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Dark Techno

Dark Techno

Touch Loops

Dark techno is a beast of a sample pack. Drawing reference from techno legends Levon Vincent and Andy Stott to the more experimental, downtempo aspects of Nicolas Jaar and Holy Other, this sample collection offers unrivalled intensity and brutality.

The pack is rich with cursed and snarling ambient drone loops, savage techno drums, system shaking bass loops and samples, analogue chord progressions, dub-techno stabs, grooving percussion and the most brutal kicks available on the sample pack market. Our producer of choice also dug our his favourite collection of analogue outboard FX which provided the perfect accompaniment for adding 3-D depth, texture and movement.

Each loop or one shot perfectly captures the tone and intensity of dark, twisted techno ensuring your next production translates perfectly from the bedroom to the club. This really is an incredible collection that we just can't wait for you to get stuck into! So whether you're a techno die hard or just love to reference the timeless tone, this collection guarantees to offer something that little different allowing you to take your productions to that next level.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Bass_11_TL Bass_11_TL
Bass_10_TL Bass_10_TL
Bass_01_TL Bass_01_TL
Bass_08_TL Bass_08_TL
Bass_05_TL Bass_05_TL
Bass_12_TL Bass_12_TL
Bass_02_TL Bass_02_TL
Bass_04_TL Bass_04_TL
Bass_13_TL Bass_13_TL
Bass_03_TL Bass_03_TL
Bass_14_TL Bass_14_TL
Bass_166_TL Bass_166_TL
Bass_06_TL Bass_06_TL
Bass_15_TL Bass_15_TL
Bass_07_TL Bass_07_TL
Bass_09_TL Bass_09_TL
FX_12_TL FX_12_TL
FX_03_TL FX_03_TL
FX_01_TL FX_01_TL
FX_06_TL FX_06_TL
FX_08_TL FX_08_TL
FX_02_TL FX_02_TL
FX_04_TL FX_04_TL
FX_09_TL FX_09_TL
FX_10_TL FX_10_TL
FX_07_TL FX_07_TL
FX_11_TL FX_11_TL
FX_05_TL FX_05_TL
Gm_Synth_06_TL Gm_Synth_06_TL
Cm_Synth_05_TL Cm_Synth_05_TL
C_Synth_03_TL C_Synth_03_TL
F_Synth_02_TL F_Synth_02_TL
C_Synth_01_TL C_Synth_01_TL
D#m_Synth_01_TL D#m_Synth_01_TL
Cm_Synth_08_TL Cm_Synth_08_TL
F#_Synth_02_TL F#_Synth_02_TL
Cm_Synth_02_TL Cm_Synth_02_TL
D#m_Synth_02_TL D#m_Synth_02_TL
Bm_Synth_01_TL Bm_Synth_01_TL
C_Synth_02_TL C_Synth_02_TL
F#_Synth_03_TL F#_Synth_03_TL
Cm_Synth_03_TL Cm_Synth_03_TL
Cm_Synth_06_TL Cm_Synth_06_TL
Gm_Synth_03_TL Gm_Synth_03_TL
Cmn_Synth_07_TL Cmn_Synth_07_TL
Gm_Synth_01_TL Gm_Synth_01_TL
Gm_Synth_04_TL Gm_Synth_04_TL
Gm_Synth_05_TL Gm_Synth_05_TL
F_Synth_03_TL F_Synth_03_TL
Cm_Synth_01_TL Cm_Synth_01_TL
F#_Synth_04_TL F#_Synth_04_TL
Gm_Synth_07_TL Gm_Synth_07_TL
F_Synth_01_TL F_Synth_01_TL
Cm_Synth_07_TL Cm_Synth_07_TL
Gm_Synth_02_TL Gm_Synth_02_TL
F#_Synth_01_TL F#_Synth_01_TL
Cm_Synth_04_TL Cm_Synth_04_TL
Perc_4_TL Perc_4_TL
Perc_13_TL Perc_13_TL
Perc_5_TL Perc_5_TL
Perc_7_TL Perc_7_TL
Perc_8_TL Perc_8_TL
Perc_17_TL Perc_17_TL
Perc_10_TL Perc_10_TL
Perc_11_TL Perc_11_TL
Tom_1_TL Tom_1_TL
Perc_6_TL Perc_6_TL
Perc_1_TL Perc_1_TL
Perc_12_TL Perc_12_TL
Perc_16_TL Perc_16_TL
Tom_2_TL Tom_2_TL
Perc_15_TL Perc_15_TL
Perc_9_TL Perc_9_TL
Perc_14_TL Perc_14_TL
Perc_3_TL Perc_3_TL
Perc_2_TL Perc_2_TL