Ex Ante II

Ex Ante II


The Ex Ante series from Asonic is back with more kits & Loops of Trap bangers!

Ex Ante 2 is a Crushed Trap sample pack featuring everything you need to create explosive tracks. This crushed collection of 1.67 GB Trap fuelled drops, Construction Kits, melodies, beats & one shots provides some of the freshest, most intense sounds conceivable.

Expect the unexpected with Ex Ante 2, designed to push your production to new limits, this is one sample library not to be missed. Ex Ante contains everything you need to create, intense, authentic and most importantly huge sounding Trap tracks.

A pool of 390+ blistering audio and sounds covering a range of options including 6 Complete Construction Kits, song starters, full mix loops, Mix elements, Synth Loops, FX, Drum loops, one shots and drum hits ensure whatever you need from the smallest sound to the largest stem is included in this pack.

As always, all Trap sounds and loops are 100% royalty free and available for immediate download. Audio is supplied in HQ 24-Bit Wav

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Kick25 Kick25
Kick24 Kick24
Kick12 Kick12
Kick10 Kick10
Kick13 Kick13
Kick19 Kick19
Kick1 Kick1
Kick29 Kick29
Kick7 Kick7
Kick26 Kick26
Kick17 Kick17
Kick2 Kick2
Kick21 Kick21
Kick3 Kick3
Kick8 Kick8
Kick27 Kick27
Kick30 Kick30
Kick31 Kick31
Kick20 Kick20
Kick4 Kick4
Kick32 Kick32
Kick6 Kick6
Kick22 Kick22
Kick11 Kick11
Kick15 Kick15
Kick5 Kick5
Kick18 Kick18
Kick28 Kick28
Kick9 Kick9
Kick14 Kick14
Kick16 Kick16
Kick23 Kick23
Snare19 Snare19
Snare26 Snare26
Snare14 Snare14
Snare27 Snare27
Snare12 Snare12
Snare18 Snare18
Snare11 Snare11
Snare21 Snare21
Snare29 Snare29
Snare16 Snare16
Snare22 Snare22
Snare33 Snare33
Snare3 Snare3
Snare32 Snare32
Snare2 Snare2
Snare35 Snare35
Snare24 Snare24
Snare6 Snare6
Snare28 Snare28
Snare13 Snare13
Snare37 Snare37
Snare23 Snare23
Snare4 Snare4
Snare30 Snare30
Snare34 Snare34
Snare7 Snare7
Snare5 Snare5
Snare10 Snare10
Snare1 Snare1
Snare15 Snare15
Snare17 Snare17
Snare9 Snare9
Snare31 Snare31
Snare25 Snare25
Snare36 Snare36
Snare8 Snare8
Snare20 Snare20
Clap16 Clap16
Clap8 Clap8
Clap5 Clap5
Clap15 Clap15
Clap12 Clap12
Clap1 Clap1
Clap14 Clap14
Clap17 Clap17
Clap7 Clap7
Clap13 Clap13
Clap11 Clap11
Clap3 Clap3
Clap4 Clap4
Clap9 Clap9
Clap18 Clap18
Clap2 Clap2
Clap6 Clap6
Clap10 Clap10
FX Sweep 18 E2 FX Sweep 18 E2 E2
FX Sweep 39 G2 FX Sweep 39 G2 G2
FX Sweep 7 B6 FX Sweep 7 B6 B6
FX Sweep 14 D2 FX Sweep 14 D2 D2
FX Sweep 45 A#3 FX Sweep 45 A#3 A#3
FX Sweep 28 F1 FX Sweep 28 F1 F1
FX Sweep 25 F#1 FX Sweep 25 F#1 F#1
FX Sweep 27 F#3 FX Sweep 27 F#3 F#3
FX Sweep 17 E1 FX Sweep 17 E1 E1
FX Sweep 30 F3 FX Sweep 30 F3 F3
FX Sweep 43 A#1 FX Sweep 43 A#1 A#1
FX Sweep 19 E3 FX Sweep 19 E3 E3
FX Sweep 4 B3 FX Sweep 4 B3 B3
FX Sweep 29 F2 FX Sweep 29 F2 F2
FX Sweep 20 E4 FX Sweep 20 E4 E4
FX Sweep 36 G#1 FX Sweep 36 G#1 G#1
FX Sweep 21 E5 FX Sweep 21 E5 E5
FX Sweep 40 G3 FX Sweep 40 G3 G3
FX Sweep 2 B1 FX Sweep 2 B1 B1
FX Sweep 35 F8 FX Sweep 35 F8 F8
FX Sweep 24 E8 FX Sweep 24 E8 E8
FX Sweep 6 B5 FX Sweep 6 B5 B5
FX Sweep 11 C4 FX Sweep 11 C4 C4
FX Sweep 44 A#2 FX Sweep 44 A#2 A#2
FX Sweep 9 C2 FX Sweep 9 C2 C2
FX Sweep 22 E6 FX Sweep 22 E6 E6
FX Sweep 26 F#2 FX Sweep 26 F#2 F#2
FX Sweep 42 G5 FX Sweep 42 G5 G5
FX Sweep 12 D#1 FX Sweep 12 D#1 D#1