Freaky Pop

Freaky Pop

Concept Samples

‘Freaky Pop’ by Concept Samples delivers a collection of complex structures with a commercial flavour straight to your studio. Twisted legato Leads, futuristic robotic talk sounds, mind-blowing Arps, all about to make your head spin.

This collection of unusual sounds and textures is ready to be used in your productions, 100% RoyaltyFree.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
CS_FP_03_Snare_90bpm CS_FP_03_Snare_90bpm 90
CS_FP_01_Saw Leads_90bpm CS_FP_01_Saw Leads_90bpm 90
CS_FP_01_Drum Loop_90bpm CS_FP_01_Drum Loop_90bpm 90
CS_FP_02_Robot Stab_90bpm CS_FP_02_Robot Stab_90bpm 90
CS_FP_02_Saw Chords Cut_90bpm CS_FP_02_Saw Chords Cut_90bpm 90
CS_FP_02_Drum Loop_90bpm CS_FP_02_Drum Loop_90bpm 90
CS_FP_04_Talk Filtered_90bpm CS_FP_04_Talk Filtered_90bpm 90
CS_FP_01_Saw Stabs_90bpm CS_FP_01_Saw Stabs_90bpm 90
CS_FP_07_Bass_140bpm CS_FP_07_Bass_140bpm 140
CS_FP_01_Syren Lead_90bpm CS_FP_01_Syren Lead_90bpm 90
CS_FP_05_Wobble Legato_90bpm CS_FP_05_Wobble Legato_90bpm 90
CS_FP_03_Drum Loop_90bpm CS_FP_03_Drum Loop_90bpm 90
CS_FP_06_Distorted Growl_140bpm CS_FP_06_Distorted Growl_140bpm 140
CS_FP_02_Robot Growl Accept_90bpm CS_FP_02_Robot Growl Accept_90bpm 90
CS_FP_05_Drum Loop_90bpm CS_FP_05_Drum Loop_90bpm 90
CS_FP_07_Rattle Lead_140bpm CS_FP_07_Rattle Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FP_05_Riser_90bpm CS_FP_05_Riser_90bpm 90
CS_FP_04_Drum Loop_90bpm CS_FP_04_Drum Loop_90bpm 90
CS_FP_02_Vibrato Chords Full_90bpm CS_FP_02_Vibrato Chords Full_90bpm 90
CS_FP_07_Robot Stab_140bpm CS_FP_07_Robot Stab_140bpm 140
CS_FP_01_Low Arp Down_90bpm CS_FP_01_Low Arp Down_90bpm 90
CS_FP_05_Laser Malfunction Lead_90bpm CS_FP_05_Laser Malfunction Lead_90bpm 90
CS_FP_03_Growl Voice_90bpm CS_FP_03_Growl Voice_90bpm 90
CS_FP_02_Wobble_90bpm CS_FP_02_Wobble_90bpm 90
CS_FP_04_Wobble Bass_90bpm CS_FP_04_Wobble Bass_90bpm 90
CS_FP_03_Arp_90bpm CS_FP_03_Arp_90bpm 90
CS_FP_04_Arp Evolving_90bpm CS_FP_04_Arp Evolving_90bpm 90
CS_FP_05_Talky Lead_90bpm CS_FP_05_Talky Lead_90bpm 90
CS_FP_05_Arp Down_90bpm CS_FP_05_Arp Down_90bpm 90
CS_FP_02_Robot Wobble_90bpm CS_FP_02_Robot Wobble_90bpm 90
CS_FP_01_Talky Synth_90bpm CS_FP_01_Talky Synth_90bpm 90
CS_FP_02_Vibrato Saw Leads_90bpm CS_FP_02_Vibrato Saw Leads_90bpm 90
CS_FP_06_Legato Lead_140bpm CS_FP_06_Legato Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FP_01_Legato Lead_90bpm CS_FP_01_Legato Lead_90bpm 90
CS_FP_02_Single Saw Lead_90bpm CS_FP_02_Single Saw Lead_90bpm 90
CS_FP_03_Bass Stab_90bpm CS_FP_03_Bass Stab_90bpm 90
CS_FP_07_Arp Down_140bpm CS_FP_07_Arp Down_140bpm 140
CS_FP_05_Bass Stab_90bpm CS_FP_05_Bass Stab_90bpm 90
CS_FP_01_Talky Lead_90bpm CS_FP_01_Talky Lead_90bpm 90
CS_FP_01_High Arp Down_90bpm CS_FP_01_High Arp Down_90bpm 90
CS_FP_06_Arp_140bpm CS_FP_06_Arp_140bpm 140
CS_FP_01_Vibrato Lead_90bpm CS_FP_01_Vibrato Lead_90bpm 90
CS_FP_02_Legato Square Chops_90bpm CS_FP_02_Legato Square Chops_90bpm 90
CS_FP_03_Robot Stabs_90bpm CS_FP_03_Robot Stabs_90bpm 90
