1-3_160_Vocal-Male_A 160
CT1-3_160_Vocal-Male-Low_A CT1-3_160_Vocal-Male-Low_A 160
CT1-3_160_Vocal-Female_A CT1-3_160_Vocal-Female_A 160
CT1-3_160_Drums-Minimal CT1-3_160_Drums-Minimal 160
CT1-3_160_Drums-Snare CT1-3_160_Drums-Snare 160
CT1-3_160_Synth-Moog-Lead-Pt1_A CT1-3_160_Synth-Moog-Lead-Pt1_A 160
CT1-3_160_Drums-Rim CT1-3_160_Drums-Rim 160
CT1-3_160_FX-Plucker-Vox-Dry_A CT1-3_160_FX-Plucker-Vox-Dry_A 160
CT1-3_160_Drums-Cymbals CT1-3_160_Drums-Cymbals 160
CT1-3_160_Synth-Classic-Arp_A CT1-3_160_Synth-Classic-Arp_A 160
CT1-3_160_Synth-Moog-Lead-Pt1-Dry_A CT1-3_160_Synth-Moog-Lead-Pt1-Dry_A 160
CT1-3_160_Bass_A CT1-3_160_Bass_A 160
CT1-3_160_Drums-Full CT1-3_160_Drums-Full 160
CT1-3_160_Drums-Kick-Snare CT1-3_160_Drums-Kick-Snare 160
CT1-3_160_Drums-Hats CT1-3_160_Drums-Hats 160
CT1-2_160_SW-Chords-Build-No-FX_D CT1-2_160_SW-Chords-Build-No-FX_D 160
CT1-2_160_Bass-Part1_SC_B_# CT1-2_160_Bass-Part1_SC_B_# 160
CT1-2_160_Drums-Kick CT1-2_160_Drums-Kick 160
CT1-2_160_Drums-Build-Kick CT1-2_160_Drums-Build-Kick 160
CT1-2_160_Drums-Build-Snare CT1-2_160_Drums-Build-Snare 160
CT1-2_160_Drums-Snares CT1-2_160_Drums-Snares 160
CT1-2_160_SW-Chords_D CT1-2_160_SW-Chords_D 160
CT1-2_160_Organ-Chord-Build_D CT1-2_160_Organ-Chord-Build_D 160
CT1-2_160_Vocal_F CT1-2_160_Vocal_F 160
CT1-2_160_Drums-Alt-2 CT1-2_160_Drums-Alt-2 160
CT1-2_160_Drums-Ride-1 CT1-2_160_Drums-Ride-1 160
CT1-2_160_Drums-Shaker CT1-2_160_Drums-Shaker 160
CT1-2_160_Drums-Full CT1-2_160_Drums-Full 160
CT1-2_160_Drums-Kick-Snare CT1-2_160_Drums-Kick-Snare 160
CT1-2_160_Drums-Build-Ride CT1-2_160_Drums-Build-Ride 160
CT1-2_160_Drums-Snap CT1-2_160_Drums-Snap 160
CT1-2_160_Bass-Part1_B_# CT1-2_160_Bass-Part1_B_# 160