Dub Techno

Dub Techno

Touch Loops

With a gear list including non other than 11 analogue synths including Moogs, Juno's, Jupiters, Korg Monopoly's and so much more our Dub Techno Sessions digs into the true essence of classic techno records from both the past and current day sounds. 

From soaring analogue lead lines to dusty, evolving analogue stabs this incredibly textured yet beautiful collection offers that true analogue sound allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

Crafted by a selection of secret in house producers, this incredible collection of techno loops and one shots harness all this incredible gear to create a sample pack of extraordinary depth, quality and style. Think DeepChord style pads, Rhythm & Sound influenced ambience & noise, classic 808 / 909 drum machine loops, gritty Eventide processed chord progressions, tube driven bass lines and so much more.

We've also broken down the drums to offer maximum flexibility showcasing just how detailed every single element really is. With all of this gear at hand we decided to include a folder of 'tails'. These little snippets are the release section the loop and offer an awesome amount of creative one shots that tie in perfectly with the loops themselves. There's also a batch of 60+ drum one shots and MIDI for the melodic content.

So if you're looking to add some analogue weight to your productions then get stuck in. This one slams and offers endless sonic creativity we just know you'll turn to time and time again.


  • Size: 390.7mb
  • Loops: 133
  • One Shots: 66
  • MIDI: 30

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Perc 001_TL Perc 001_TL
Perc 004_TL Perc 004_TL
Perc 006_TL Perc 006_TL
Perc 003_TL Perc 003_TL
Perc 010_TL Perc 010_TL
Perc 007_TL Perc 007_TL
Perc 005_TL Perc 005_TL
Snare 001_TL Snare 001_TL
Perc 002_TL Perc 002_TL
Perc 009_TL Perc 009_TL
Snare 002_TL Snare 002_TL
Perc 008_TL Perc 008_TL
Shaker 003_TL Shaker 003_TL
Hi Hat Closed 002_TL Hi Hat Closed 002_TL
Hi Hat Closed 007_TL Hi Hat Closed 007_TL
Hi Hat Open 001_TL Hi Hat Open 001_TL
Hi Hat Open 002_TL Hi Hat Open 002_TL
Shaker 002_TL Shaker 002_TL
Hi Hat Open 003_TL Hi Hat Open 003_TL
Shaker 001_TL Shaker 001_TL
Hi Hat Open 005_TL Hi Hat Open 005_TL
Hi Hat Open 007_TL Hi Hat Open 007_TL
Hi Hat Closed 014_TL Hi Hat Closed 014_TL
shaker 004_TL shaker 004_TL
Hi Hat Closed 010_TL Hi Hat Closed 010_TL
Hi hat Closed 006_TL Hi hat Closed 006_TL
Hi Hat Closed 011_TL Hi Hat Closed 011_TL
Hi Hat Closed 005_TL Hi Hat Closed 005_TL
Hi Hat Closed 004_TL Hi Hat Closed 004_TL
Hi Hat Open 006_TL Hi Hat Open 006_TL
Hi Hat Closed 003_TL Hi Hat Closed 003_TL
Hi Hat Open 009_TL Hi Hat Open 009_TL
Hi Hat Closed 001_TL Hi Hat Closed 001_TL
Hi Hat Closed 008_TL Hi Hat Closed 008_TL
HI Hat Open 008_TL HI Hat Open 008_TL
Hi Hat Closed 013_TL Hi Hat Closed 013_TL
Hi Hat Closed 012_TL Hi Hat Closed 012_TL
Hi Hat Open 004_TL Hi Hat Open 004_TL
Hi Hat Closed 009_TL Hi Hat Closed 009_TL
hi Hat Closed 015_TL hi Hat Closed 015_TL
Kick 012_TL Kick 012_TL
