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Cosmic Hip-Hop

Cosmic Hip-Hop

Touch Loops

Cosmic, astral, hypnotic and down right psychedelic. Prepare to enter the incredible world of Cosmic Hip-Hop. Inspired with the works of the abstract god that is Sun Ra himself then brought right up to date through the modern day beat makers of Flying Lotus, Brainfeeder Records, Anderson Paak and Glenn Astro.

This exploration into the cosmic jazz fueled world has spat out an incredible collection of futuristic hip-hop samples that inspire with absolute originality. From washed out processed chimes to evocative dusty Rhodes loops, bump inducing hip-hop drums to out of this world wobbling synth phrases, this has to be our most explorative pack to date. Live double bass licks compliment the solo friendly Moog bass lines, complex chords sit snuggly against the 3-D arpeggios which are all underpinned by those stunning, moorish grooves that sway from classic hip-hop to jangling 4x4's and back.

To get the best possible insight into the pack we've created the demo in that classic 'beat-tape' style. Chopping, changing and moving swiftly between sections showcasing the most sounds possible and in turn highlighting just how incredibly beautiful this pack really is.

So if you're looking to add some unique, astral flavours to your tracks, are looking to delve into the world of hip-hop or take a journey through these cosmic sessions then this ones for you - an instant Touch Loops classic that we've been constantly turning to in house!


Size: 393.9mb
Loops: 176
MIDI: 58
One Shots: 98

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Kick:Clap_01_TL Kick:Clap_01_TL
Kick:Hat_01_TL Kick:Hat_01_TL
Kick:Clap_06_TL Kick:Clap_06_TL
Kick:Hat_05_TL Kick:Hat_05_TL
Kick:Clap_02_TL Kick:Clap_02_TL
KickDelay_01_TL KickDelay_01_TL
Kick:Clap_04_TL Kick:Clap_04_TL
Kick:Clap_05_TL Kick:Clap_05_TL
Kick:Hat_02_TL Kick:Hat_02_TL
Kick:Hat_04_TL Kick:Hat_04_TL
Kick:Clap_03_TL Kick:Clap_03_TL
Kick:Hat_03_TL Kick:Hat_03_TL
Kick_02_TL Kick_02_TL
Kick_01_TL Kick_01_TL
Kick_12_TL Kick_12_TL
Kick_04_TL Kick_04_TL
Kick_20_TL Kick_20_TL
Kick_14_TL Kick_14_TL
Kick_15_TL Kick_15_TL
Kick_16_TL Kick_16_TL
Kick_18_TL Kick_18_TL
Kick_19_TL Kick_19_TL
Kick_05_TL Kick_05_TL
Kick_09_TL Kick_09_TL
Kick_11_TL Kick_11_TL
Kick_13_TL Kick_13_TL
Kick_10_TL Kick_10_TL
Kick_07_TL Kick_07_TL
Kick_03_TL Kick_03_TL
Kick_17_TL Kick_17_TL
Kick_08_TL Kick_08_TL
Kick_21_TL Kick_21_TL
Snare_02_TL Snare_02_TL
Perc_05_TL Perc_05_TL
Chime_03_TL Chime_03_TL
Perc_18_TL Perc_18_TL
Chime_05_TL Chime_05_TL
Hiss_01_TL Hiss_01_TL
Perc_01_TL Perc_01_TL
Perc_13_TL Perc_13_TL
Chime_02_TL Chime_02_TL
Chime_01_TL Chime_01_TL
Perc_06_TL Perc_06_TL
PercDelay_01_TL PercDelay_01_TL
Snare_03_TL Snare_03_TL
Perc_19_TL Perc_19_TL
Hiss_02_TL Hiss_02_TL
Perc_17_TL Perc_17_TL
Perc_10_TL Perc_10_TL
Perc_11_TL Perc_11_TL
Perc_09_TL Perc_09_TL
Snare_01_TL Snare_01_TL
Shake_02_TL Shake_02_TL
Perc_12_TL Perc_12_TL
Perc_16_TL Perc_16_TL
Perc_02_TL Perc_02_TL
Perc_08_TL Perc_08_TL
Chime_04_TL Chime_04_TL
Perc_15_TL Perc_15_TL
Perc_07_TL Perc_07_TL
Perc_04_TL Perc_04_TL
Perc_03_TL Perc_03_TL
Perc_21_TL Perc_21_TL
Perc_20_TL Perc_20_TL
Perc_14_TL Perc_14_TL
Chime_06_TL Chime_06_TL
Hats_03_TL Hats_03_TL
Hats_17_TL Hats_17_TL
Hats_19_TL Hats_19_TL
Hats_06_TL Hats_06_TL
Shake_01_TL Shake_01_TL
Hats_10_TL Hats_10_TL
Hats_23_TL Hats_23_TL
Hats_20_TL Hats_20_TL
Hat_01_TL Hat_01_TL
Hats_05_TL Hats_05_TL
Hats_18_TL Hats_18_TL
HatDelay_01_TL HatDelay_01_TL
Hats_08_TL Hats_08_TL
HatDelay_02_TL HatDelay_02_TL