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Dark Grooves

Dark Grooves

Touch Loops

Dark Grooves pays homage to the greats of contemporary electronic music Four Tet, Arca and Jamie XX. Transcending years, genres and scenes their endless attention to detail and pioneering tones have seen them become trend setters combining flavours of twisted garage, house, future beats and ambience to create a sound unlike no other.

Through meticulous care, patience and experimentation our latest sample pack harnesses these influences to create a sample collection of inspiration, style and groove. Think processed live & machine drums, manipulated and chopped analogue synths, genre defining vocal chops, system ready subs and experimental sound design all juxtaposing against atmospheric guitars creating a unique and evocative new palette that's crying out for attention.

So whether you produce house, garage, electronica or are looking to add some unique flavours to really elevate your current tracks then this ones for you. Combing live instruments with electronic elements can often be tricky so we've made sure they're styled to work in harmony with all your elements adding maximum flexibility and mileage that will feel at home in both a grimy, dark club or sitting back and taking in the vibe.

As always we've included 100 bespoke one shots covering vocals, drums, synths and live instruments giving you even more options for twisting, manipulating and really making this sample pack your own without losing your own identity or sound. Embrace the darkness.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Bass C_VerbSub_01_TL Bass C_VerbSub_01_TL
Bass D#_SaturatedBass_01_TL Bass D#_SaturatedBass_01_TL
Bass D#_DelayBass_01_TL Bass D#_DelayBass_01_TL
Bass D#_BigOpenBass_02_TL Bass D#_BigOpenBass_02_TL
Bass C_PureBass_01_TL Bass C_PureBass_01_TL
Bass C_ResoBass_01_TL Bass C_ResoBass_01_TL
Bass G#m_KickBass_01_TL Bass G#m_KickBass_01_TL
Bass C_WobbleBass_01_TL Bass C_WobbleBass_01_TL
Bass C_LazerBass_01_TL Bass C_LazerBass_01_TL
Bass C_TalkBass_01_TL Bass C_TalkBass_01_TL
Bass G#m_LongPureSub_01_TL Bass G#m_LongPureSub_01_TL
Bass C_HornBass_01_TL Bass C_HornBass_01_TL
Bass G#m_SqueakBass_01_TL Bass G#m_SqueakBass_01_TL
Percs_01_TL Percs_01_TL
Kick_02_TL Kick_02_TL
Hats_02_TL Hats_02_TL
Hats_03_TL Hats_03_TL
Hats_17_TL Hats_17_TL
Hats_19_TL Hats_19_TL
Hats_06_TL Hats_06_TL
Percs_09_TL Percs_09_TL
Hats_10_TL Hats_10_TL
Hats_01_TL Hats_01_TL
Hats_05_TL Hats_05_TL
Kick_01_TL Kick_01_TL
Hats_18_TL Hats_18_TL
Percs_08_TL Percs_08_TL
Kick_12_TL Kick_12_TL
Hats_08_TL Hats_08_TL
Hats_15_TL Hats_15_TL
Kick_04_TL Kick_04_TL
Percs_13_TL Percs_13_TL
Kick_14_TL Kick_14_TL
Percs_05_TL Percs_05_TL
Percs_07_TL Percs_07_TL
Hats_11_TL Hats_11_TL
Percs_06_TL Percs_06_TL
Kick_06_TL Kick_06_TL
Hats_16_TL Hats_16_TL
Hats_04_TL Hats_04_TL
Kick_05_TL Kick_05_TL
Kick_09_TL Kick_09_TL
Kick_11_TL Kick_11_TL
Kick_13_TL Kick_13_TL
Kick_10_TL Kick_10_TL
Kick_07_TL Kick_07_TL
Percs_12_TL Percs_12_TL
Percs_10_TL Percs_10_TL
Kick_03_TL Kick_03_TL
Kick_08_TL Kick_08_TL
Percs_11_TL Percs_11_TL
Hats_14_TL Hats_14_TL
Percs_02_TL Percs_02_TL
Hats_07_TL Hats_07_TL
Hats_13_TL Hats_13_TL
Hats_09_TL Hats_09_TL
Percs_04_TL Percs_04_TL
Percs_03_TL Percs_03_TL
Hats_12_TL Hats_12_TL
Synths C_Choke_01_TL Synths C_Choke_01_TL C
Synths C_LittleBlip_01_TL Synths C_LittleBlip_01_TL
Synths C_Rich_01_TL Synths C_Rich_01_TL
Synths C_Tonal_01_TL Synths C_Tonal_01_TL
Synths G#m_Filtered_01_TL Synths G#m_Filtered_01_TL
Synths C_Harsh_01_TL Synths C_Harsh_01_TL
Synths D#_Tiny_01_TL Synths D#_Tiny_01_TL
Synths C_Longer_01_TL Synths C_Longer_01_TL
Synths C_Attack!_01_TL Synths C_Attack!_01_TL
Synths C_CloseStab_01_TL Synths C_CloseStab_01_TL C
Synths D#_Key_01_TL Synths D#_Key_01_TL
Synths C_Panning!_01_TL Synths C_Panning!_01_TL
Synths C_FuzzStab_01_TL Synths C_FuzzStab_01_TL
Synths Rising_01_TL Synths Rising_01_TL
Synths C_BrightStab_01_TL Synths C_BrightStab_01_TL
Synths D#_Harm_01_TL Synths D#_Harm_01_TL
Synths D_#Bubble_01_TL Synths D_#Bubble_01_TL
Synths G#m_SuperPure_01_TL Synths G#m_SuperPure_01_TL
Synths G#m_FullChords_01_TL Synths G#m_FullChords_01_TL
Organic D#_SoftBow_TL Organic D#_SoftBow_TL
Organic C_VerbGuitar_03_TL Organic C_VerbGuitar_03_TL