Kick 007_TL Kick 007_TL
Kick 009_TL Kick 009_TL
Kick 004_TL Kick 004_TL
Kick 013_TL Kick 013_TL
Kick 011_TL Kick 011_TL
Kick 005_TL Kick 005_TL
Kick 008_TL Kick 008_TL
Kick 001_TL Kick 001_TL
Kick 010_TL Kick 010_TL
Kick 006_TL Kick 006_TL
Kick 003_TL Kick 003_TL
Kick 002_TL Kick 002_TL
Kick 014_TL Kick 014_TL
Tamb 001_TL Tamb 001_TL
Tamb 004_TL Tamb 004_TL
Tamb 002_TL Tamb 002_TL
Tamb 003_TL Tamb 003_TL
Clap 003_TL Clap 003_TL
Clap 001_TL Clap 001_TL
Clap 004_TL Clap 004_TL
Clap 002_TL Clap 002_TL
Ride 004_TL Ride 004_TL
Ride 001_TL Ride 001_TL
Ride 002_TL Ride 002_TL
Ride 003_TL Ride 003_TL
Pads/123_Ebm_NostalgicPad_TL Pads/123_Ebm_NostalgicPad_TL 123
Pads/123_NostalgicPadTale_TL Pads/123_NostalgicPadTale_TL 123
Pads/123_Gm_GroovyMod_TL Pads/123_Gm_GroovyMod_TL 123
Pads/121_Bbm_HappyChain_TL Pads/121_Bbm_HappyChain_TL 121
Melodic/121_Ebm_OldElectronics_TL Melodic/121_Ebm_OldElectronics_TL 121
Melodic/117_Ebm_WhatDidYouSay_TL Melodic/117_Ebm_WhatDidYouSay_TL 117
Melodic/117_Em_BubblePluck_TL Melodic/117_Em_BubblePluck_TL 117
Melodic/123_Bbm_LFOing_TL Melodic/123_Bbm_LFOing_TL 123
Melodic/121_Ebm_ShiningRiser_TL Melodic/121_Ebm_ShiningRiser_TL 121
Melodic/126_Ebm_StrangeThingsReverse_TL Melodic/126_Ebm_StrangeThingsReverse_TL 126
Melodic/121_C_DetroitMotion_TL Melodic/121_C_DetroitMotion_TL 121
Melodic/121_WindsorSlash_TL Melodic/121_WindsorSlash_TL 121
Melodic/121_HeavenChordTale_TL Melodic/121_HeavenChordTale_TL 121
Melodic/121_OldElectronicsTale_TL Melodic/121_OldElectronicsTale_TL 121
Melodic/121_ShiningFullTale_TL Melodic/121_ShiningFullTale_TL 121
Melodic/121_NotSoWrongTale_TL Melodic/121_NotSoWrongTale_TL 121
Melodic/126_StrangeThingsReverseTale_TL Melodic/126_StrangeThingsReverseTale_TL 126
Melodic/121_Ebm_ShiningShots_TL Melodic/121_Ebm_ShiningShots_TL 121
Melodic/121_Em_HeavenChord_TL Melodic/121_Em_HeavenChord_TL 121
Melodic/122_Bm_WayneTraffic_TL Melodic/122_Bm_WayneTraffic_TL 122
Melodic/121_Ebm_ShiningMotion_TL Melodic/121_Ebm_ShiningMotion_TL 121
Melodic/117_D_Reflexes_TL Melodic/117_D_Reflexes_TL 117
Melodic/121_Dm_NotSoWrong_TL Melodic/121_Dm_NotSoWrong_TL 121
Melodic/126_Bbm_StrangeThings_TL Melodic/126_Bbm_StrangeThings_TL 126
Melodic/121_Ebm_ShiningFull_TL Melodic/121_Ebm_ShiningFull_TL 121
Melodic/121_Fm_WindsorSlash_TL Melodic/121_Fm_WindsorSlash_TL 121
Soundscapes/122_SprayLighter_TL Soundscapes/122_SprayLighter_TL 122
Soundscapes/117_SpaceshipsTale_TL Soundscapes/117_SpaceshipsTale_TL 117
Soundscapes/122_Whiteness_TL Soundscapes/122_Whiteness_TL 122
Soundscapes/121_HeavenWind_TL Soundscapes/121_HeavenWind_TL 121
Soundscapes/123_What_TL Soundscapes/123_What_TL 123
Soundscapes/117_SpaceShips_TL Soundscapes/117_SpaceShips_TL 117
Noise/117_GrooveMe_TL Noise/117_GrooveMe_TL 117
Noise/124_Interference_TL Noise/124_Interference_TL 124
Arps/129_Bm_MonsterArpHigh_TL Arps/129_Bm_MonsterArpHigh_TL 129
Arps/129_Bm_MonsterArpHighTale_TL Arps/129_Bm_MonsterArpHighTale_TL 129
Arps/129_Bm_MonsterArp_TL Arps/129_Bm_MonsterArp_TL 129
Arps/122_Bbm_DetuneCityTale_TL Arps/122_Bbm_DetuneCityTale_TL 122