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EDM Remedy

EDM Remedy


EDM Remedy is your cure for the same old copycat EDM samplepacks! In creating this pack, we didn't just copy the sounds of the beatport top 10 - we created a pack of much more unique and original EDM content for your 128bpm productions!

This pack is overflowing with everything you need to write your own EDM banger from the ground up or to embellish and FINISH tracks you've already started, including drumloops, drum and percussion one-shots, KEY-LABELED kick drums, bass loops, synthloops, drop lead loops, MIDI loops, melodic one-shots and fx sounds.

Supplied in a uniform tempo of 128bpm, this pack is easy to use and versatile. Whether you prefer to work with loops, MIDI or one-shots, our EDM Remedy sample pack has got you covered!

Like to program your own drums from scratch? Dig in to the 200+ drum sound one-shots, including 70+ KEY-LABELED kicks, analog percussion and fx, claps, crashes, hats, snares, sub kicks and KEY-LABELED toms!

Genres this SAMPLEPACK is useful for making: EDM, Electro-House, Progressive-House, etc. Of course this all depends on how you choose to use the samples - Check out the audio demo, and you will hear just how versatile our samples and loops can be.

ALL sounds in the demo are samples from this pack only and NO OTHER SOUNDS! EDM Remedy is 100% royalty free, meaning you can add all of these elements to your sound without worrying about any sample clearance hassle!

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All Samples Name Key BPM
VOX_WET_KeepMovingForward VOX_WET_KeepMovingForward
ShortSonar(AddReverbToIt) ShortSonar(AddReverbToIt)
Riser01 Riser01
LongEkoDownfilter01 LongEkoDownfilter01
E_IMPACT+BassDrop01 E_IMPACT+BassDrop01 E
E_BassDrop01 E_BassDrop01 E
DrumGlitch03 DrumGlitch03
DrumGlitch02 DrumGlitch02
DrumGlitch01 DrumGlitch01
Downfilter02 Downfilter02
Downfilter01 Downfilter01
A_#__SweeperFX A_#__SweeperFX A
128_Pumping_RISER_8bars 128_Pumping_RISER_8bars 128
128_G_Underground_FX_LP_2bars 128_G_Underground_FX_LP_2bars G 128
128_G_Raver_FX_LP_2bars 128_G_Raver_FX_LP_2bars G 128
128_G_Drum_Techno_FX_LP_2bars 128_G_Drum_Techno_FX_LP_2bars G 128
128_G_Drum_FX_LP_2bars 128_G_Drum_FX_LP_2bars G 128
128_G_Drum_Freak_FX_LP_2bars 128_G_Drum_Freak_FX_LP_2bars G 128
128_G_Drum_Drone_FX_LP_2bars 128_G_Drum_Drone_FX_LP_2bars G 128
128_G_2bar_Pumping_RISER_01 128_G_2bar_Pumping_RISER_01 G 128
128_G_1bar_Pumping_BreakSynthFX_01 128_G_1bar_Pumping_BreakSynthFX_01 G 128
128_A_#__GlitchySynth 128_A_#__GlitchySynth A 128
128_A_#__GlitchRiser01 128_A_#__GlitchRiser01 A 128
128_4bar_RISER_03 128_4bar_RISER_03 128
128_4bar_RISER_02 128_4bar_RISER_02 128
128_4bar_RISER_01 128_4bar_RISER_01 128
128_4bar_Downfilter_01 128_4bar_Downfilter_01 128
128_4bar_BasicPumpingWhiteNoise_RISER 128_4bar_BasicPumpingWhiteNoise_RISER 128
128_4bar_Analog_Snare_Build 128_4bar_Analog_Snare_Build 128
128_1bar_RISER_02 128_1bar_RISER_02 128
128_1bar_RISER_01 128_1bar_RISER_01 128
G_Synth11 G_Synth11 G
G_Synth10 G_Synth10 G
G_Synth09 G_Synth09 G
G_Synth08 G_Synth08 G
G_Synth07 G_Synth07 G
G_Synth06 G_Synth06 G
G_Synth05 G_Synth05 G
G_Synth04 G_Synth04 G
G_Synth03 G_Synth03 G
G_Synth02 G_Synth02 G
G_Synth01 G_Synth01 G
G_ReverbBass01 G_ReverbBass01 G
G_Bass10 G_Bass10 G
G_Bass09 G_Bass09 G
G_Bass08 G_Bass08 G
G_Bass07 G_Bass07 G
G_Bass06 G_Bass06 G
G_Bass05 G_Bass05 G
G_Bass04 G_Bass04 G
G_Bass03 G_Bass03 G
G_Bass02 G_Bass02 G
G_Bass01 G_Bass01 G
Gm_Chord_HIT_01 Gm_Chord_HIT_01 Gm
Gm_Chord_FX_HIT_05 Gm_Chord_FX_HIT_05 Gm
Gm_Chord_FX_HIT_04 Gm_Chord_FX_HIT_04 Gm
Gm_Chord_FX_HIT_03 Gm_Chord_FX_HIT_03 Gm
Gm_Chord_FX_HIT_02 Gm_Chord_FX_HIT_02 Gm
Gm_Chord_FX_HIT_01 Gm_Chord_FX_HIT_01 Gm
D_Bass01 D_Bass01 D
C_WonderlandStab C_WonderlandStab C
C_WaterdreamsStab C_WaterdreamsStab C
C_Synth01 C_Synth01 C
C_SunlandStab C_SunlandStab C
C_LateNightChilledStab C_LateNightChilledStab C
C_HolySnakeStab C_HolySnakeStab C
C_EmptyDancefloorStab C_EmptyDancefloorStab C
C_DreamyStab C_DreamyStab C
C_DeepChilledStab C_DeepChilledStab C