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Dusty Hip-Hop Elements

Dusty Hip-Hop Elements

Touch Loops

Dusty Hip-Hop Elements pays homage to the heyday of classic Hip-Hop that we all know so well and love. From the gritty Lo-Fi live beats of J Dilla to the soulful vibes of The Pharcyde, we've gone the extra mile to ensure this stunning collection of hip-hop loops, one shots, Ableton Racks and MIDI provide the perfect tool kit for crafting your very own hip-hop master piece.

By utilizing the original hardware, MPC's, synths and a live Rhodes piano, this most essential of collections provides all the building blocks you could possibly need to create truly authentic Lo-Fi hip-hop. The pack focuses heavilly around the combination of MIDI, one shots and loops allowing you to combine your musical inspiration with fool proof arrangements that musically work every single time.

Contained within our easy to navigate folder strucutre, we've provided 10+ chord ones that all work together beautifully offering endless flexibility. Each chord can easily be dropped onto your sampler or drum machine of choice allowing you to trigger the samples as and when you need them, true MPC style.

We've created a bespoke Ableton instrument rack that includes all chord and drum one shots that are perfect for jammin' out on and getting those ideas flowing. The chord rack also contains macro controlled FX for delay, reverb and chorus plus a handy macro dial for selecting your choice of choice meaning you never have to load up another rack for different musical keys.

There's also a huge batch of jazz tinged chord progressions both as loops and MIDI, swung hip-hop drum loops & tops, dusty drum one shots, expressive analogue chord sequences and as always lashings of style across the board.

So, if you're looking for some incredible Hip-Hop inspiration that gives you the flexibility to work both with loops, MIDI, Instruments or one shots then this ones for you. An instant go to every time that offers incredibly flexibility and inspiration at every turn allowing you to concentrate on good stuff.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Snare_9_TL Snare_9_TL
Snare_8_TL Snare_8_TL
Snare_7_TL Snare_7_TL
Snare_6_TL Snare_6_TL
Snare_5_TL Snare_5_TL
Snare_4_TL Snare_4_TL
Snare_3_TL Snare_3_TL
Snare_36_TL Snare_36_TL
Snare_35_TL Snare_35_TL
Snare_34_TL Snare_34_TL
Snare_33_TL Snare_33_TL
Snare_32_TL Snare_32_TL
Snare_31_TL Snare_31_TL
Snare_30_TL Snare_30_TL
Snare_2_TL Snare_2_TL
Snare_29_TL Snare_29_TL
Snare_28_TL Snare_28_TL
Snare_27_TL Snare_27_TL
Snare_26_TL Snare_26_TL
Snare_25_TL Snare_25_TL
Snare_24_TL Snare_24_TL
Snare_23_TL Snare_23_TL
Snare_22_TL Snare_22_TL
Snare_21_TL Snare_21_TL
Snare_20_TL Snare_20_TL
Snare_1_TL Snare_1_TL
Snare_19_TL Snare_19_TL
Snare_18_TL Snare_18_TL
Snare_17_TL Snare_17_TL
Snare_16_TL Snare_16_TL
Snare_15_TL Snare_15_TL
Snare_14_TL Snare_14_TL
Snare_13_TL Snare_13_TL
Snare_12_TL Snare_12_TL
Snare_11_TL Snare_11_TL
Snare_10_TL Snare_10_TL
Tamb_03_TL Tamb_03_TL
Tamb_02_TL Tamb_02_TL
Tamb_01_TL Tamb_01_TL
Shaker_02_TL Shaker_02_TL
Shaker_01_TL Shaker_01_TL
Perc_1_TL Perc_1_TL
Block_1_TL Block_1_TL
Block_02_TL Block_02_TL
Bell_03_TL Bell_03_TL
Bell_02_TL Bell_02_TL
Bell_01_TL Bell_01_TL
Kick_9_TL Kick_9_TL
Kick_8_TL Kick_8_TL
Kick_7_TL Kick_7_TL
Kick_6_TL Kick_6_TL
Kick_5_TL Kick_5_TL
Kick_4_TL Kick_4_TL
Kick_3_TL Kick_3_TL
Kick_33_TL Kick_33_TL
Kick_32_TL Kick_32_TL
Kick_31_TL Kick_31_TL
Kick_30_TL Kick_30_TL
Kick_2_TL Kick_2_TL
Kick_29_TL Kick_29_TL
Kick_28_TL Kick_28_TL
Kick_27_TL Kick_27_TL
Kick_26_TL Kick_26_TL
Kick_25_TL Kick_25_TL
Kick_24_TL Kick_24_TL
Kick_23_TL Kick_23_TL
Kick_22_TL Kick_22_TL
Kick_21_TL Kick_21_TL
Kick_20_TL Kick_20_TL
Kick_1_TL Kick_1_TL
Kick_19_TL Kick_19_TL
Kick_18_TL Kick_18_TL
Kick_17_TL Kick_17_TL
Kick_16_TL Kick_16_TL
Kick_15_TL Kick_15_TL
Kick_14_TL Kick_14_TL
Kick_13_TL Kick_13_TL
Kick_12_TL Kick_12_TL
Kick_11_TL Kick_11_TL
Kick_10_TL Kick_10_TL
Ride1_TL Ride1_TL
Openhat_2_TL Openhat_2_TL
Openhat_1_TL Openhat_1_TL
Hat_9_TL Hat_9_TL
Hat_8_TL Hat_8_TL
Hat_7_TL Hat_7_TL
Hat_6_TL Hat_6_TL
Hat_5_TL Hat_5_TL
Hat_4_TL Hat_4_TL
Hat_3_TL Hat_3_TL
Hat_2_TL Hat_2_TL
Hat_22_TL Hat_22_TL
Hat_21_TL Hat_21_TL
Hat_20_TL Hat_20_TL
Hat_1_TL Hat_1_TL
Hat_19_TL Hat_19_TL
Hat_16_TL Hat_16_TL
Hat_15_TL Hat_15_TL
Hat_14_TL Hat_14_TL
Hat_13_TL Hat_13_TL
Hat_12_TL Hat_12_TL