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Skifonix Sounds

​Inspired by artists such as Odesza and Petit Biscuit, ‘Desza’ captures the energy and atmosphere these artists are renowned for.

​With 4 kits as heard in the demo, we have built this pack to give you some of the most commonly used samples and presets to help you create this style.

40 Serum presets are also included with macros. These presets have been made from organic instruments and real synth sounds to help you create atmospheric and rich melodic tracks.

All files in the demo included.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
intro_atmos intro_atmos Cm 100
intro_padbuild intro_padbuild Cm 100
intro_clapbuild intro_clapbuild 100
main_chord[GROUP] main_chord[GROUP] Cm 100
intro_softpad intro_softpad Cm 100
intro_voxfx intro_voxfx Cm 100
main_midbass main_midbass Cm 100
main_arp main_arp Cm 100
main_chord[GROUP]{SC) main_chord[GROUP]{SC) Cm 100
main_noisefx main_noisefx 100
intro_subfx intro_subfx 100
intro_reese intro_reese Cm 100
main_chordglitchfx main_chordglitchfx Cm 100
main_arp(SC) main_arp(SC) Cm 100
main_chordlayer2 main_chordlayer2 Cm 100
main_glitchfx main_glitchfx 100
intro_voxreverse intro_voxreverse Cm 100
main_subbass main_subbass Cm 100
main_chordlayer1 main_chordlayer1 Cm 100
main_bassdrop main_bassdrop Cm 100
intro_bassdrop intro_bassdrop Cm 100
main_noisefx(SC) main_noisefx(SC) 100
main_midbass(SC) main_midbass(SC) Cm 100
Beast_mix_Cm Beast_mix_Cm Cm 100
intro_soulpad intro_soulpad Cm 100
top top 100
perchit perchit 100
perc perc 100
hats hats 100
kick kick 100
stp stp 100
clap clap 100
handclap handclap 100
full full 100
main_subbass(SC) main_subbass(SC) Cm 100
main_pad main_pad G 90
main_voxlayer2 main_voxlayer2 G 90
Surface_mix_G Surface_mix_G G 90
main_noise(SC) main_noise(SC) 90
intro_voxlead intro_voxlead G 90
main_sub(SC) main_sub(SC) G 90
main_highvoxlead main_highvoxlead G 90
main_midbass main_midbass G 90
main_noise main_noise 90
main_downsweep main_downsweep 90
main_pad(SC) main_pad(SC) G 90
intro_reese intro_reese G 90
main_modpad main_modpad G 90
main_stab(SC) main_stab(SC) G 90
main_highvoxlead(SC) main_highvoxlead(SC) G 90
intro_sweepupfx intro_sweepupfx 90
main_voxlayer1 main_voxlayer1 G 90
main_vox[GROUP](SC) main_vox[GROUP](SC) G 90
main_stab main_stab G 90
main_midbass(SC) main_midbass(SC) G 90
main_sub main_sub G 90
main_vox[GROUP] main_vox[GROUP] G 90
intro_handclap intro_handclap 90
top top 90
snarefill snarefill 90
hats hats 90
kick kick 90
stp stp 90
clap clap 90