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Emotive Electronica

Emotive Electronica

Touch Loops

Emotive Electronica explores the more evocative, synth heavy side of contemporary electronica whilst maintaining a strong emphasis on groove, weight and progression.  By combining futuristic hip-hop rhythms, driven analogue synths and soaring lead lines this groundbreaking sample collection transcends genres and offers nothing but pure inspiration upon every single listen.

Inspired by the works of Moderat, Nathan Fake and Oneohtrix Point Never but created with the unique Touch Loops sounds, this beautiful future hip-hop collection is asking to be twisted, manipulated and sampled.  Inside this sample gem you'll find heavilly driven foley beats, saturated reese bass lines, super wide warping analogue chord movements, evocative analogue leads, evolving soundscapes and so much more. 

By getting stuck into our in house collection of classic analogue synths, we've embraced the modulating, pitch shifting nature of these classic beasts and harnessed them to add maximum emotion within every single loop.   We've also thrown in a batch of driven one shots for adding to the beautifully mixed and processed drum loops.

So if you're looking to break tradition and throw some emotive analogue soundscapes into your production then this ones for you - a real synth masterclass that we know you'll adore. 

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Hats_02_TL Hats_02_TL
Hats_03_TL Hats_03_TL
Hats_17_TL Hats_17_TL
Hats_19_TL Hats_19_TL
Hats_06_TL Hats_06_TL
Hats_10_TL Hats_10_TL
Hats_01_TL Hats_01_TL
Hats_20_TL Hats_20_TL
Hats_05_TL Hats_05_TL
Hats_18_TL Hats_18_TL
FX_01_TL FX_01_TL
Hats_08_TL Hats_08_TL
Hats_15_TL Hats_15_TL
Hats_11_TL Hats_11_TL
Hats_16_TL Hats_16_TL
Hats_04_TL Hats_04_TL
Hats_14_TL Hats_14_TL
Hats_21_TL Hats_21_TL
NoiseHits_TL_TL NoiseHits_TL_TL
Hats_07_TL Hats_07_TL
Hats_13_TL Hats_13_TL
Hats_09_TL Hats_09_TL
Hats_12_TL Hats_12_TL
Percs_01_TL Percs_01_TL
Percs_09_TL Percs_09_TL
Percs_08_TL Percs_08_TL
Percs_05_TL Percs_05_TL
Percs_07_TL Percs_07_TL
Percs_06_TL Percs_06_TL
Percs_12_TL Percs_12_TL
Percs_10_TL Percs_10_TL
Percs_11_TL Percs_11_TL
Percs_02_TL Percs_02_TL
Percs_04_TL Percs_04_TL
Percs_03_TL Percs_03_TL
Kicks_35_TL Kicks_35_TL
Kicks_34_TL Kicks_34_TL
Kicks_25_TL Kicks_25_TL
Kicks_27_TL Kicks_27_TL
Kicks_01_TL Kicks_01_TL
Kicks_22_TL Kicks_22_TL
Kicks_26_TL Kicks_26_TL
Kicks_38_TL Kicks_38_TL
Kicks_39_TL Kicks_39_TL
Kicks_33_TL Kicks_33_TL
Kicks_14_TL Kicks_14_TL
Kicks_11_TL Kicks_11_TL
Kicks_31_TL Kicks_31_TL
Kicks_15_TL Kicks_15_TL
Kicks_29_TL Kicks_29_TL
Kicks_17_TL Kicks_17_TL
Kicks_10_TL Kicks_10_TL
Kicks_21_TL Kicks_21_TL
Kicks_09_TL Kicks_09_TL
Kicks_24_TL Kicks_24_TL
Kicks_06_TL Kicks_06_TL
Kicks_08_TL Kicks_08_TL
Kicks_04_TL Kicks_04_TL
Kicks_37_TL Kicks_37_TL
Kicks_20_TL Kicks_20_TL
Kicks_13_TL Kicks_13_TL
Kicks_16_TL Kicks_16_TL
Kicks_28_TL Kicks_28_TL
Kicks_30_TL Kicks_30_TL
Kicks_19_TL Kicks_19_TL
Kicks_02_TL Kicks_02_TL
Kicks_36_TL Kicks_36_TL
Kicks_18_TL Kicks_18_TL
Kicks_32_TL Kicks_32_TL
Kicks_12_TL Kicks_12_TL
Kicks_05_TL Kicks_05_TL
Kicks_07_TL Kicks_07_TL
Kicks_23_TL Kicks_23_TL
Kicks_03_TL Kicks_03_TL
Snare_02_TL Snare_02_TL
Snare_09_TL Snare_09_TL
Snare_19_TL Snare_19_TL
Snare_06_TL Snare_06_TL
Snare_04_TL Snare_04_TL