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Coma Cassettes

Coma Cassettes

Touch Loops

Inspired by the apocalyptic soundscapes of Lorn, Coma Cassettes showcases exquisite analogue synth design, rich ambient landscapes, industrial drum machine lines and mutated Lo-Fi synth loops.  

Endless time has been spent in ensuring each loop delves deep into this incredible world of desolate landscapes, gritty rough textures and cinematic pads. 

Perfect for filmscore, modern takes on hip-hop & electronica, inside you'll find rich saturated lead synth lines, savage sub and bass work, driven drum machine beats, warped and worn dusty arpeggio phrases, soaring lead lines and Blade Runner inspired references throughout. 

Our producer of choice has also included 2 of our favorutes folder entitled 'Granular Textures' & Low Noisy Drones' - Self explanatory in their name but not in their content.  Each texture or drone loop has an attention rarely seen in pads or atmospheres ensuring your tracks will gain that pro touch.. right from the off. 

20 Amazing Construction Kits + One Shots

Broken down into 20 inspired construction kits, you'll find each individual sample plus a beautifully constructed 'full mix' as well as one shots covering single melody / bass notes + drum hits providing yet more flexibility. 

So, if you're looking to get dark and nasty then this ones for you.  Take that filmic tone and create something beautifully unique today.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
112_HeavyDrum_TL 112_HeavyDrum_TL 112
112_Bm_OctaveBass_TL 112_Bm_OctaveBass_TL Bm 112
Bm_Blip_01_TL Bm_Blip_01_TL Bm
Snare_TL Snare_TL
Bm_OctBass_TL Bm_OctBass_TL Bm
Bm_Blip_04_TL Bm_Blip_04_TL Bm
Bm_Blip_03_TL Bm_Blip_03_TL Bm
Kick_TL Kick_TL
Bm_Blip_02_TL Bm_Blip_02_TL Bm
112_Bm_OctaveJumpFull_TL 112_Bm_OctaveJumpFull_TL Bm 112
112_HeavyTops_TL 112_HeavyTops_TL 112
112_Bm_SwungSnare_TL 112_Bm_SwungSnare_TL Bm 112
112_SwungPerc_TL 112_SwungPerc_TL 112
112_Bm_MinorArp_TL 112_Bm_MinorArp_TL Bm 112
Bm_SquarePad_TL Bm_SquarePad_TL Bm
Bm_DragBass_TL Bm_DragBass_TL Bm
Bm_StabSynth_TL Bm_StabSynth_TL Bm
Clap_TL Clap_TL
Bm_Glide_TL Bm_Glide_TL Bm
Kick_TL Kick_TL
112_Bm_GlideArp_TL 112_Bm_GlideArp_TL Bm 112
112_Bm_DragBass_TL 112_Bm_DragBass_TL Bm 112
112_SuperSlowDrums_TL 112_SuperSlowDrums_TL 112
112_Bm_LongDragFull_TL 112_Bm_LongDragFull_TL Bm 112
112_Bm_SquarePad_TL 112_Bm_SquarePad_TL Bm 112
112_Bm_StabSynth_TL 112_Bm_StabSynth_TL Bm 112
112_SuperSlowTops_TL 112_SuperSlowTops_TL 112
100_G#m_NoiseArp_TL 100_G#m_NoiseArp_TL G#m 100
100_G#m_RealNoiseSynth_TL 100_G#m_RealNoiseSynth_TL G#m 100
G#m_ChorusBass_TL G#m_ChorusBass_TL G#m
G#m_NoiseSynth_02_TL G#m_NoiseSynth_02_TL G#m
Snare_TL Snare_TL
G#m_NoiseSynth_01_TL G#m_NoiseSynth_01_TL G#m
Kick_TL Kick_TL
G#m_DeepPad_TL G#m_DeepPad_TL G#m
G#m_Voice_TL G#m_Voice_TL G#m
100_TrashKit_TL 100_TrashKit_TL 100
100_G#m_DeepPad_TL 100_G#m_DeepPad_TL G#m 100
100_G#m_TwoVoices_TL 100_G#m_TwoVoices_TL G#m 100
100_G#m_ChorusBass_TL 100_G#m_ChorusBass_TL G#m 100
100_G#m_MoreLo-FiFull_TL 100_G#m_MoreLo-FiFull_TL G#m 100
145_Cm_GlossyPad_TL 145_Cm_GlossyPad_TL Cm 145
DirtKick_TL DirtKick_TL
Cm_GlossyPad_TL Cm_GlossyPad_TL Cm
Cm_DancingSynth_TL Cm_DancingSynth_TL Cm
Clap_TL Clap_TL
Cm_Bass_TL Cm_Bass_TL Cm
Perc_TL Perc_TL
145_Cm_HiddenVoiceBass_TL 145_Cm_HiddenVoiceBass_TL Cm 145
145_Cm_ThumperDrums_TL 145_Cm_ThumperDrums_TL Cm 145
145_Cm_SoppyChords_TL 145_Cm_SoppyChords_TL Cm 145
145_Cm_DancingSynth_TL 145_Cm_DancingSynth_TL Cm 145
145_Cm_ThumperTops_TL 145_Cm_ThumperTops_TL Cm 145
145_Cm_ThumperFull_TL 145_Cm_ThumperFull_TL Cm 145
112_Bm_BendySynth_TL 112_Bm_BendySynth_TL Bm 112
112_QuarterDrums_TL 112_QuarterDrums_TL 112
112_Bm_WorkHornFull_TL 112_Bm_WorkHornFull_TL Bm 112
112_QuarterTops_TL 112_QuarterTops_TL 112
112_Bm_HornBass_TL 112_Bm_HornBass_TL Bm 112
Clap_TL Clap_TL
Bm_StormDrone_TL Bm_StormDrone_TL Bm
Bm_HornBass_TL Bm_HornBass_TL Bm
Bm_BendySynth_TL Bm_BendySynth_TL Bm
Perc_TL Perc_TL
Kick_TL Kick_TL
112_Bm_StormDrone_TL 112_Bm_StormDrone_TL Bm 112
90_Bbm_SubtleDrone_TL 90_Bbm_SubtleDrone_TL Bbm 90
100_F#m_ApproachingStormDrone_TL 100_F#m_ApproachingStormDrone_TL F#m 100