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Cinematic Ambience

Cinematic Ambience

Touch Loops

Cinematic Ambience explores the delicate, beautiful and ethereal world of ambience, soundscapes, performance and pad infused sonic landscapes. Inspired by the works of Eno, Asa, ambient electronica and film score this incredibly beautiful collection inspires thoughts of nostalgia, classic cinematography and long evolving journeys of times gone by.

From pin point accurate grand piano loops to dusty, warming Rhodes piano phrases, this stunning collection of ambient samples has that extra cinematic ingredient that raises it above your average soundscape collection to epic new heights.

Designed, performed and recorded by our producer of choice, we've explored the more delicate, lucid side of ambient music. Inside you'll find soaring washed out female vocal samples, delicately twisting soundscapes and pads, emotive grand piano loops, characterful and romantic Fender Rhodes loops, warm and supportive analogue bass lines and a plethora of minimal drum beats that perfectly accompany the main narrative.

So if you produce ambience, film score, electronica or are just in the market for some incredibly inspiring content that's ready for twisting, sampling or just allowing to breathe then we guarantee this will become your go-to collection time and time again. Sit back and enjoy the moment.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Kick_TL_12 Kick_TL_12
Kick_TL_15 Kick_TL_15
Kick_TL_13 Kick_TL_13
Kick_TL_17 Kick_TL_17
Kick_TL_14 Kick_TL_14
Kick_TL_01 Kick_TL_01
Kick_TL_08 Kick_TL_08
Kick_TL_20 Kick_TL_20
KickSqueek_TL_05 KickSqueek_TL_05
Kick_TL_04 Kick_TL_04
Kick_TL_03 Kick_TL_03
Kick_TL_19 Kick_TL_19
Kick_TL_10 Kick_TL_10
Kick_TL_06 Kick_TL_06
Kick_TL_11 Kick_TL_11
Kick_TL_07 Kick_TL_07
Kick_TL_02 Kick_TL_02
Kick_TL_18 Kick_TL_18
Kick_TL_09 Kick_TL_09
Kick_TL_16 Kick_TL_16
Rim_TL_02 Rim_TL_02
Rim_TL_06 Rim_TL_06
Rim_TL_08 Rim_TL_08
Rim_TL_03 Rim_TL_03
Shaker_TL_05 Shaker_TL_05
Rim_TL_07 Rim_TL_07
Rim_TL_10 Rim_TL_10
Perc_TL_09 Perc_TL_09
Perc_TL_08 Perc_TL_08
Perc_TL_05 Perc_TL_05
Perc_TL_02 Perc_TL_02
Perc_TL_04 Perc_TL_04
Perc_TL_06 Perc_TL_06
Perc_TL_07 Perc_TL_07
Shaker_TL_03 Shaker_TL_03
Shaker_TL_07 Shaker_TL_07
Shaker_TL_06 Shaker_TL_06
Perc_TL_03 Perc_TL_03
Shaker_TL_04 Shaker_TL_04
Shaker_TL_01 Shaker_TL_01
Shaker_TL_02 Shaker_TL_02
Rim_TL_09 Rim_TL_09
Rim_TL_04 Rim_TL_04
Perc_TL_01 Perc_TL_01
Rim_TL_01 Rim_TL_01
Perc_TL_10 Perc_TL_10
Rim_TL_05 Rim_TL_05
Crash_TL_02 Crash_TL_02
Crash_TL_05 Crash_TL_05
Ride_TL_07 Ride_TL_07
Hat_TL_06 Hat_TL_06
Ride_TL_10 Ride_TL_10
Crash_TL_04 Crash_TL_04
Ride_TL_02 Ride_TL_02
Crash_TL_01 Crash_TL_01
Ride_TL_01 Ride_TL_01
Ride_TL_05 Ride_TL_05
Hat_TL_10 Hat_TL_10
Ride_TL_06 Ride_TL_06
Hat_TL_05 Hat_TL_05
Ride_TL_04 Ride_TL_04
Hat_TL_08 Hat_TL_08
Ride_TL_08 Ride_TL_08
Hat_TL_09 Hat_TL_09
Crash_TL_03 Crash_TL_03
Hat_TL_01 Hat_TL_01
Hat_TL_03 Hat_TL_03
Hat_TL_07 Hat_TL_07
Hat_TL_04 Hat_TL_04
Ride_TL_09 Ride_TL_09
Hat_TL_02 Hat_TL_02
Ride_TL_03 Ride_TL_03
Snare_TL_05 Snare_TL_05
Clap_TL_01 Clap_TL_01
Clap_TL_07 Clap_TL_07
Clap_TL_03 Clap_TL_03
Snare_TL_09 Snare_TL_09
Snare_TL_02 Snare_TL_02
Snare_TL_04 Snare_TL_04
Clap_TL_04 Clap_TL_04
Clap_TL_02 Clap_TL_02
Clap_TL_06 Clap_TL_06
Snare_TL_03 Snare_TL_03
Snare_TL_08 Snare_TL_08
Clap_TL_05 Clap_TL_05