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Fernando Lagreca - Cinematic Vibrations

Fernando Lagreca - Cinematic Vibrations

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Cinematic Vibrations is the first signature pack of the acclaimed music and sound producer Fernando Lagreca. Based in Barcelona, he develops his sonic provocations with solid productions from more than 15 years, along with his hardware only live sets that brought him to play in several countries overseas in locations and events such as Sonar Festival, LEM, ADE, Ritter Butzke, RX Istanbul, Tanzhaus West, Razzmatazz, Input Club and more.

In this signature pack you will find a complete scheme for cinematic productions, from ambient lo-fi sequences to intrincate arpeggios, suitable for developing your own soundtrack ready to use in movies, filmscores, series, videogames and as a companion of documentaries and other video footages that require incidental music. At your total disposal you have 6 complete construction kits plenty of atmospheres, arps and harmonic sequences, structured by note and tempo in order to make easy to build up entire songs and/or take all the stuff as initial point to develop your own productions.

All the kits on this pack were recorded using Apogee preamps and only hardware equipment: Elektron Analog 4, Elektron Analog Rytm, Elektron Digitone, Novation Bass Station, Moog Sub37, Dave Smith Mopho, Access Virus, Clavia Nord Wave and Yamaha DX7, with delays and reverbs from Moog and Electro Harmonix.

Whether you use a complete kit or just a few samples this 100% Royalty-Free pack is a super source of inspiration at your hands. 

In addition to the 6 constructions kits you will find a complete palette of one shot drum hits ready to load into your selected drum sequencer or sampler as well as an EFX Bonus ítem with 20 efxs to enhance your productions

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All Samples Name Key BPM
ES_FLCV - TRK05 - 90 - Cm ES_FLCV - TRK05 - 90 - Cm Cm 90
ES_FLCV - TRK02 - 85 - Cm ES_FLCV - TRK02 - 85 - Cm Cm 85
ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_EfxSubaqua_Cm9_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_EfxSubaqua_Cm9_Dry Cm9 90
ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_Snare_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_Snare_Dry 90
ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_ArpBass_Cm9_Wet ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_ArpBass_Cm9_Wet Cm9 90
ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_Kick ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_Kick 90
ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_EfxSubaqua_Cm9_Wet ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_EfxSubaqua_Cm9_Wet Cm9 90
ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_Snare_Wet ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_Snare_Wet 90
ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_Reverse_Cm9_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_Reverse_Cm9_Dry Cm9 90
ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_SquareLfo_Wet ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_SquareLfo_Wet
ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_HiHatPattern1_Wet ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_HiHatPattern1_Wet
ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_HiHatPattern2_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_HiHatPattern2_Dry
ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_Reverse_Cm9_Wet ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_Reverse_Cm9_Wet Cm9
ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_FrenchArp_Cm9_Wet ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_FrenchArp_Cm9_Wet Cm9
ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_DirtySeq_Cm9_Wet ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_DirtySeq_Cm9_Wet Cm9 90
ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_ArpBass_Cm9_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_ArpBass_Cm9_Dry Cm9 90
ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_DirtySeq_Cm9_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_DirtySeq_Cm9_Dry Cm9 90
ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_HiHatPattern1_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_HiHatPattern1_Dry 90
ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_Arpeggio1_Cm_Wet ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_Arpeggio1_Cm_Wet Cm 90
ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_HiHatPattern2_Wet ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_HiHatPattern2_Wet 90
ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_Pad_Cm9add_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_Pad_Cm9add_Dry Cm9 90
ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_Arpeggio1_Cm_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_Arpeggio1_Cm_Dry Cm 90
ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_SquareLfo_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_SquareLfo_Dry 90
ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_Pad_Cm9add_Wet ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_Pad_Cm9add_Wet Cm9 90
ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_FrenchArp_Cm9_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_FrenchArp_Cm9_Dry Cm9 90
ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_BassDetuned_C ES_FLCV_TRK05_90_BassDetuned_C 90
ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_Pad_Fm ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_Pad_Fm Fm 90
ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_Arpeggio1_Fm_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_Arpeggio1_Fm_Dry Fm 90
ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_Hihat_Wet ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_Hihat_Wet
ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_Arpeggio2_Fm_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_Arpeggio2_Fm_Dry Fm 90
ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_ArpHigh_Fm_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_ArpHigh_Fm_Dry Fm 90
ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_Bass ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_Bass 90
ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_Arpeggio1_Fm_Wet ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_Arpeggio1_Fm_Wet Fm 90
ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_Snare ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_Snare 90
ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_Hihat_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_Hihat_Dry 90
ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_ArpEfx ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_ArpEfx 90
ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_ArpJuno7Bars ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_ArpJuno7Bars 90
ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_Arpeggio2_Fm_Wet ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_Arpeggio2_Fm_Wet Fm 90
ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_ArpHigh_Fm_Wet ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_ArpHigh_Fm_Wet Fm 90
ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_Kick ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_Kick 90
ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_Pad_Fm_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK01_90_Pad_Fm_Dry Fm 90
ES_FLCV - TRK01 - 90 - Fm ES_FLCV - TRK01 - 90 - Fm Fm 90
ES_FLCV - TRK04 - 80 - D# ES_FLCV - TRK04 - 80 - D# D# 80
ES_FLCV - TRK06 - 80 - E ES_FLCV - TRK06 - 80 - E E 80
ES_FLCV - TRK03 - 75 - Dm ES_FLCV - TRK03 - 75 - Dm Dm 75
ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_Pad_EMaj_Wet ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_Pad_EMaj_Wet 80
ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_MelodyPiano_EMaj_Wet ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_MelodyPiano_EMaj_Wet 80
ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_GlitchSeq_EMaj_Wet ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_GlitchSeq_EMaj_Wet 80
ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_ArpMain_EMaj_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_ArpMain_EMaj_Dry 80
ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_DreamPad_E_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_DreamPad_E_Dry 80
ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_PickedSynth_Wet ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_PickedSynth_Wet 80
ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_AnalogStack_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_AnalogStack_Dry 80
ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_PercSnare_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_PercSnare_Dry 80
ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_MelodyPiano_EMaj_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_MelodyPiano_EMaj_Dry 80
ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_GlitchSeq_EMaj_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_GlitchSeq_EMaj_Dry 80
ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_Bass ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_Bass 80
ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_Kick_Wet ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_Kick_Wet 80
ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_Pad_EMaj_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_Pad_EMaj_Dry 80
ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_ArpMain_EMaj_Wet ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_ArpMain_EMaj_Wet 80
ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_AnalogStack_Wet ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_AnalogStack_Wet 80
ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_DreamPad_E_Wet ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_DreamPad_E_Wet 80
ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_Kick_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_Kick_Dry 80
ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_PercSnare_Wet ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_PercSnare_Wet 80
ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_PickedSynth_Dry ES_FLCV_TRK06_80_PickedSynth_Dry