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Cinematic Guitars

Cinematic Guitars

Touch Loops

Ethereal Guitars are a collection of incredible cinematic guitar loops and phrases that float, glide and compliment whatever composition they grace.

Performed by world class session musician Carlos Butler (Temporal Geometry) this beautiful set of ambient guitar samples can operate as both a musical support or as a lead element in it's own right.

Whether you're looking to add some organic live instrumentation to your breakdown, evolve into a stunning ambient soundscape bed or add a unique character of a lush guitar then this collection will deliver each and every time.

By utilises Carlos' extensive pedal board collection as well as his years of experience we've been able to manipulate his guitar into beautiful washes of ambience and pads, create lush evolving reverbs tails that would compliment any electronica piece as well as allowing the guitar to breath in it's most natural form.

Nestled inside you'll find warm washes of guitar ambience, evolving cinematic picking phrases, dense reverb drenched guitar soundscapes, delay influenced lead lines and so much more.

So, if you're looking to add something a little different and explore all the beautiful options available from this incredible instrument then look no further, this ones for you.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
100_Gm_Guitar_TL_2 100_Gm_Guitar_TL_2 Gm 100
95_Fm_Guitar_TL_7 95_Fm_Guitar_TL_7 Fm 95
95_Fm_Guitar_TL_27 95_Fm_Guitar_TL_27 Fm 95
85_Dm_Guitar_TL_31 85_Dm_Guitar_TL_31 Dm 85
95_Fm_Guitar_TL_8 95_Fm_Guitar_TL_8 Fm 95
90_Em_Guitar_TL_20 90_Em_Guitar_TL_20 Em 90
80_Cm_Guitar_TL_18 80_Cm_Guitar_TL_18 Cm 80
85_Dm_Guitar_TL_8 85_Dm_Guitar_TL_8 Dm 85
80_Cm_Guitar_TL_12 80_Cm_Guitar_TL_12 Cm 80
90_Em_Guitar_TL_4 90_Em_Guitar_TL_4 Em 90
100_Gm_Guitar_TL_10 100_Gm_Guitar_TL_10 Gm 100
85_Dm_Guitar_TL_4 85_Dm_Guitar_TL_4 Dm 85
85_Dm_Guitar_TL_23 85_Dm_Guitar_TL_23 Dm 85
95_Fm_Guitar_TL_23 95_Fm_Guitar_TL_23 Fm 95
95_Fm_Guitar_TL_29 95_Fm_Guitar_TL_29 Fm 95
90_Em_Guitar_TL_25 90_Em_Guitar_TL_25 Em 90
95_Fm_Guitar_TL_26 95_Fm_Guitar_TL_26 Fm 95
80_Cm_Guitar_TL_13 80_Cm_Guitar_TL_13 Cm 80
95_Fm_Guitar_TL_11 95_Fm_Guitar_TL_11 Fm 95
95_Fm_Guitar_TL_22 95_Fm_Guitar_TL_22 Fm 95
90_Em_Guitar_TL_27 90_Em_Guitar_TL_27 Em 90
90_Em_Guitar_TL_14 90_Em_Guitar_TL_14 Em 90
100_Gm_Guitar_TL_5 100_Gm_Guitar_TL_5 Gm 100
85_Dm_Guitar_TL_20 85_Dm_Guitar_TL_20 Dm 85
85_Dm_Guitar_TL_11 85_Dm_Guitar_TL_11 Dm 85
85_Dm_Guitar_TL_12 85_Dm_Guitar_TL_12 Dm 85
90_Em_Guitar_TL_29 90_Em_Guitar_TL_29 Em 90
85_Dm_Guitar_TL_30 85_Dm_Guitar_TL_30 Dm 85
95_Fm_Guitar_TL_16 95_Fm_Guitar_TL_16 Fm 95
90_Em_Guitar_TL_28 90_Em_Guitar_TL_28 Em 90
85_Dm_Guitar_TL_32 85_Dm_Guitar_TL_32 Dm 85
85_Dm_Guitar_TL_16 85_Dm_Guitar_TL_16 Dm 85
80_Cm_Guitar_TL_5 80_Cm_Guitar_TL_5 Cm 80
85_Dm_Guitar_TL_18 85_Dm_Guitar_TL_18 Dm 85
85_Dm_Guitar_TL_21 85_Dm_Guitar_TL_21 Dm 85
80_Cm_Guitar_TL_20 80_Cm_Guitar_TL_20 Cm 80
85_Dm_Guitar_TL_9 85_Dm_Guitar_TL_9 Dm 85
100_Gm_Guitar_TL_14 100_Gm_Guitar_TL_14 Gm 100
90_Em_Guitar_TL_19 90_Em_Guitar_TL_19 Em 90
95_Fm_Guitar_TL_10 95_Fm_Guitar_TL_10 Fm 95
85_Dm_Guitar_TL_10 85_Dm_Guitar_TL_10 Dm 85
100_Gm_Guitar_TL_01 08 100_Gm_Guitar_TL_01 08 Gm 100
80_Cm_Guitar_TL_10 80_Cm_Guitar_TL_10 Cm 80
85_Dm_Guitar_TL_25 85_Dm_Guitar_TL_25 Dm 85
95_Fm_Guitar_TL_24 95_Fm_Guitar_TL_24 Fm 95
80_Cm_Guitar_TL_19 80_Cm_Guitar_TL_19 Cm 80
90_Em_Guitar_TL_2 90_Em_Guitar_TL_2 Em 90
90_Em_Guitar_TL_18 90_Em_Guitar_TL_18 Em 90
95_Fm_Guitar_TL_12 95_Fm_Guitar_TL_12 Fm 95
95_Fm_Guitar_TL_3 95_Fm_Guitar_TL_3 Fm 95
95_Fm_Guitar_TL_19 95_Fm_Guitar_TL_19 Fm 95
85_Dm_Guitar_TL_1 85_Dm_Guitar_TL_1 Dm 85
80_Cm_Guitar_TL_16 80_Cm_Guitar_TL_16 Cm 80
80_Cm_Guitar_TL_1 80_Cm_Guitar_TL_1 Cm 80
100_Gm_Guitar_TL_9 100_Gm_Guitar_TL_9 Gm 100
85_Cm_Guitar_TL_1 85_Cm_Guitar_TL_1 Cm 85
90_Em_Guitar_TL_10 90_Em_Guitar_TL_10 Em 90
90_Em_Guitar_TL_30 90_Em_Guitar_TL_30 Em 90
90_Em_Guitar_TL_5 90_Em_Guitar_TL_5 Em 90
85_Dm_Guitar_TL_28 85_Dm_Guitar_TL_28 Dm 85
95_Fm_Guitar_TL_13 95_Fm_Guitar_TL_13 Fm 95
90_Em_Guitar_TL_22 90_Em_Guitar_TL_22 Em 90