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Dystopian Love

Dystopian Love

Touch Loops

Dystopian Love digs deep into the world of rich analogue synthesis, lush gated reverbs and emotive 80's nostalgia.  Referencing the iconic Blade Runner series but showcasing it's own unique twist,  this expansive collection of 80's synth samples, expertly programmed beats and driving sub bass will give you the edge your tracks have been crying out for. 

First dig into this collection will show our in house producer working at the top of his game.  
From the extensively tweaked batch of analogue synths and hardware to the expertly mixed hip-hop tinged beats, this sample pack takes the context of Dystopia and throws it upside down.  
Creating new genres that nod to the past whilst also moving forward, we just know this pack will help you develop your OWN SOUND! 

Inside you'll find soaring synth leads and arps, emotive chord progressions, rolling hip-hop styles beats, nostalgic chord loops and so much more.  Oh and of course there are drum ones shots and MIDI for all chords and leads meaning the options are endless.  We just know you'll be creating music that shapes the sounds of the future. 

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Snare_02_TL Snare_02_TL
Kick_02_TL Kick_02_TL
Snare_09_TL Snare_09_TL
Snare_06_TL Snare_06_TL
Snare_04_TL Snare_04_TL
Clap_06_TL Clap_06_TL
Hat_08_TL Hat_08_TL
Hat_06_TL Hat_06_TL
Hat_01_TL Hat_01_TL
Kick_01_TL Kick_01_TL
Kick_12_TL Kick_12_TL
Clap_01_TL Clap_01_TL
Hat_10_TL Hat_10_TL
Hat_04_TL Hat_04_TL
Snare_11_TL Snare_11_TL
Kick_04_TL Kick_04_TL
Snare_03_TL Snare_03_TL
Snare_13_TL Snare_13_TL
Kick_14_TL Kick_14_TL
Snare_12_TL Snare_12_TL
Kick_15_TL Kick_15_TL
Kick_16_TL Kick_16_TL
Kick_06_TL Kick_06_TL
Hat_02_TL Hat_02_TL
Clap_02_TL Clap_02_TL
Kick_18_TL Kick_18_TL
Hat_07_TL Hat_07_TL
Hat_05_TL Hat_05_TL
Kick_05_TL Kick_05_TL
Kick_09_TL Kick_09_TL
Clap_05_TL Clap_05_TL
Kick_11_TL Kick_11_TL
Clap_04_TL Clap_04_TL
Snare_07_TL Snare_07_TL
Hat_09_TL Hat_09_TL
Kick_13_TL Kick_13_TL
Kick_10_TL Kick_10_TL
Kick_07_TL Kick_07_TL
Snare_01_TL Snare_01_TL
Kick_03_TL Kick_03_TL
Kick_17_TL Kick_17_TL
Kick_08_TL Kick_08_TL
Clap_03_TL Clap_03_TL
Hat_03_TL Hat_03_TL
Snare_08_TL Snare_08_TL
Snare_05_TL Snare_05_TL
Snare_10_TL Snare_10_TL
90_G#m_ShapelessPad_TL 90_G#m_ShapelessPad_TL G 90
90_Am_PhaseyPad_TL 90_Am_PhaseyPad_TL A 90
100_Am_CityScapePad_TL 100_Am_CityScapePad_TL A 100
80_Dm_SingingPad_TL 80_Dm_SingingPad_TL D 80
75_Am_FogLightsPad_02_TL 75_Am_FogLightsPad_02_TL A 75
100_C#_BlissedPad_TL 100_C#_BlissedPad_TL C 100
90_Fm_ThinPad_TL 90_Fm_ThinPad_TL F 90
75_Bbm_SpaceBell_TL 75_Bbm_SpaceBell_TL B 75
80_Dm_PulsePad_TL 80_Dm_PulsePad_TL D 80
90_F#m_ThickPad_TL 90_F#m_ThickPad_TL F 90
100_Am_VHSPad_TL 100_Am_VHSPad_TL A 100
100_C#_BlissedPad_02_TL 100_C#_BlissedPad_02_TL C 100
75_Am_FogLightsPad_01_TL 75_Am_FogLightsPad_01_TL A 75
90_G#m_AngelPad_TL 90_G#m_AngelPad_TL G 90
80_Fm_WashChords_02_TL 80_Fm_WashChords_02_TL F 80
100_C#_PositiveChords_TL 100_C#_PositiveChords_TL C 100
80_Dm_OffCentreChords_01_TL 80_Dm_OffCentreChords_01_TL D 80
90_Am_TwoSlowChords_TL 90_Am_TwoSlowChords_TL A 90
75_Fm_CloseChords_TL 75_Fm_CloseChords_TL F 75
75_Bbm_GloryChords_TL 75_Bbm_GloryChords_TL B 75
75_Am_ALittleDarkerChords_TL 75_Am_ALittleDarkerChords_TL A 75
100_Bbm_HopefulChords_TL 100_Bbm_HopefulChords_TL B 100
80_Dm_OffCentreChords_02_TL 80_Dm_OffCentreChords_02_TL D 80