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Deep House Sequences

Deep House Sequences

Skifonix Sounds

Create fresh sounding Deep House with the latest pack from Skifonix Sounds, ‘Deep House Sequences’. This pack contains a diverse selection of Deep house kits to inspire your next track as well as specifically crafted drum one-shots, all you will need to get started.
This pack takes it a step further too, with fully re-constructible kits. Each kit contains the NI Massive preset, MIDI file and even full insert chain screenshots so that you can re-create each sound exactly as heard in the demo.
So whether you want an in-depth look at the production process or are just after some inspiration, this pack is an invaluable tool to have in your library.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
DHS_Clapsnare_03 DHS_Clapsnare_03
DHS_Clapsnare_09 DHS_Clapsnare_09
DHS_Clapsnare_18 DHS_Clapsnare_18
DHS_Clapsnare_11 DHS_Clapsnare_11
DHS_Clapsnare_10 DHS_Clapsnare_10
DHS_Clapsnare_12 DHS_Clapsnare_12
DHS_Clapsnare_01 DHS_Clapsnare_01
DHS_Clapsnare_14 DHS_Clapsnare_14
DHS_Clapsnare_05 DHS_Clapsnare_05
DHS_Clapsnare_16 DHS_Clapsnare_16
DHS_Clapsnare_20 DHS_Clapsnare_20
DHS_Clapsnare_13 DHS_Clapsnare_13
DHS_Clapsnare_02 DHS_Clapsnare_02
DHS_Clapsnare_19 DHS_Clapsnare_19
DHS_Clapsnare_08 DHS_Clapsnare_08
DHS_Clapsnare_04 DHS_Clapsnare_04
DHS_Clapsnare_15 DHS_Clapsnare_15
DHS_Clapsnare_17 DHS_Clapsnare_17
DHS_Clapsnare_07 DHS_Clapsnare_07
DHS_Clapsnare_06 DHS_Clapsnare_06
DHS_Kick_03_A DHS_Kick_03_A A
DHS_Kick_20_A DHS_Kick_20_A A
DHS_Kick_06_G DHS_Kick_06_G G
DHS_Kick_12_A DHS_Kick_12_A A
DHS_Kick_01_G DHS_Kick_01_G G
DHS_Kick_19_F DHS_Kick_19_F F
DHS_Kick_04_G_# DHS_Kick_04_G_# G#
DHS_Kick_18_A DHS_Kick_18_A A
DHS_Kick_07_A DHS_Kick_07_A A
DHS_Kick_14_F DHS_Kick_14_F F
DHS_Kick_13_A DHS_Kick_13_A A
DHS_Kick_15_G_# DHS_Kick_15_G_# G#
DHS_Kick_17_G DHS_Kick_17_G G
DHS_Kick_10_G_# DHS_Kick_10_G_# G#
DHS_Kick_02_F DHS_Kick_02_F F
DHS_Kick_08_G DHS_Kick_08_G G
DHS_Kick_09_G DHS_Kick_09_G G
DHS_Kick_11_G DHS_Kick_11_G G
DHS_Kick_05_A DHS_Kick_05_A A
DHS_Kick_16_F DHS_Kick_16_F F
DHS_Perc_11 DHS_Perc_11
DHS_Perc_09 DHS_Perc_09
DHS_Perc_14 DHS_Perc_14
DHS_Perc_08 DHS_Perc_08
DHS_Perc_20 DHS_Perc_20
DHS_Perc_13 DHS_Perc_13
DHS_Perc_06 DHS_Perc_06
DHS_Perc_15 DHS_Perc_15
DHS_Perc_05 DHS_Perc_05
DHS_Perc_01 DHS_Perc_01
DHS_Perc_04 DHS_Perc_04
DHS_Perc_10 DHS_Perc_10
DHS_Perc_19 DHS_Perc_19
DHS_Perc_03 DHS_Perc_03
DHS_Perc_16 DHS_Perc_16
DHS_Perc_12 DHS_Perc_12
DHS_Perc_02 DHS_Perc_02
DHS_Perc_18 DHS_Perc_18
DHS_Perc_17 DHS_Perc_17
DHS_Perc_07 DHS_Perc_07
Summer_Mixdown Summer_Mixdown A 124
Summer_Sub_124_A Summer_Sub_124_A A 124
Summer_DeepPad_124_A Summer_DeepPad_124_A A 124
Summer_BellSynth_124_A Summer_BellSynth_124_A A 124
Summer_Piano_124_A Summer_Piano_124_A A 124
Summer_Stp_124 Summer_Stp_124 124
Summer_Ride_124 Summer_Ride_124 124
Summer_Openhat_124 Summer_Openhat_124 124
Summer_Kick_124 Summer_Kick_124 124
Summer_Full_124 Summer_Full_124 124
Summer_TopLoop_124 Summer_TopLoop_124 124
Summer_Clap_124 Summer_Clap_124 124
Summer_MidBass_124_A Summer_MidBass_124_A A 124
Smooth_Rhodes_120_A Smooth_Rhodes_120_A A 120
Smooth_BellFX_120_A Smooth_BellFX_120_A A 120
Smooth_Mixdown Smooth_Mixdown A 120