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Detroit Techno

Detroit Techno

Touch Loops

Detroit Techno pay homage to the techno greats of Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson & Derrick May.

Forging what we now know as the modern techno sound, these pioneers brought the sound of the 909 to the forefront of production meaning there's no better producers to gain inspiration from for this epic techno sample collection.

By utilising the same pieces of classic analogue equipment we've been able to create an original sound that is as weighty as it is detailed.

Think classic driving 909 drum loops, system ready subs and bass loops, momentum driving percussion, shaker and hat loops, classic dub tinged stabs and leads, rich Juno pads and sequences plus so, so much more.

There's also an amazing batch of high string loops that add tension and progression to your tracks that we know you'll love.

As always we've included an incredible collection of drum one shots all meticulously sampled from the original drum machines and equipment.

So, if you're looking for a truly inspired collection of techno samples then this ones for you. An absolute production masterclass in system ready, dance floor focused techno that is 100% royalty free, perfectly mixed ready to be dropped into your next production!


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All Samples Name Key BPM
TL_Kick_12 TL_Kick_12
TL_Kick_16 TL_Kick_16
TL_Kick_08 TL_Kick_08
TL_Kick_03 TL_Kick_03
TL_Kick_05 TL_Kick_05
TL_Kick_06 TL_Kick_06
TL_Kick_13 TL_Kick_13
TL_Kick_10 TL_Kick_10
TL_Kick_19 TL_Kick_19
TL_Kick_14 TL_Kick_14
TL_Kick_15 TL_Kick_15
TL_Kick_21 TL_Kick_21
TL_Kick_02 TL_Kick_02
TL_Kick_11 TL_Kick_11
TL_Kick_17 TL_Kick_17
TL_Kick_04 TL_Kick_04
TL_Kick_09 TL_Kick_09
TL_Kick_01 TL_Kick_01
TL_Kick_20 TL_Kick_20
TL_Kick_18 TL_Kick_18
TL_Kick_07 TL_Kick_07
TL_Perc_04 TL_Perc_04
TL_Perc_05 TL_Perc_05
TL_Perc_08 TL_Perc_08
TL_Perc_02 TL_Perc_02
TL_Perc_07 TL_Perc_07
TL_Perc_03 TL_Perc_03
TL_Perc_01 TL_Perc_01
TL_Perc_06 TL_Perc_06
TL_Hi-Hat_32 TL_Hi-Hat_32
TL_Hi-Hat_07 TL_Hi-Hat_07
TL_Hi-Hat_01 TL_Hi-Hat_01
TL_Hi-Hat_20 TL_Hi-Hat_20
TL_Hi-Hat_17 TL_Hi-Hat_17
TL_Hi-Hat_25 TL_Hi-Hat_25
TL_Hi-Hat_06 TL_Hi-Hat_06
TL_Hi-Hat_33 TL_Hi-Hat_33
TL_Hi-Hat_03 TL_Hi-Hat_03
TL_Hi-Hat_11 TL_Hi-Hat_11
TL_Hi-Hat_35 TL_Hi-Hat_35
TL_Hi-Hat_23 TL_Hi-Hat_23
TL_Hi-Hat_18 TL_Hi-Hat_18
TL_Hi-Hat_12 TL_Hi-Hat_12
TL_Hi-Hat_19 TL_Hi-Hat_19
TL_Hi-Hat_15 TL_Hi-Hat_15
TL_Hi-Hat_16 TL_Hi-Hat_16
TL_Hi-Hat_30 TL_Hi-Hat_30
TL_Hi-Hat_26 TL_Hi-Hat_26
TL_Hi-Hat_04 TL_Hi-Hat_04
TL_Hi-Hat_10 TL_Hi-Hat_10
TL_Hi-Hat_13 TL_Hi-Hat_13
TL_Hi-Hat_02 TL_Hi-Hat_02
TL_Hi-Hat_31 TL_Hi-Hat_31
TL_Hi-Hat_08 TL_Hi-Hat_08
TL_Hi-Hat_28 TL_Hi-Hat_28
TL_Hi-Hat_21 TL_Hi-Hat_21
TL_Hi-Hat_14 TL_Hi-Hat_14
TL_Hi-Hat_29 TL_Hi-Hat_29
TL_Hi-Hat_05 TL_Hi-Hat_05
TL_Hi-Hat_22 TL_Hi-Hat_22
TL_Hi-Hat_34 TL_Hi-Hat_34
TL_Hi-Hat_24 TL_Hi-Hat_24
TL_Hi-Hat_27 TL_Hi-Hat_27
TL_Hi-Hat_09 TL_Hi-Hat_09
TL_Shaker_04 TL_Shaker_04
TL_Shaker_05 TL_Shaker_05
TL_Shaker_01 TL_Shaker_01
TL_Shaker_07 TL_Shaker_07
TL_Shaker_02 TL_Shaker_02
TL_Shaker_09 TL_Shaker_09
TL_Shaker_08 TL_Shaker_08
TL_Shaker_06 TL_Shaker_06
TL_Shaker_03 TL_Shaker_03
TL_Ride_09 TL_Ride_09
TL_Ride_10 TL_Ride_10
TL_Ride_06 TL_Ride_06
TL_Ride_04 TL_Ride_04
TL_Ride_13 TL_Ride_13
TL_Ride_07 TL_Ride_07
TL_Ride_05 TL_Ride_05
TL_Ride_02 TL_Ride_02
TL_Ride_03 TL_Ride_03
TL_Ride_14 TL_Ride_14
TL_Ride_08 TL_Ride_08
TL_Ride_01 TL_Ride_01