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Expansive Techno

Expansive Techno

Touch Loops

Expansive, immersive and straight up inspiring. Explore the more melodic side of techno and electronica from the soaring lead lines to gritty, foley driven beats these impeccably well produced techno music loops will enhance your productions and offer a more emotive side to this incredibly inspiring genre.


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All Samples Name Key BPM
FX 125_FlickFX_TL FX 125_FlickFX_TL 125
FX 113_GlitchHatsFX_TL FX 113_GlitchHatsFX_TL 113
FX 135_BrokedRecordFX_01_TL FX 135_BrokedRecordFX_01_TL 135
FX 135_BrokedRecordFX_02_TL FX 135_BrokedRecordFX_02_TL 135
FX 113_PopFX_TL FX 113_PopFX_TL 113
FX 135_RollyHatsFX_TL FX 135_RollyHatsFX_TL 135
FX 135_BounceFX_TL FX 135_BounceFX_TL 135
FX 132_G#_PanFX_TL FX 132_G#_PanFX_TL G 132
FX 113_HeavyLowKickFX_TL FX 113_HeavyLowKickFX_TL 113
FX 125_WiresFX_TL FX 125_WiresFX_TL 125
Hat_16_TL Hat_16_TL
Shake_01_TL Shake_01_TL
Shake_07_TL Shake_07_TL
Hat_12_TL Hat_12_TL
Hat_08_TL Hat_08_TL
Hat_06_TL Hat_06_TL
Hat_01_TL Hat_01_TL
Hat_10_TL Hat_10_TL
Hat_04_TL Hat_04_TL
Shake_04_TL Shake_04_TL
Shake_09_TL Shake_09_TL
Hat_02_TL Hat_02_TL
Hat_14_TL Hat_14_TL
Hat_07_TL Hat_07_TL
Hat_05_TL Hat_05_TL
Hat_13_TL Hat_13_TL
Hat_09_TL Hat_09_TL
Shake_02_TL Shake_02_TL
Hat_15_TL Hat_15_TL
Shake_03_TL Shake_03_TL
Shake_06_TL Shake_06_TL
Hat_03_TL Hat_03_TL
Shake_08_TL Shake_08_TL
Hat_11_TL Hat_11_TL
Shake_05_TL Shake_05_TL
Messy Kick_02_TL Messy Kick_02_TL
Messy Kick_01_TL Messy Kick_01_TL
Messy Kick_12_TL Messy Kick_12_TL
Messy Kick_04_TL Messy Kick_04_TL
Messy Kick_20_TL Messy Kick_20_TL
Messy Kick_14_TL Messy Kick_14_TL
Messy Kick_22_TL Messy Kick_22_TL
Messy Kick_15_TL Messy Kick_15_TL
Messy Kick_16_TL Messy Kick_16_TL
Messy Kick_06_TL Messy Kick_06_TL
Messy Kick_18_TL Messy Kick_18_TL
Messy Kick_19_TL Messy Kick_19_TL
Messy Kick_05_TL Messy Kick_05_TL
Messy Kick_09_TL Messy Kick_09_TL
Messy Kick_11_TL Messy Kick_11_TL
Messy Kick_13_TL Messy Kick_13_TL
Messy Kick_10_TL Messy Kick_10_TL
Messy Kick_07_TL Messy Kick_07_TL
Messy Kick_03_TL Messy Kick_03_TL
Messy Kick_17_TL Messy Kick_17_TL
Messy Kick_08_TL Messy Kick_08_TL
Messy Kick_23_TL Messy Kick_23_TL
Messy Kick_21_TL Messy Kick_21_TL
Various Perc/Snare_02_TL Various Perc/Snare_02_TL
Various Perc/Perc_05_TL Various Perc/Perc_05_TL
Various Perc/Snare_09_TL Various Perc/Snare_09_TL
Various Perc/Snare_06_TL Various Perc/Snare_06_TL
Various Perc/Layer_06_TL Various Perc/Layer_06_TL
Various Perc/Snare_04_TL Various Perc/Snare_04_TL
Various Perc/Clap_07_TL Various Perc/Clap_07_TL
Various Perc/Clap_06_TL Various Perc/Clap_06_TL
Various Perc/Perc_01_TL Various Perc/Perc_01_TL
Various Perc/Perc_13_TL Various Perc/Perc_13_TL
Various Perc/Clap_01_TL Various Perc/Clap_01_TL
Various Perc/Layer_11_TL Various Perc/Layer_11_TL
Various Perc/Layer_08_TL Various Perc/Layer_08_TL
Various Perc/Perc_06_TL Various Perc/Perc_06_TL
Various Perc/Snare_03_TL Various Perc/Snare_03_TL
Various Perc/Layer_02_TL Various Perc/Layer_02_TL