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Detroit Techno

Detroit Techno

New Loops

Detroit - considered by many to be the birthplace of Techno thanks to the early music of Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson and a host of other electronic music producers based in the great city. The sound is predominantly electronic, with heavy use of analogue synthesisers, drum machines and samplers.

This sample pack recreates the sound of early Techno and fuses it with today’s production standards to bring you a collection of sounds tailor-made for modern dance floors. Featuring everything from punchy piano loops, oldskool strings, pounding drum machine beats to grooving analogue basslines, twisted acid loops and intense sound effects.

Detroit Techno contains 10 Full Construction Kits and hundreds of loops and samples with tempo and key information in the file names. A range of styles is included with inspiration from the early days of Detroit’s club music, but also influences from some of today’s biggest labels such as Drumcode, Bedrock and Toolroom.

Each construction kit is a full song, broken down into its component parts and organised in an intuitive way, with the category, bpm and key information in the file names. All sounds have been recorded with high-quality hardware and are 100% pure analogue with all the character and warmth that go with it.

Includes bonus analogue Acid Synth loops, Bassline loops, Kick loops, Percussion loops and Textures and Drones loops. Also included are 16 multi-sampled synths made with 244 analogue multi-samples.

As with all New Loops sample packs, once purchased Detroit Techno is 100% royalty free to use in your songs and audio productions. 

Detroit Techno  is available in 4 separate formats - Wav Pack, Ableton Live Pack, Reason ReFill, and Battery Kits (sold separately). Each format includes all features of the Audio Wav Pack plus format-specific features as detailed below.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Uni Square_ms0_084_c5 Uni Square_ms0_084_c5
Uni Square_ms0_079_g4 Uni Square_ms0_079_g4
Uni Square_ms0_074_d4 Uni Square_ms0_074_d4
Uni Square_ms0_069_a3 Uni Square_ms0_069_a3
Uni Square_ms0_064_e3 Uni Square_ms0_064_e3
Uni Square_ms0_059_h2 Uni Square_ms0_059_h2
Uni Square_ms0_054_f_#_2 Uni Square_ms0_054_f_#_2
Uni Square_ms0_049_c_#_2 Uni Square_ms0_049_c_#_2
Uni Square_ms0_044_g_#_1 Uni Square_ms0_044_g_#_1
Uni Square_ms0_039_d_#_1 Uni Square_ms0_039_d_#_1
Uni Square_ms0_034_a_#_0 Uni Square_ms0_034_a_#_0
Uni Square_ms0_029_f0 Uni Square_ms0_029_f0
Uni Square_ms0_024_c0 Uni Square_ms0_024_c0
Sync Synth_ms0_084_c5 Sync Synth_ms0_084_c5
Sync Synth_ms0_080_g_#_4 Sync Synth_ms0_080_g_#_4
Sync Synth_ms0_076_e4 Sync Synth_ms0_076_e4
Sync Synth_ms0_072_c4 Sync Synth_ms0_072_c4
Sync Synth_ms0_068_g_#_3 Sync Synth_ms0_068_g_#_3
Sync Synth_ms0_064_e3 Sync Synth_ms0_064_e3
Sync Synth_ms0_060_c3 Sync Synth_ms0_060_c3
Sync Synth_ms0_056_g_#_2 Sync Synth_ms0_056_g_#_2
Sync Synth_ms0_052_e2 Sync Synth_ms0_052_e2
Sync Synth_ms0_048_c2 Sync Synth_ms0_048_c2
Sync Synth_ms0_044_g_#_1 Sync Synth_ms0_044_g_#_1
Sync Synth_ms0_040_e1 Sync Synth_ms0_040_e1
Sync Synth_ms0_036_c1 Sync Synth_ms0_036_c1
Sync Synth_ms0_032_g_#_0 Sync Synth_ms0_032_g_#_0
Sync Synth_ms0_028_e0 Sync Synth_ms0_028_e0
Sync Synth_ms0_024_c0 Sync Synth_ms0_024_c0
Round Bass_ms0_084_c5 Round Bass_ms0_084_c5
Round Bass_ms0_079_g4 Round Bass_ms0_079_g4
Round Bass_ms0_074_d4 Round Bass_ms0_074_d4
Round Bass_ms0_069_a3 Round Bass_ms0_069_a3
Round Bass_ms0_064_e3 Round Bass_ms0_064_e3
Round Bass_ms0_059_h2 Round Bass_ms0_059_h2
Round Bass_ms0_054_f_#_2 Round Bass_ms0_054_f_#_2
Round Bass_ms0_049_c_#_2 Round Bass_ms0_049_c_#_2
Round Bass_ms0_044_g_#_1 Round Bass_ms0_044_g_#_1
Round Bass_ms0_039_d_#_1 Round Bass_ms0_039_d_#_1
Round Bass_ms0_034_a_#_0 Round Bass_ms0_034_a_#_0
Round Bass_ms0_029_f0 Round Bass_ms0_029_f0
Round Bass_ms0_024_c0 Round Bass_ms0_024_c0
Reece Open_ms0_084_c5 Reece Open_ms0_084_c5
Reece Open_ms0_080_g_#_4 Reece Open_ms0_080_g_#_4
Reece Open_ms0_076_e4 Reece Open_ms0_076_e4
Reece Open_ms0_072_c4 Reece Open_ms0_072_c4
Reece Open_ms0_068_g_#_3 Reece Open_ms0_068_g_#_3
Reece Open_ms0_064_e3 Reece Open_ms0_064_e3
Reece Open_ms0_060_c3 Reece Open_ms0_060_c3
Reece Open_ms0_056_g_#_2 Reece Open_ms0_056_g_#_2
Reece Open_ms0_052_e2 Reece Open_ms0_052_e2
Reece Open_ms0_048_c2 Reece Open_ms0_048_c2
Reece Open_ms0_044_g_#_1 Reece Open_ms0_044_g_#_1
Reece Open_ms0_040_e1 Reece Open_ms0_040_e1
Reece Open_ms0_036_c1 Reece Open_ms0_036_c1
Reece Open_ms0_032_g_#_0 Reece Open_ms0_032_g_#_0
Reece Open_ms0_028_e0 Reece Open_ms0_028_e0
Reece Open_ms0_024_c0 Reece Open_ms0_024_c0
Poly Open_ms0_084_c5 Poly Open_ms0_084_c5
Poly Open_ms0_080_g_#_4 Poly Open_ms0_080_g_#_4
Poly Open_ms0_076_e4 Poly Open_ms0_076_e4
Poly Open_ms0_072_c4 Poly Open_ms0_072_c4
Poly Open_ms0_068_g_#_3 Poly Open_ms0_068_g_#_3
Poly Open_ms0_064_e3 Poly Open_ms0_064_e3
Poly Open_ms0_060_c3 Poly Open_ms0_060_c3
Poly Open_ms0_056_g_#_2 Poly Open_ms0_056_g_#_2
Poly Open_ms0_052_e2 Poly Open_ms0_052_e2
Poly Open_ms0_048_c2 Poly Open_ms0_048_c2
Poly Open_ms0_044_g_#_1 Poly Open_ms0_044_g_#_1