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Deadly Trap

Deadly Trap

New Loops

New Loops presents Deadly Trap - 5 of the deadliest Trap kits packed with hundreds of hard-hitting audio loops and sounds.

Deadly Trap comes with over 1 GB of audio content and 736 total sounds.

You’ll find 5 Trap Kits with Drums, Synths, Bass and FX. Each kit comes with midi files and synth multi-samples giving you flexibility to create your own Trap songs.

Deadly Trap has been made to be as diverse and useful as possible. All sounds are individually named and have tempo and key in the file names. The audio loops have many variations such as, with and without FX, full loops, kickless loops, hat loops, kick and snare only etc.

As with all New Loops sample packs, once purchased Deadly Trap is 100% royalty free to use in your songs and audio productions.

Deadly Trap audio wav pack is the universal format and works with all software compatible with .wav files including: FL Studio, Cubase, Pro Tools, Studio One, Logic Pro, Sonar, Reaper, and many other DAWS.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Vocal Vocal
Vocal Roll Vocal Roll
Vocal Roll Long Vocal Roll Long
Vocal Roll Long Filtered Vocal Roll Long Filtered
Vocal Roll Long Dry Vocal Roll Long Dry
Vocal Roll Filtered Vocal Roll Filtered
Vocal Delay Vocal Delay
Snare 3 Snare 3
Snare 2 Snare 2
Snare 1 Snare 1
Ride Ride
Kick 2 Kick 2
Kick 1 Kick 1
Hi-Hat 2 Hi-Hat 2
Hi-Hat 1 Hi-Hat 1
FX Synth Swell FX Synth Swell
FX Synth Fall FX Synth Fall
FX Kick Impact FX Kick Impact
FX Crash 2 FX Crash 2
FX Crash 1 FX Crash 1
Clank Clank
Sub Bass-048-C2 Sub Bass-048-C2
Sub Bass-047-B1 Sub Bass-047-B1
Sub Bass-045-A1 Sub Bass-045-A1
Sub Bass-043-G1 Sub Bass-043-G1
Sub Bass-041-F1 Sub Bass-041-F1
Sub Bass-040-E1 Sub Bass-040-E1
Sub Bass-038-D1 Sub Bass-038-D1
Sub Bass-036-C1 Sub Bass-036-C1
String-084-C5 String-084-C5
String-083-B4 String-083-B4
String-081-A4 String-081-A4
String-079-G4 String-079-G4
String-077-F4 String-077-F4
String-076-E4 String-076-E4
String-074-D4 String-074-D4
String-072-C4 String-072-C4
String-071-B3 String-071-B3
String-069-A3 String-069-A3
String-067-G3 String-067-G3
String-065-F3 String-065-F3
String-064-E3 String-064-E3
String-062-D3 String-062-D3
String-060-C3 String-060-C3
Slide Pluck-072-C4 Slide Pluck-072-C4
Slide Pluck-071-B3 Slide Pluck-071-B3
Slide Pluck-069-A3 Slide Pluck-069-A3
Slide Pluck-067-G3 Slide Pluck-067-G3
Slide Pluck-065-F3 Slide Pluck-065-F3
Slide Pluck-064-E3 Slide Pluck-064-E3
Slide Pluck-062-D3 Slide Pluck-062-D3
Slide Pluck-060-C3 Slide Pluck-060-C3
Slide Pluck-059-B2 Slide Pluck-059-B2
Slide Pluck-057-A2 Slide Pluck-057-A2
Slide Pluck-055-G2 Slide Pluck-055-G2
Slide Pluck-053-F2 Slide Pluck-053-F2
Slide Pluck-052-E2 Slide Pluck-052-E2
Slide Pluck-050-D2 Slide Pluck-050-D2
Slide Pluck-048-C2 Slide Pluck-048-C2
Metal Bass-060-C3 Metal Bass-060-C3
Metal Bass-059-B2 Metal Bass-059-B2
Metal Bass-057-A2 Metal Bass-057-A2
Metal Bass-055-G2 Metal Bass-055-G2
Metal Bass-053-F2 Metal Bass-053-F2
Metal Bass-052-E2 Metal Bass-052-E2
Metal Bass-050-D2 Metal Bass-050-D2
Metal Bass-048-C2 Metal Bass-048-C2
DT-05_160_Synth-String_E DT-05_160_Synth-String_E
DT-05_160_Synth-Slide-Pluck_E DT-05_160_Synth-Slide-Pluck_E
DT-05_160_Synth-Slide-Pluck-Dry_E DT-05_160_Synth-Slide-Pluck-Dry_E
DT-05_160_Synth-Drone_E DT-05_160_Synth-Drone_E
DT-05_160_Sub_Bass_SC_E DT-05_160_Sub_Bass_SC_E
DT-05_160_Sub_Bass_E DT-05_160_Sub_Bass_E
DT-05_160_Metal_Bass_E DT-05_160_Metal_Bass_E
DT-05_160_Metal_Bass-Dry_E DT-05_160_Metal_Bass-Dry_E
DT-05_160_Drums-Snare-Roll-2 DT-05_160_Drums-Snare-Roll-2
DT-05_160_Drums-Snare-Roll-1 DT-05_160_Drums-Snare-Roll-1
DT-05_160_Drums-Snare-2 DT-05_160_Drums-Snare-2
DT-05_160_Drums-Snare-1 DT-05_160_Drums-Snare-1
DT-05_160_Drums-Ride DT-05_160_Drums-Ride
DT-05_160_Drums-Minimal-2 DT-05_160_Drums-Minimal-2