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Dreamy Synthwave

Dreamy Synthwave

Audio Masters

'Dreamy Synthwave' by Audio Masters brings us back in time to deliver an outstanding melodic content for your studio. Dreamy plucks and leads, lush pads, crunchy basslines and much more. Inside you will find an excellent collection of sounds, all packed within a professional feature set.

This product delivers five outstanding Construction Kits. Each of these Kits comes with a variety of different sounds/song sections, with all Kits stripped into parts. All loops have been equalised with the inaudible frequencies removed to ensure enough headroom for producers mixing their tracks.

An Access Virus TI outboard synthesiser has been used extensively to design this outstanding collection, in a combination with synths from the Moog family as well as a selection of analogue drum machines. Each of these sounds was routed through an Apogee Symphony AD/DA and Drawmer 1978 compressor for additional warmth and punch. Rest assured that these sounds will sit tight in any mix.
Dry Construction Kits & Processed/Tail Versions:
Dry and Processed versions for each Kit are included. Most of the sounds had to be recorded/routed twice through a quality selection of outboard effect processors to deliver FX/tail as well as dry versions in order to make this product as versatile as possible.
Synth Loops:
Additionally, included are looped versions of the synths from this collection. These were added to help producers to implement any synth or bass sound into their own tracks, by simply dragging and dropping the files into their DAW.
Drum Loops:
This product also comes with five top quality drum kits, all stripped into parts and labelled for ease of use. These drum kits were recorded using top analogue drum machines and feature fat analogue kicks, punchy snares, powerful percussion and hats.
MIDI Files:
MIDI files are also included for all musical phrases as heard in the product demo. MIDI data provides an additional flexibility and aims to enrich the production process by providing the opportunity to add other sounds along with the included multi-tracks.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Synth 05 AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Synth 05 120
AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Synth 04 AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Synth 04 120
AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Synth 03 AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Synth 03 120
AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Synth 02 AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Synth 02 120
AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Synth 01 AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Synth 01 120
AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Sub Bass AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Sub Bass 120
AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Plucks AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Plucks 120
AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Plucks 02 AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Plucks 02 120
AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Plucks 01 AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Plucks 01 120
AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Pluckey AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Pluckey 120
AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Pluck Up AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Pluck Up 120
AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Main Chord AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Main Chord 120
AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Intro Organ AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Intro Organ 120
AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Huge Synth AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Huge Synth 120
AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Dreamy Lead AM_DS_Kit_05_120bpm_Dreamy Lead 120
AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Synthy AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Synthy 120
AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Seagull Pad AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Seagull Pad 120
AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Sawy Pluck AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Sawy Pluck 120
AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Plucky AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Plucky 120
AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Plucks_3 AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Plucks_3 120
AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Plucks AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Plucks 120
AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Pluck 01 AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Pluck 01 120
AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Main Piano AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Main Piano 120
AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Main Chord AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Main Chord 120
AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Lfo Synth 01 AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Lfo Synth 01 120
AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Lfo Lead 02 AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Lfo Lead 02 120
AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Lfo Lead 01 AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Lfo Lead 01 120
AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Dreamy Synth AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Dreamy Synth 120
AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Creepy Sound AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Creepy Sound 120
AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Bass AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Bass 120
AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Analog Mess AM_DS_Kit_04_120bpm_Analog Mess 120
AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Thin Lfo Synth AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Thin Lfo Synth 120
AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Synth Bass Analog AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Synth Bass Analog 120
AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Synth 03 Pluck AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Synth 03 Pluck 120
AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Synth 02 Piano AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Synth 02 Piano 120
AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Synth 01 Talky AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Synth 01 Talky 120
AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Siren AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Siren 120
AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Sine Lead AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Sine Lead 120
AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Saw Synth AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Saw Synth 120
AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Reversed Reverb AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Reversed Reverb 120
AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Reverse AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Reverse 120
AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Main Piano AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Main Piano 120
AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Main Chord AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Main Chord 120
AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Lfo-ed Keys AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Lfo-ed Keys 120
AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Intro Keys AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Intro Keys 120
AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Intro Bass AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Intro Bass 120
AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Bass 02 AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Bass 02 120
AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Arp Up AM_DS_Kit_03_120bpm_Arp Up 120
AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Reversed AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Reversed 120
AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Plucks AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Plucks 120
AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Mid Pad AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Mid Pad 120
AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Main Chord AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Main Chord 120
AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Lush Lead AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Lush Lead 120
AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Lfo Pluck Mod AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Lfo Pluck Mod 120
AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Lfo Lead AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Lfo Lead 120
AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Intro Sub AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Intro Sub 120
AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Intro Bass AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Intro Bass 120
AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_High Plucks AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_High Plucks 120
AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Bass AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Bass 120
AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Arp_3 AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Arp_3 120
AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Arp AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Arp 120
AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Analog Lfo Madness AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Analog Lfo Madness 120
AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Analog Lead AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Analog Lead 120
AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Analog Basser AM_DS_Kit_02_120bpm_Analog Basser 120
AM_DS_Kit_01_120bpm_Whisper AM_DS_Kit_01_120bpm_Whisper 120
AM_DS_Kit_01_120bpm_Weird Synth AM_DS_Kit_01_120bpm_Weird Synth 120
AM_DS_Kit_01_120bpm_Synth 04 AM_DS_Kit_01_120bpm_Synth 04 120
AM_DS_Kit_01_120bpm_Synth 03 AM_DS_Kit_01_120bpm_Synth 03 120
AM_DS_Kit_01_120bpm_Synth 02 Arp Up AM_DS_Kit_01_120bpm_Synth 02 Arp Up 120
AM_DS_Kit_01_120bpm_Synth 01 AM_DS_Kit_01_120bpm_Synth 01 120
AM_DS_Kit_01_120bpm_Plucks AM_DS_Kit_01_120bpm_Plucks 120
AM_DS_Kit_01_120bpm_Nice Lead AM_DS_Kit_01_120bpm_Nice Lead 120
AM_DS_Kit_01_120bpm_Mid Lead AM_DS_Kit_01_120bpm_Mid Lead 120
AM_DS_Kit_01_120bpm_Melody 02 AM_DS_Kit_01_120bpm_Melody 02 120
AM_DS_Kit_01_120bpm_Melody 01 AM_DS_Kit_01_120bpm_Melody 01 120
AM_DS_Kit_01_120bpm_Main Chord AM_DS_Kit_01_120bpm_Main Chord 120