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Cyclic Beats

Cyclic Beats

Touch Loops

Introducing our latest bespoke sample collection; Cyclic Electronics. Intricate, detailed, percussive and rhythmic, this unique twist on loops and one shots places it's focus on weaving intricate musical rhythms and patterns to create a collection of tightly knitted grooves, progressions, beats and musical elements that perfectly intertwine.

The elements within the collection are designed to compliment each other enhancing the beat or song section they care to grace. It's this tight integration of staccato sounds, beats, musical elements, vocal chops and driven bass lines that allow this mosaic of a sample collection to really breath and evolve.

With a nod to the works of Gold Panda and Steve Reich, this contemporary take on moving patterns offers something incredibly unique to the sample pack market. Think chopped vocal phrases, intricate lead lines, processed minimal stabs, tight percussion loops, re-sampled and chopped piano licks, lush pads and so much more. So, if you produce Hip-Hop, Electronica or are looking to add something completely unique to your tracks then this one is for you. A truly unique collection of Hip-Hop samples that will lighten your mood, lift your tracks and offer endless inspiration, where ever you turn.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Perc_37_TL Perc_37_TL
Perc_50_TL Perc_50_TL
Perc_76_TL Perc_76_TL
Perc_69_TL Perc_69_TL
Perc_64_TL Perc_64_TL
Perc_05_TL Perc_05_TL
Perc_23_TL Perc_23_TL
Perc_63_TL Perc_63_TL
Perc_18_TL Perc_18_TL
Perc_53_TL Perc_53_TL
Perc_59_TL Perc_59_TL
Perc_61_TL Perc_61_TL
Perc_01_TL Perc_01_TL
Perc_29_TL Perc_29_TL
Perc_13_TL Perc_13_TL
Perc_06_TL Perc_06_TL
Perc_55_TL Perc_55_TL
Perc_46_TL Perc_46_TL
Perc_24_TL Perc_24_TL
Perc_45_TL Perc_45_TL
Perc_36_TL Perc_36_TL
Perc_57_TL Perc_57_TL
Perc_19_TL Perc_19_TL
Perc_51_TL Perc_51_TL
Perc_52_TL Perc_52_TL
Perc_73_TL Perc_73_TL 73
Perc_65_TL Perc_65_TL
Perc_71_TL Perc_71_TL
Perc_41_TL Perc_41_TL
Perc_58_TL Perc_58_TL
Perc_28_TL Perc_28_TL
Perc_62_TL Perc_62_TL
Perc_17_TL Perc_17_TL
Perc_49_TL Perc_49_TL
Perc_10_TL Perc_10_TL
Perc_75_TL Perc_75_TL
Perc_68_TL Perc_68_TL
Perc_11_TL Perc_11_TL
Perc_60_TL Perc_60_TL
Perc_35_TL Perc_35_TL
Perc_26_TL Perc_26_TL
Perc_09_TL Perc_09_TL
Perc_27_TL Perc_27_TL
Perc_72_TL Perc_72_TL
Perc_70_TL Perc_70_TL
Perc_33_TL Perc_33_TL
Perc_12_TL Perc_12_TL
Perc_32_TL Perc_32_TL
Perc_16_TL Perc_16_TL
Perc_42_TL Perc_42_TL
Perc_34_TL Perc_34_TL
Perc_02_TL Perc_02_TL
Perc_08_TL Perc_08_TL
Perc_40_TL Perc_40_TL
Perc_31_TL Perc_31_TL
Perc_67_TL Perc_67_TL
Perc_15_TL Perc_15_TL
Perc_74_TL Perc_74_TL
Perc_22_TL Perc_22_TL
Perc_44_TL Perc_44_TL
Perc_43_TL Perc_43_TL
Perc_25_TL Perc_25_TL
Perc_38_TL Perc_38_TL
Perc_54_TL Perc_54_TL
Perc_07_TL Perc_07_TL
Perc_04_TL Perc_04_TL
Perc_39_TL Perc_39_TL
Perc_03_TL Perc_03_TL
Perc_21_TL Perc_21_TL
Perc_48_TL Perc_48_TL
Perc_20_TL Perc_20_TL
Perc_77_TL Perc_77_TL
Perc_47_TL Perc_47_TL
Perc_14_TL Perc_14_TL
Perc_66_TL Perc_66_TL
Perc_30_TL Perc_30_TL
Perc_56_TL Perc_56_TL
Melodics Gb_Shallow_TL Melodics Gb_Shallow_TL Gb