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OST Audio

'Cyberpunk' by OST Audio is a sample pack that combines Synthwave and Cyberpunk sequences with retro gear, dirty drums, and synthetic rhythms.

The pack includes retro drum loops and drum shots, FX and atmospheres, analogue bass loops and one-shots, nostalgic lead loops, and eerie vocal FX.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
OAC_Snare_9 OAC_Snare_9
OAC_Snare_8 OAC_Snare_8
OAC_Snare_7 OAC_Snare_7
OAC_Snare_6 OAC_Snare_6
OAC_Snare_55 OAC_Snare_55
OAC_Snare_54 OAC_Snare_54
OAC_Snare_53 OAC_Snare_53
OAC_Snare_52 OAC_Snare_52
OAC_Snare_51 OAC_Snare_51
OAC_Snare_50 OAC_Snare_50
OAC_Snare_5 OAC_Snare_5
OAC_Snare_49 OAC_Snare_49
OAC_Snare_48 OAC_Snare_48
OAC_Snare_47 OAC_Snare_47
OAC_Snare_46 OAC_Snare_46
OAC_Snare_45 OAC_Snare_45
OAC_Snare_44 OAC_Snare_44
OAC_Snare_43 OAC_Snare_43
OAC_Snare_42 OAC_Snare_42
OAC_Snare_41 OAC_Snare_41
OAC_Snare_40 OAC_Snare_40
OAC_Snare_4 OAC_Snare_4
OAC_Snare_39 OAC_Snare_39
OAC_Snare_38 OAC_Snare_38
OAC_Snare_37 OAC_Snare_37
OAC_Snare_36 OAC_Snare_36
OAC_Snare_35 OAC_Snare_35
OAC_Snare_34 OAC_Snare_34
OAC_Snare_33 OAC_Snare_33
OAC_Snare_32 OAC_Snare_32
OAC_Snare_31 OAC_Snare_31
OAC_Snare_30 OAC_Snare_30
OAC_Snare_3 OAC_Snare_3
OAC_Snare_29 OAC_Snare_29
OAC_Snare_28 OAC_Snare_28
OAC_Snare_27 OAC_Snare_27
OAC_Snare_26 OAC_Snare_26
OAC_Snare_25 OAC_Snare_25
OAC_Snare_24 OAC_Snare_24
OAC_Snare_23 OAC_Snare_23
OAC_Snare_22 OAC_Snare_22
OAC_Snare_21 OAC_Snare_21
OAC_Snare_20 OAC_Snare_20
OAC_Snare_2 OAC_Snare_2
OAC_Snare_19 OAC_Snare_19
OAC_Snare_18 OAC_Snare_18
OAC_Snare_17 OAC_Snare_17
OAC_Snare_16 OAC_Snare_16
OAC_Snare_15 OAC_Snare_15
OAC_Snare_14 OAC_Snare_14
OAC_Snare_13 OAC_Snare_13
OAC_Snare_12 OAC_Snare_12
OAC_Snare_11 OAC_Snare_11
OAC_Snare_10 OAC_Snare_10
OAC_Snare_1 OAC_Snare_1
OAC_Perc_9 OAC_Perc_9
OAC_Perc_8 OAC_Perc_8
OAC_Perc_7 OAC_Perc_7
OAC_Perc_6 OAC_Perc_6
OAC_Perc_50 OAC_Perc_50
OAC_Perc_5 OAC_Perc_5
OAC_Perc_49 OAC_Perc_49
OAC_Perc_48 OAC_Perc_48
OAC_Perc_47 OAC_Perc_47
OAC_Perc_46 OAC_Perc_46
OAC_Perc_45 OAC_Perc_45
OAC_Perc_44 OAC_Perc_44
OAC_Perc_43 OAC_Perc_43
OAC_Perc_42 OAC_Perc_42
OAC_Perc_41 OAC_Perc_41
OAC_Perc_40 OAC_Perc_40
OAC_Perc_4 OAC_Perc_4
OAC_Perc_39 OAC_Perc_39
OAC_Perc_38 OAC_Perc_38
OAC_Perc_37 OAC_Perc_37
OAC_Perc_36 OAC_Perc_36
OAC_Perc_35 OAC_Perc_35
OAC_Perc_34 OAC_Perc_34
OAC_Perc_33 OAC_Perc_33
OAC_Perc_32 OAC_Perc_32
OAC_Perc_31 OAC_Perc_31
OAC_Perc_30 OAC_Perc_30
OAC_Perc_3 OAC_Perc_3
OAC_Perc_29 OAC_Perc_29
OAC_Perc_28 OAC_Perc_28
OAC_Perc_27 OAC_Perc_27
OAC_Perc_26 OAC_Perc_26
OAC_Perc_25 OAC_Perc_25
OAC_Perc_24 OAC_Perc_24
OAC_Perc_23 OAC_Perc_23
OAC_Perc_22 OAC_Perc_22
OAC_Perc_21 OAC_Perc_21
OAC_Perc_20 OAC_Perc_20