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Dub Techno Loops

Dub Techno Loops

New Loops

Dub Techno Loops is a collection of deep sounds for the techno producer, featuring 172 audio loops and 184 one shot samples. You’ll find cone-melting subs, dubbed-out chords, saturated drum loops and inspiring vocals and sound effects.

Dub Techno Loops contains everything you need for dub and deep Techno. The audio loops are recorded with many variations and include kick loops, hat loops, percussion loops, fx loops, synth loops as well as loads of one shot samples.

All sounds have been recorded with a wide range of analogue hardware synths and drum machines and have an unmistakable character which is deep and warm.

As with all New Loops sample packs, once purchased Dub Techno Loops is 100% royalty free to use in your songs and audio productions. 

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Vocal-010_C Vocal-010_C C
Vocal-009_C Vocal-009_C C
Vocal-008_C Vocal-008_C C
Vocal-007_D_# Vocal-007_D_# D
Vocal-006_D_# Vocal-006_D_# D
Vocal-005_A_# Vocal-005_A_# A
Vocal-004_F Vocal-004_F F
Vocal-003_A Vocal-003_A A
Vocal-002_D Vocal-002_D D
Vocal-001_D Vocal-001_D D
Synth-040_A Synth-040_A A
Synth-039_C Synth-039_C C
Synth-038_F Synth-038_F F
Synth-037_F Synth-037_F F
Synth-036_C Synth-036_C C
Synth-035_A_# Synth-035_A_# A
Synth-034_C_# Synth-034_C_# C
Synth-033_G_# Synth-033_G_# G
Synth-032_F Synth-032_F F
Synth-031_C Synth-031_C C
Synth-030_D Synth-030_D D
Synth-029_F Synth-029_F F
Synth-028_D Synth-028_D D
Synth-027_A_# Synth-027_A_# A
Synth-026_D Synth-026_D D
Synth-025_D Synth-025_D D
Synth-024_D Synth-024_D D
Synth-023_D Synth-023_D D
Synth-022_D Synth-022_D D
Synth-021_D Synth-021_D D
Synth-020_D Synth-020_D D
Synth-019_A Synth-019_A A
Synth-018_A Synth-018_A A
Synth-017_G_# Synth-017_G_# G
Synth-016_G_# Synth-016_G_# G
Synth-015_G_# Synth-015_G_# G
Synth-014_F Synth-014_F F
Synth-013_F Synth-013_F F
Synth-012_F Synth-012_F F
Synth-011_F Synth-011_F F
Synth-010_F Synth-010_F F
Synth-009_E Synth-009_E E
Synth-008_E Synth-008_E E
Synth-007_E Synth-007_E E
Synth-006_A Synth-006_A A
Synth-005_E Synth-005_E E
Synth-004_E Synth-004_E E
Synth-003_E Synth-003_E E
Synth-002_E Synth-002_E E
Synth-001_E Synth-001_E E
Sound_Effect-029 Sound_Effect-029
Sound_Effect-028 Sound_Effect-028
Sound_Effect-027 Sound_Effect-027
Sound_Effect-026 Sound_Effect-026
Sound_Effect-025 Sound_Effect-025
Sound_Effect-024 Sound_Effect-024
Sound_Effect-023 Sound_Effect-023
Sound_Effect-022 Sound_Effect-022
Sound_Effect-021 Sound_Effect-021
Sound_Effect-020 Sound_Effect-020
Sound_Effect-019 Sound_Effect-019
Sound_Effect-018 Sound_Effect-018
Sound_Effect-017 Sound_Effect-017
Sound_Effect-016 Sound_Effect-016
Sound_Effect-015 Sound_Effect-015
Sound_Effect-014 Sound_Effect-014
Sound_Effect-013 Sound_Effect-013
Sound_Effect-012 Sound_Effect-012
Sound_Effect-011 Sound_Effect-011
Sound_Effect-010 Sound_Effect-010
Sound_Effect-009 Sound_Effect-009
Sound_Effect-008 Sound_Effect-008
Sound_Effect-007 Sound_Effect-007
Sound_Effect-006 Sound_Effect-006
Sound_Effect-005 Sound_Effect-005
Sound_Effect-004 Sound_Effect-004
Sound_Effect-003 Sound_Effect-003