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Emotion Strings

Emotion Strings

Touch Loops

The sound of beautiful strings washing over any composition are a sure fire way to add intelligence, beauty and maturity. With this in mind we decided to create our first bespoke collection of orchestral loops and one shots.

Each loop has been beautifully processed through our in house collection of vintage outboard hardware and tape machines to add that extra bit of grit and warmth that only analogue processing can add.

Live, contemporary and classical strings, mixed and styled for: pop, electronic, rnb, soul, folk or anything else needing a touch of modern classical inspiration.

Each folder is bursting in a variety of chord progressions, ensembles, single instruments and single notes with each loop & sample ready to take any song to the next level.

We've also included a huge amount of instrument one shots that are perfect for throwing into your sampler or MPC freeing you to get stuck intoremixing to your hearts content.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Emotion Strings/Harp_Cm_Strum Melody_130BPM Emotion Strings/Harp_Cm_Strum Melody_130BPM C
Emotion Strings/Violins_F#_Pizzicato Melody_100BPM Emotion Strings/Violins_F#_Pizzicato Melody_100BPM F
Emotion Strings/Cellos_Cm7_Pizzicato Melody_100BPM Emotion Strings/Cellos_Cm7_Pizzicato Melody_100BPM C
Emotion Strings/Full Section_F#_Lovers Soul_140BPM Emotion Strings/Full Section_F#_Lovers Soul_140BPM F
Emotion Strings/Harp_Fmaj_Strum Melody_130BPM Emotion Strings/Harp_Fmaj_Strum Melody_130BPM F
Cellos_Gm7_Staccato Melody_120BPM Cellos_Gm7_Staccato Melody_120BPM G
Emotion Strings/Harp_Gm7_Strum Melody_130BPM Emotion Strings/Harp_Gm7_Strum Melody_130BPM G
Emotion Strings/Full Section_Ebm7_Lovers Soul_140BPM Emotion Strings/Full Section_Ebm7_Lovers Soul_140BPM E
Emotion Strings/Cellos_Db_Pizzicato Melody_100BPM Emotion Strings/Cellos_Db_Pizzicato Melody_100BPM D
Emotion Strings/Harp_Cm_Strum Melody_2_130BPM Emotion Strings/Harp_Cm_Strum Melody_2_130BPM C
Emotion Strings/Harp_Cm_Running Melody_130BPM Emotion Strings/Harp_Cm_Running Melody_130BPM C
Emotion Strings/Cellos_Dm7_Intro Melody_140BPM Emotion Strings/Cellos_Dm7_Intro Melody_140BPM D
Emotion Strings/Violins_Gm7_Chord melody_120BPM Emotion Strings/Violins_Gm7_Chord melody_120BPM G
Emotion Strings/Cellos_Cm7_Movement_140BPM Emotion Strings/Cellos_Cm7_Movement_140BPM C
Emotion Strings/Violins_Gm7_Chord melody_2_120BPM Emotion Strings/Violins_Gm7_Chord melody_2_120BPM G
Emotion Strings/Harp_Fmaj_Strum Melody_2_130BPM Emotion Strings/Harp_Fmaj_Strum Melody_2_130BPM F
Emotion Strings/Cellos_Cm7:9_Staccato Melody_100BPM Emotion Strings/Cellos_Cm7:9_Staccato Melody_100BPM C
Emotion Strings/Cellos_Cmaj7_Movement_140BPM Emotion Strings/Cellos_Cmaj7_Movement_140BPM C
Emotion Strings/String Ensemble_Em_Chord melody_120BPM Emotion Strings/String Ensemble_Em_Chord melody_120BPM E
Emotion Strings/Cellos_Abmaj7_Staccato Melody_120BPM Emotion Strings/Cellos_Abmaj7_Staccato Melody_120BPM A
Emotion Strings/Cellos_Cmaj7_Pizzicato Melody_100BPM Emotion Strings/Cellos_Cmaj7_Pizzicato Melody_100BPM C
Emotion Strings/Harp_Ebm_Strum Melody_130BPM Emotion Strings/Harp_Ebm_Strum Melody_130BPM E
Emotion Strings/Cellos_Cm7:9_Staccato Melody_2_120BPM Emotion Strings/Cellos_Cm7:9_Staccato Melody_2_120BPM C
Emotion Strings/Harp_Cm7_Strum Melody_130BPM Emotion Strings/Harp_Cm7_Strum Melody_130BPM C
Emotion Strings/Cellos_Dm7_Pizzicato Melody_100BPM Emotion Strings/Cellos_Dm7_Pizzicato Melody_100BPM D
Emotion Strings/Harp_Bbm7_Strum Melody_130BPM Emotion Strings/Harp_Bbm7_Strum Melody_130BPM B
