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Cosmic Funk

Cosmic Funk

Touch Loops

Cosmic Funk is an exploration into the psychedelic, the astral and most certainly the cosmic. Paying homage to the funk and disco greats of the 70’s yet brought right up to date, this genre defining library of soul samples is teeming with groove, style, performance and class.

Referencing artists from Daft Punk to Dam Funk, Childish Gambino and more the quality of recording, mixing and musicianship is clear for all to see. We reached for the original tools used in crafting those classic records to create a collection of absolute authenticity. Think analogue phasers, tape machines, spring reverbs and lashings of slap back to ensure each loop provides the most inspiration.

Inside this beauty you’ll find phased and wah’d Rhodes licks, both live and analogue bass lines, era setting digital pianos, tape driven drum machines, live breaks, spaced out guitars and enough style to keep even the most demanding of produces happy.

As always we’ve included a huge batch of over 150 one shots from the sessions that also include some otherworldly FX for extra fun. Whether you’re looking to chop, remix or produce, this incredibly unique collection will become an instant go to for Hip-Hop, Soul, Disco or beyond.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Shakers_7_TL Shakers_7_TL
Shakers_1_TL Shakers_1_TL
Shakers_4_TL Shakers_4_TL
Shakers_3_TL Shakers_3_TL
Shakers_2_TL Shakers_2_TL
Shakers_6_TL Shakers_6_TL
Shakers_5_TL Shakers_5_TL
Hats_17_TL Hats_17_TL
Hats_19_TL Hats_19_TL
Hats_2_TL Hats_2_TL
Hats_10_TL Hats_10_TL
Hats_23_TL Hats_23_TL
Hats_20_TL Hats_20_TL
Hats_18_TL Hats_18_TL
Hats_7_TL Hats_7_TL
Hats_15_TL Hats_15_TL
Hats_25_TL Hats_25_TL
Hats_6_TL Hats_6_TL
Hats_22_TL Hats_22_TL
Hats_11_TL Hats_11_TL
Hats_16_TL Hats_16_TL
Hats_24_TL Hats_24_TL
Hats_5_TL Hats_5_TL
Hats_9_TL Hats_9_TL
Hats_1_TL Hats_1_TL
Hats_14_TL Hats_14_TL
Hats_21_TL Hats_21_TL
Hats_8_TL Hats_8_TL
Hats_13_TL Hats_13_TL
Hats_3_TL Hats_3_TL
Hats_4_TL Hats_4_TL
Hats_12_TL Hats_12_TL
Glitch_30_TL Glitch_30_TL
Glitch_15_TL Glitch_15_TL
Glitch_23_TL Glitch_23_TL
Glitch_10_TL Glitch_10_TL
Glitch_22_TL Glitch_22_TL
Glitch_18_TL Glitch_18_TL
Glitch_3_TL Glitch_3_TL
Glitch_28_TL Glitch_28_TL
Glitch_24_TL Glitch_24_TL
Glitch_26_TL Glitch_26_TL
Glitch_11_TL Glitch_11_TL
Glitch_2_TL Glitch_2_TL
Glitch_6_TL Glitch_6_TL
Glitch_4_TL Glitch_4_TL
Glitch_25_TL Glitch_25_TL
Glitch_1_TL Glitch_1_TL
Glitch_29_TL Glitch_29_TL
Glitch_27_TL Glitch_27_TL
Glitch_19_TL Glitch_19_TL
Glitch_17_TL Glitch_17_TL
Glitch_14_TL Glitch_14_TL
Glitch_21_TL Glitch_21_TL
Glitch_9_TL Glitch_9_TL
Glitch_13_TL Glitch_13_TL
Glitch_8_TL Glitch_8_TL
Glitch_12_TL Glitch_12_TL
Glitch_16_TL Glitch_16_TL
Glitch_7_TL Glitch_7_TL
Glitch_20_TL Glitch_20_TL
Glitch_5_TL Glitch_5_TL
Kicks_25_TL Kicks_25_TL
Kicks_8_TL Kicks_8_TL
Kicks_27_TL Kicks_27_TL
Kicks_4_TL Kicks_4_TL
Kicks_22_TL Kicks_22_TL
Kicks_26_TL Kicks_26_TL
Kicks_14_TL Kicks_14_TL
Kicks_11_TL Kicks_11_TL
Kicks_15_TL Kicks_15_TL
Kicks_17_TL Kicks_17_TL
Kicks_10_TL Kicks_10_TL
Kicks_21_TL Kicks_21_TL
Kicks_24_TL Kicks_24_TL
Kicks_3_TL Kicks_3_TL
Kicks_1_TL Kicks_1_TL
Kicks_20_TL Kicks_20_TL
Kicks_13_TL Kicks_13_TL
Kicks_16_TL Kicks_16_TL
Kicks_6_TL Kicks_6_TL
Kicks_19_TL Kicks_19_TL
Kicks_9_TL Kicks_9_TL
Kicks_18_TL Kicks_18_TL
Kicks_2_TL Kicks_2_TL
Kicks_12_TL Kicks_12_TL
Kicks_5_TL Kicks_5_TL
Kicks_23_TL Kicks_23_TL