CS_FP_04_Vibrato Square Stab_90bpm CS_FP_04_Vibrato Square Stab_90bpm 90
CS_FP_07_Slow Wobble_140bpm CS_FP_07_Slow Wobble_140bpm 140
CS_FP_06_Drum Loop_140bpm CS_FP_06_Drum Loop_140bpm 140
CS_FP_07_Noisy Arp Down_140bpm CS_FP_07_Noisy Arp Down_140bpm 140
CS_FP_04_Melody_90bpm CS_FP_04_Melody_90bpm 90
CS_FP_04_Legato Lead_90bpm CS_FP_04_Legato Lead_90bpm 90
CS_FP_02_Bass Pad_90bpm CS_FP_02_Bass Pad_90bpm 90
CS_FP_03_Robot Growls_90bpm CS_FP_03_Robot Growls_90bpm 90
CS_FP_06_Arp Up Down_140bpm CS_FP_06_Arp Up Down_140bpm 140
CS_FP_01_Hats_90bpm CS_FP_01_Hats_90bpm 90
CS_FP_01_Glitch Lead_90bpm CS_FP_01_Glitch Lead_90bpm 90
CS_FP_02_Robot Stab High_90bpm CS_FP_02_Robot Stab High_90bpm 90
CS_FP_01_Bass Lead_90bpm CS_FP_01_Bass Lead_90bpm 90
CS_FP_02_Robot Growl_90bpm CS_FP_02_Robot Growl_90bpm 90
CS_FP_07_Ping Stabs_140bpm CS_FP_07_Ping Stabs_140bpm 140
CS_FP_07_Wobble Fast_140bpm CS_FP_07_Wobble Fast_140bpm 140
CS_FP_04_Drum Loop Long_90bpm CS_FP_04_Drum Loop Long_90bpm 90
CS_FP_05_Bass Arp_90bpm CS_FP_05_Bass Arp_90bpm 90
CS_FP_06_Saw Leads_140bpm CS_FP_06_Saw Leads_140bpm 140
CS_FP_05_Robot Stab_90bpm CS_FP_05_Robot Stab_90bpm 90
CS_FP_06_Robot Talk Lead_140bpm CS_FP_06_Robot Talk Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FP_02_Short Vibrato Saw Leads_90bpm CS_FP_02_Short Vibrato Saw Leads_90bpm 90
CS_FP_03_Wobble Rusty_90bpm CS_FP_03_Wobble Rusty_90bpm 90
CS_FP_05_Bass Lead_90bpm CS_FP_05_Bass Lead_90bpm 90
CS_FP_02_Drum Loop Short_90bpm CS_FP_02_Drum Loop Short_90bpm 90
CS_FP_07_Laser_140bpm CS_FP_07_Laser_140bpm 140
CS_FP_01_Snare Reverb_90bpm CS_FP_01_Snare Reverb_90bpm 90
CS_FP_01_Medium Arp Down_90bpm CS_FP_01_Medium Arp Down_90bpm 90
CS_FP_02_Laser Stabs_90bpm CS_FP_02_Laser Stabs_90bpm 90
CS_FP_07_Robot Rough Talks_140bpm CS_FP_07_Robot Rough Talks_140bpm 140
CS_FP_03_Long Saw Lead_90bpm CS_FP_03_Long Saw Lead_90bpm 90
CS_FP_01_Saw High Lead_90bpm CS_FP_01_Saw High Lead_90bpm 90
CS_FP_06_Evolving Bass_140bpm CS_FP_06_Evolving Bass_140bpm 140
CS_FP_05_Slow Robot Talk_90bpm CS_FP_05_Slow Robot Talk_90bpm 90
CS_FP_04_Saw Lead Stabs_90bpm CS_FP_04_Saw Lead Stabs_90bpm 90
CS_FP_06_Rough Stab_140bpm CS_FP_06_Rough Stab_140bpm 140
CS_FP_04_Saw Chords Low_90bpm CS_FP_04_Saw Chords Low_90bpm 90
CS_FP_03_Saw Stab_90bpm CS_FP_03_Saw Stab_90bpm 90
CS_FP_03_Plucks_90bpm CS_FP_03_Plucks_90bpm 90
CS_FP_07_Legato Leads_140bpm CS_FP_07_Legato Leads_140bpm 140
CS_FP_07_Noisy Lead_140bpm CS_FP_07_Noisy Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FP_06_Talky Lead_140bpm CS_FP_06_Talky Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FP_06_Fast Wobble_140bpm CS_FP_06_Fast Wobble_140bpm 140
CS_FP_03_Growl Talk_90bpm CS_FP_03_Growl Talk_90bpm 90
CS_FP_06_Metallic Wobble_140bpm CS_FP_06_Metallic Wobble_140bpm 140
CS_FP_06_Robotic Wobble_140bpm CS_FP_06_Robotic Wobble_140bpm 140
CS_FP_04_Arps_90bpm CS_FP_04_Arps_90bpm 90
CS_FP_07_Saw Leads_140bpm CS_FP_07_Saw Leads_140bpm 140
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