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Dawn Sound

Dawn Sound

Touch Loops

Dawn Sound celebrates those hazy morning's, where an early morning coffee and gently beats sooth the soul.  Fusing together organic hip-hop samples with live instruments, foley recordings and  soulful keys, this collection will become your early morning moment of solace. 

Pieced together by our in house team with the upmost care and attention, this misty collection of hip-hop loops and samples will inspire you to get back to the computer and fire up one of those long lost sessions.  

Nestled inside this gentle beauty you'll find rolling hip-hop beats, cyclic kalimba loops, delicate piano and Rhodes samples, glistening arpeggios and so much more.  We've also included some great organic percussion loops including live shakers and processed location recordings to add that extra layer of organic texture and vibe. 

So, if you're looking for that extra nudge to finish one of those tracks then this could be the one - some beautiful moments that guarantee to lift your sound and push you in an inspiring direction.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Keys & Synths 105_G#m_Keys_03_TL Keys & Synths 105_G#m_Keys_03_TL G 105
Keys & Synths 105_G#m_Rhodes_04_TL Keys & Synths 105_G#m_Rhodes_04_TL G 105
Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_BedPartyKeys_TL Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_BedPartyKeys_TL B 80
Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_PeacefulPad_TL Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_PeacefulPad_TL B 80
Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_HeadDownKeys_TL Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_HeadDownKeys_TL B 80
Keys & Synths C#_SynthStab_02_TL Keys & Synths C#_SynthStab_02_TL
Keys & Synths 105_G#m_Rhodes_01_TL Keys & Synths 105_G#m_Rhodes_01_TL G 105
Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_SlowAwakenKeys_TL Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_SlowAwakenKeys_TL B 80
Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_PeacefulSynth_TL Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_PeacefulSynth_TL B 80
Keys & Synths 105_G#m_Music_08_TL Keys & Synths 105_G#m_Music_08_TL G 105
Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_RestlessSynth_TL Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_RestlessSynth_TL B 80
Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_NoSunrisePad_TL Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_NoSunrisePad_TL B 80
Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_SlowAwakenPad_TL Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_SlowAwakenPad_TL B 80
Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_NoSunriseSynth_TL Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_NoSunriseSynth_TL B 80
Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_HeadDownPad_TL Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_HeadDownPad_TL B 80
Keys & Synths 105_G#m_SoftSynth_07_TL Keys & Synths 105_G#m_SoftSynth_07_TL G 105
Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_RestlessPad_TL Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_RestlessPad_TL B 80
Keys & Synths A#_SynthStab_02_TL Keys & Synths A#_SynthStab_02_TL
Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_BedPartySynth_TL Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_BedPartySynth_TL B 80
Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_Don'tRiseSynth_TL Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_Don'tRiseSynth_TL B 80
Keys & Synths C#_SynthStab_01_TL Keys & Synths C#_SynthStab_01_TL
Keys & Synths A#_SynthStab_01_TL Keys & Synths A#_SynthStab_01_TL
Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_HeadDownSynth_TL Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_HeadDownSynth_TL B 80
Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_DarkNightPad_TL Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_DarkNightPad_TL B 80
Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_NoSunriseKeys_TL Keys & Synths 80_Bbm_NoSunriseKeys_TL B 80
Keys & Synths 105_G#m_Synth_07_TL Keys & Synths 105_G#m_Synth_07_TL G 105
Keys & Synths 105_G#m_Grain_08_TL Keys & Synths 105_G#m_Grain_08_TL G 105
Keys & Synths 105_G#m_Pad_09_TL Keys & Synths 105_G#m_Pad_09_TL G 105
Keys & Synths 105_G#m_Rhodes_06_TL Keys & Synths 105_G#m_Rhodes_06_TL G 105
Melodic Synth_03_TL Melodic Synth_03_TL
Melodic Synth_G#_04_TL Melodic Synth_G#_04_TL G
Melodic C#_Bass_TL Melodic C#_Bass_TL
Melodic Synth_02_TL Melodic Synth_02_TL
Melodic Synth_01_TL Melodic Synth_01_TL
Melodic Pads_01_TL Melodic Pads_01_TL
Melodic Kals_01_TL Melodic Kals_01_TL
Melodic Bass_G#_01_TL Melodic Bass_G#_01_TL G
Melodic Pads_02_TL Melodic Pads_02_TL
FX Riser_02_TL FX Riser_02_TL
FX_01_TL FX_01_TL
FX DelayChimes_01_TL FX DelayChimes_01_TL
FX DelayKick_01_TL FX DelayKick_01_TL
FX Riser_01_TL FX Riser_01_TL
FX DelayChimes_02_TL FX DelayChimes_02_TL
Percs_01_TL Percs_01_TL
Pop_TL Pop_TL
Shaker_01_TL Shaker_01_TL
Hats_01_TL Hats_01_TL
Shaker_03_TL Shaker_03_TL
Hat_02_TL Hat_02_TL
Shaker_02_TL Shaker_02_TL
Snare_01_TL Snare_01_TL
Percs_02_TL Percs_02_TL
Hat_03_TL Hat_03_TL
Percs_03_TL Percs_03_TL
Kick_02_TL Kick_02_TL
Kick_01_TL Kick_01_TL
Kick_04_TL Kick_04_TL
Kick_06_TL Kick_06_TL
Kick_05_TL Kick_05_TL
Kick_07_TL Kick_07_TL
Kick_03_TL Kick_03_TL
Clap_01_TL Clap_01_TL
ClapDelay_TL ClapDelay_TL
80_Bbm_HeadDownBass_TL 80_Bbm_HeadDownBass_TL B 80
80_Bbm_NoSunriseBass_TL 80_Bbm_NoSunriseBass_TL B 80
105_G#m_RhythmsBass_07_TL 105_G#m_RhythmsBass_07_TL G 105
105_G#m_MoDBLBass_04_TL 105_G#m_MoDBLBass_04_TL G 105
80_Bbm_RestlessBass_TL 80_Bbm_RestlessBass_TL B 80
105_G#m_ThumpBass_01_TL 105_G#m_ThumpBass_01_TL G 105
80_Bbm_RestlessHighBass_TL 80_Bbm_RestlessHighBass_TL B 80
105_G#m_DBLBass_01_TL 105_G#m_DBLBass_01_TL G 105