Emotion Strings/Cellos_Gm7_Triumphant_140BPM Emotion Strings/Cellos_Gm7_Triumphant_140BPM G
Emotion Strings/Cellos_Cm7:9_Staccato Melody_3_120BPM Emotion Strings/Cellos_Cm7:9_Staccato Melody_3_120BPM C
Emotion Strings/Violins_Bbm7_Pizzicato Melody_100BPM Emotion Strings/Violins_Bbm7_Pizzicato Melody_100BPM B
Emotion Strings/Cellos_Cm7_Staccato Melody_120BPM Emotion Strings/Cellos_Cm7_Staccato Melody_120BPM C
Emotion Strings/String Ensemble_Ebmaj7_Chord melody_120BPM Emotion Strings/String Ensemble_Ebmaj7_Chord melody_120BPM E
Emotion Strings/Cellos_Gm_Pizzicato Melody_100BPM Emotion Strings/Cellos_Gm_Pizzicato Melody_100BPM G
Emotion Strings/Cellos_Ebmaj7_Chord Hit Emotion Strings/Cellos_Ebmaj7_Chord Hit E
Emotion Strings/String Ensemble_A#2_Single Note Emotion Strings/String Ensemble_A#2_Single Note A
Emotion Strings/Cellos_Cmaj7_Chord Hit Emotion Strings/Cellos_Cmaj7_Chord Hit C
Emotion Strings/Full Strings_C5_Low_One Hit Emotion Strings/Full Strings_C5_Low_One Hit C
Emotion Strings/Cellos_Dm7:9_Chord Hit Emotion Strings/Cellos_Dm7:9_Chord Hit D
Emotion Strings/Violins Pizzicato_Eb_Single Note Emotion Strings/Violins Pizzicato_Eb_Single Note E
Emotion Strings/Violas Legato_Db5_Single Note Emotion Strings/Violas Legato_Db5_Single Note D
Emotion Strings/Violas Legato_Bb5_Single Note Emotion Strings/Violas Legato_Bb5_Single Note B
Emotion Strings/Full Strings_D5_One Hit Emotion Strings/Full Strings_D5_One Hit D
Emotion Strings/Cellos_Gm_High_Chord Hit Emotion Strings/Cellos_Gm_High_Chord Hit G
Emotion Strings/Full Strings_D5_High_One Hit Emotion Strings/Full Strings_D5_High_One Hit D
Emotion Strings/Full Strings_Ab5_One Hit Emotion Strings/Full Strings_Ab5_One Hit A
Emotion Strings/String Ensemble_C_Single Note Emotion Strings/String Ensemble_C_Single Note C
Emotion Strings/Full Strings_F5_One Hit Emotion Strings/Full Strings_F5_One Hit F
Emotion Strings/Full Strings_Bb5_Low_One Hit Emotion Strings/Full Strings_Bb5_Low_One Hit B
Emotion Strings/Cellos_F#6_High_Chord Hit Emotion Strings/Cellos_F#6_High_Chord Hit F
Emotion Strings/Cellos_D_Chord Hit Emotion Strings/Cellos_D_Chord Hit D
Emotion Strings/Cellos_Ebm7:9_Chord Hit Emotion Strings/Cellos_Ebm7:9_Chord Hit E
Emotion Strings/Harp_C2_Single Note Emotion Strings/Harp_C2_Single Note C
Emotion Strings/Violins Pizzicato_A5_Single Note Emotion Strings/Violins Pizzicato_A5_Single Note A
Emotion Strings/Full Strings_F#5_Low_One Hit Emotion Strings/Full Strings_F#5_Low_One Hit F
Emotion Strings/Cellos_Gm7_Chord Hit Emotion Strings/Cellos_Gm7_Chord Hit G
Emotion Strings/Full Strings_Eb5_One Hit Emotion Strings/Full Strings_Eb5_One Hit E
Emotion Strings/Full Strings_F#maj5_Low_One Hit Emotion Strings/Full Strings_F#maj5_Low_One Hit F
Emotion Strings/Violas Legato_C_Single Note Emotion Strings/Violas Legato_C_Single Note C
Emotion Strings/Violins Pizzicato_C5_Single Note Emotion Strings/Violins Pizzicato_C5_Single Note C
Emotion Strings/Violas Legato_G5_Single Note Emotion Strings/Violas Legato_G5_Single Note G
Emotion Strings/Cellos_Am_Chord Hit Emotion Strings/Cellos_Am_Chord Hit A
Emotion Strings/Harp_E_Single Note Emotion Strings/Harp_E_Single Note E
Emotion Strings/Cellos_C_Chord Hit Emotion Strings/Cellos_C_Chord Hit C
Emotion Strings/Harp_D#_Single Note Emotion Strings/Harp_D#_Single Note D
Emotion Strings/Cellos_G_Chord Hit Emotion Strings/Cellos_G_Chord Hit G
Emotion Strings/Violins Pizzicato_Bb5_low_Single Note Emotion Strings/Violins Pizzicato_Bb5_low_Single Note B
Emotion Strings/Cellos_Cm7_Chord Hit Emotion Strings/Cellos_Cm7_Chord Hit C
Emotion Strings/String Ensemble_D_Single Note Emotion Strings/String Ensemble_D_Single Note D
Emotion Strings/Cellos_Bbm_Chord Hit Emotion Strings/Cellos_Bbm_Chord Hit B