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Darkwave Expansions

Darkwave Expansions

Touch Loops

A collection of beautifully crafted, analogue deliciousness. Inspired by the works of Clark, Arca & Bjork. These pioneering artists are renowned for shaping their own path, refusing to abide by the rules set within traditional genres, forging new sounds and techniques.

By utilising the same gear and processing techniques, we're proud to present to you a genre twisting sample pack that just oozes with inspiration, character, grit and style. From pitch twisting modular arps to shuffled drum machine heavy rhythmic patterns, gritty sub bass lines to evolving analogue soundscapes this unique collection offers something that little bit different.

With each loop showcasing deep analogue warmth, the collection never strays into harsh frequency territory instead offering depth and power that's perfect for any Berlin system or abstract pop composition, the options are endless.

Upon further inspection, you'll also discover a more delicate side to the pack that beautifully juxtaposes against the more aggressive sounds offering a rare moment of solace, perfect for any intro, breakdown or expansive moment. The sense of space throughout the collection is truly something to be amazed at providing a 3-D element to any mix that these sounds combine with.

As always, we've included a huge batch of MIDI and one shots that are ready to be loaded into your DAW or sampler of choice offering yet more potential for instant creativity. A truly inspirational collection that showcases the flexibility available within contemporary electronic music.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Melodic Am_Bass_16_TL Melodic Am_Bass_16_TL
Melodic Bbm_Synth_10_TL Melodic Bbm_Synth_10_TL
Melodic G#m_Vox_04_TL Melodic G#m_Vox_04_TL
Melodic C_Synth_03_TL Melodic C_Synth_03_TL
Melodic Am_Synth_06_TL Melodic Am_Synth_06_TL
Melodic C_Synth_01_TL Melodic C_Synth_01_TL
Melodic Em_Synth_11_TL Melodic Em_Synth_11_TL
Melodic Am_Bass_07_TL Melodic Am_Bass_07_TL
Melodic Am_Bass_01_TL Melodic Am_Bass_01_TL
Melodic G#m_Bass_15_TL Melodic G#m_Bass_15_TL
Melodic Am_Bass_05_TL Melodic Am_Bass_05_TL
Melodic Am_Synth_07_TL Melodic Am_Synth_07_TL
Melodic Am_Bass_08_TL Melodic Am_Bass_08_TL
Melodic G#m_Synth_13_TL Melodic G#m_Synth_13_TL
Melodic Am_Bass_04_TL Melodic Am_Bass_04_TL
Melodic G#m_Bass_14_TL Melodic G#m_Bass_14_TL
Melodic C_Synth_02_TL Melodic C_Synth_02_TL
Melodic Am_Bass_10_TL Melodic Am_Bass_10_TL
Melodic C_Vox_02_TL Melodic C_Vox_02_TL
Melodic D#m_Bass_13_TL Melodic D#m_Bass_13_TL
Melodic G#m_Synth_12_TL Melodic G#m_Synth_12_TL
Melodic Am_Bass_03_TL Melodic Am_Bass_03_TL
Melodic Bm_Synth_04_TL Melodic Bm_Synth_04_TL
Melodic Am_Synth_09_TL Melodic Am_Synth_09_TL
Melodic Em_Vox_03_TL Melodic Em_Vox_03_TL
Melodic C_Vox_TL Melodic C_Vox_TL
Melodic Am_Synth_05_TL Melodic Am_Synth_05_TL
Melodic Am_Bass_09_TL Melodic Am_Bass_09_TL
Melodic Am_Synth_08_TL Melodic Am_Synth_08_TL
Melodic Am_Pad_TL Melodic Am_Pad_TL
Melodic Bbm_Bass_12_TL Melodic Bbm_Bass_12_TL B
Melodic Am_Noise_06_TL Melodic Am_Noise_06_TL
Melodic Am_Bass_02_TL Melodic Am_Bass_02_TL
Melodic Am_Bass_11_TL Melodic Am_Bass_11_TL
Melodic Am_Bass_06_TL Melodic Am_Bass_06_TL
Percussion NoiseHat_01_TL Percussion NoiseHat_01_TL
Percussion NoiseHat_06_TL Percussion NoiseHat_06_TL
Percussion NoiseHat_13_TL Percussion NoiseHat_13_TL
Percussion NoiseHat_09_TL Percussion NoiseHat_09_TL
Percussion NoiseHat_03_TL Percussion NoiseHat_03_TL
Percussion NoiseHat_07_TL Percussion NoiseHat_07_TL
Percussion NoiseHat_14_TL Percussion NoiseHat_14_TL
Percussion NoiseHat_04_TL Percussion NoiseHat_04_TL
Percussion NoiseHat_11_TL Percussion NoiseHat_11_TL
Percussion NoiseHat_12_TL Percussion NoiseHat_12_TL
Percussion NoiseHat_10_TL Percussion NoiseHat_10_TL
Percussion NoiseHat_02_TL Percussion NoiseHat_02_TL
Percussion NoiseHat_08_TL Percussion NoiseHat_08_TL
Percussion NoiseHat_05_TL Percussion NoiseHat_05_TL
Percussion Tomooo_01_TL Percussion Tomooo_01_TL
Percussion Perc_05_TL Percussion Perc_05_TL
Percussion Perc_18_TL Percussion Perc_18_TL
Percussion Perc_01_TL Percussion Perc_01_TL
Percussion Perc_13_TL Percussion Perc_13_TL
Percussion Perc_06_TL Percussion Perc_06_TL
Percussion Perc_19_TL Percussion Perc_19_TL
Percussion Tomooo_02_TL Percussion Tomooo_02_TL
Percussion Perc_17_TL Percussion Perc_17_TL
Percussion Perc_10_TL Percussion Perc_10_TL
Percussion Perc_11_TL Percussion Perc_11_TL
Percussion Perc_09_TL Percussion Perc_09_TL
Percussion Perc_12_TL Percussion Perc_12_TL
Percussion Perc_16_TL Percussion Perc_16_TL
Percussion Perc_02_TL Percussion Perc_02_TL
Percussion Perc_08_TL Percussion Perc_08_TL
Percussion Perc_15_TL Percussion Perc_15_TL
Percussion Perc_07_TL Percussion Perc_07_TL
Percussion Perc_04_TL Percussion Perc_04_TL
Percussion Perc_03_TL Percussion Perc_03_TL
Percussion Perc_21_TL Percussion Perc_21_TL
Percussion Perc_20_TL Percussion Perc_20_TL
Percussion Perc_14_TL Percussion Perc_14_TL
Percussion Kick_02_TL Percussion Kick_02_TL
Percussion Kick_01_TL Percussion Kick_01_TL
Percussion Kick_12_TL Percussion Kick_12_TL
Percussion Kick_04_TL Percussion Kick_04_TL
Percussion Kick_20_TL Percussion Kick_20_TL
Percussion Kick_14_TL Percussion Kick_14_TL
Percussion Kick_22_TL Percussion Kick_22_TL
Percussion Kick_15_TL Percussion Kick_15_TL
Percussion Kick_16_TL Percussion Kick_16_TL
Percussion Kick_06_TL Percussion Kick_06_TL
Percussion Kick_18_TL Percussion Kick_18_TL
Percussion Kick_19_TL Percussion Kick_19_TL
Percussion Kick_05_TL Percussion Kick_05_TL
Percussion Kick_09_TL Percussion Kick_09_TL
Percussion Kick_11_TL Percussion Kick_11_TL
Percussion Kick_13_TL Percussion Kick_13_TL
Percussion Kick_10_TL Percussion Kick_10_TL