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Expansive Electronica

Expansive Electronica

Touch Loops


Size: 867.5mb
Loops: 202
One Shots: 100

Brooding, soaring, system ready yet incredibly beautiful, this analogue beast is as progressive as it is delicate, as tough as it is controlled and in all contexts should be described as awe inspiring. Influenced by Berlin techno yet with it's heart firmly placed in both the film and electronica world, this incredible genre melting sample pack just oozes with class and synth control.

Every single loop has been meticulously designed to showcase our producer of choice's cave of wild machines, toys and instruments. Think deeper than the ocean rolling sub bass lines, expansive ethereal pads and soundscapes, distorted analogue leads and arps, hands in the air ready progressions and some of the most beautifully designed and manipulated drum machine loops we've ever stumbled across.

Each loop has been mixed, mastered and recorded through an impeccable signal path of vintage hardware, compressors and pre-amps ensuring the loops are perfectly mixed ready to go.

What more there's a huge batch of scene setting one shots, stacks of MIDI and some lush bespoke vocal loops perfect for adding some extra soul that only the human voice can create. Grab this one and come dream with us.. what a beautiful journey it is into our most explorative sample pack yet!

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All Samples Name Key BPM
124_Dm_GameOver_Piano_TL_01 124_Dm_GameOver_Piano_TL_01 D 124
124_Dm_GameOver_Piano_TL_01 124_Dm_GameOver_Piano_TL_01 D 124
hat_12_TL hat_12_TL
hat_04_TL hat_04_TL
hat_11_TL hat_11_TL
hat_07_TL hat_07_TL
hat_08_TL hat_08_TL
hat_01_TL hat_01_TL
hat_05_TL hat_05_TL
hat_03_TL hat_03_TL
hat_09_TL hat_09_TL
hat_02_TL hat_02_TL
hat_10_TL hat_10_TL
hat_06_TL hat_06_TL
hat_13_TL hat_13_TL
perc_01_TL perc_01_TL
perc_19_TL perc_19_TL
perc_22_TL perc_22_TL
perc_05_TL perc_05_TL
perc_16_TL perc_16_TL
perc_08_TL perc_08_TL
perc_17_TL perc_17_TL
perc_10_TL perc_10_TL
perc_18_TL perc_18_TL
perc_25_TL perc_25_TL
perc_03_TL perc_03_TL
perc_09_TL perc_09_TL
perc_02_TL perc_02_TL
perc_21_TL perc_21_TL
perc_15_TL perc_15_TL
perc_23_TL perc_23_TL
perc_20_TL perc_20_TL
perc_04_TL perc_04_TL
perc_14_TL perc_14_TL
perc_24_TL perc_24_TL
perc_06_TL perc_06_TL
perc_13_TL perc_13_TL
perc_11_TL perc_11_TL
perc_07_TL perc_07_TL
perc_26_TL perc_26_TL
perc_12_TL perc_12_TL
kick_14_TL kick_14_TL
kick_21_TL kick_21_TL
kick_03_TL kick_03_TL
kick_16_TL kick_16_TL
kick_11_TL kick_11_TL
kick_17_TL kick_17_TL
kick_19_TL kick_19_TL
kick_23_TL kick_23_TL
kick_10_TL kick_10_TL
kick_12_TL kick_12_TL
kick_31_TL kick_31_TL
kick_01_TL kick_01_TL
kick_05_TL kick_05_TL
kick_25_TL kick_25_TL
kick_28_TL kick_28_TL
kick_29_TL kick_29_TL
kick_09_TL kick_09_TL
kick_32_TL kick_32_TL
kick_18_TL kick_18_TL
kick_34_TL kick_34_TL
kick_15_TL kick_15_TL
kick_26_TL kick_26_TL
kick_30_TL kick_30_TL
kick_24_TL kick_24_TL
kick_04_TL kick_04_TL
kick_33_TL kick_33_TL
kick_07_TL kick_07_TL
kick_20_TL kick_20_TL
kick_22_TL kick_22_TL
kick_08_TL kick_08_TL
kick_02_TL kick_02_TL
kick_27_TL kick_27_TL
kick_06_TL kick_06_TL
kick_13_TL kick_13_TL
snare_13_TL snare_13_TL
snare_12_TL snare_12_TL
snare_08_TL snare_08_TL
snare_20_TL snare_20_TL
snare_04_TL snare_04_TL
snare_18_TL snare_18_TL
snare_07_TL snare_07_TL
snare_01_TL snare_01_TL
snare_05_TL snare_05_TL
snare_09_TL snare_09_TL
snare_06_TL snare_06_TL
snare_02_TL snare_02_TL
snare_16_TL snare_16_TL
snare_17_TL snare_17_TL
snare_11_TL snare_11_TL
snare_14_TL snare_14_TL
snare_10_TL snare_10_TL