Future Complextro

Future Complextro

Concept Samples

‘Future Complextro' by Concept Samples delivers this collection of truly unique sounds, developed for producers of Complextro, Dance, Dubstep and more.

With tons of expertly crafted sound design tools, that you won't find anywhere else, this product will surely add a unique flavour to your tracks.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
CS_FC_Growl Stabs_128bpm CS_FC_Growl Stabs_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Low Stab Synth_128bpm CS_FC_Low Stab Synth_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Saw Synth Cuts_128bpm CS_FC_Saw Synth Cuts_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Saw Synth Stab Stop_128bpm CS_FC_Saw Synth Stab Stop_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Vibrato Lead Up_128bpm CS_FC_Vibrato Lead Up_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Single Lead Stab_128bpm CS_FC_Single Lead Stab_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Rough Engine Lead_128bpm CS_FC_Rough Engine Lead_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Saw Synth Low_128bpm CS_FC_Saw Synth Low_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Rusty Stabs_128bpm CS_FC_Rusty Stabs_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Legato Synth Up_128bpm CS_FC_Legato Synth Up_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Bass Wobble_128bpm CS_FC_Bass Wobble_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Hat High_128bpm CS_FC_Hat High_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Legato Down_128bpm CS_FC_Legato Down_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Legato Arp Up Down_128bpm CS_FC_Legato Arp Up Down_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Wobble_128bpm CS_FC_Wobble_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Low Bass Synth Stabs_128bpm CS_FC_Low Bass Synth Stabs_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Multiple Talks_128bpm CS_FC_Multiple Talks_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Saw Lead Chops_128bpm CS_FC_Saw Lead Chops_128bpm 128
CS_FC_High Saw Lead_128bpm CS_FC_High Saw Lead_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Saw Lead Stop_128bpm CS_FC_Saw Lead Stop_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Legato Synth Down_128bpm CS_FC_Legato Synth Down_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Rough Lead High_128bpm CS_FC_Rough Lead High_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Saw Chords Reversed Reverb_128bpm CS_FC_Saw Chords Reversed Reverb_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Low Wobble Cuts_128bpm CS_FC_Low Wobble Cuts_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Bass Down_128bpm CS_FC_Bass Down_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Robot Stab Double_128bpm CS_FC_Robot Stab Double_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Wobble Bass Up_128bpm CS_FC_Wobble Bass Up_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Bass High Stab_128bpm CS_FC_Bass High Stab_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Saw Synth Leveled_128bpm CS_FC_Saw Synth Leveled_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Stabs_128bpm CS_FC_Stabs_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Laser Leads Cuts_128bpm CS_FC_Laser Leads Cuts_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Laser Lead High_128bpm CS_FC_Laser Lead High_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Talky_128bpm CS_FC_Talky_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Short Wobble_128bpm CS_FC_Short Wobble_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Bass Upper_128bpm CS_FC_Bass Upper_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Thin Lead Stop_128bpm CS_FC_Thin Lead Stop_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Single Lead_128bpm CS_FC_Single Lead_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Fat Growl_128bpm CS_FC_Fat Growl_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Magic Lead Legato Up_128bpm CS_FC_Magic Lead Legato Up_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Reversed Reverb Cuts_128bpm CS_FC_Reversed Reverb Cuts_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Machine Bass_128bpm CS_FC_Machine Bass_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Rough Lead Laser_128bpm CS_FC_Rough Lead Laser_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Triple Wobble_128bpm CS_FC_Triple Wobble_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Talky Stab_128bpm CS_FC_Talky Stab_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Thin Growl Sequence_128bpm CS_FC_Thin Growl Sequence_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Reverb Snare_128bpm CS_FC_Reverb Snare_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Saw Leads Down_128bpm CS_FC_Saw Leads Down_128bpm 128
CS_FC_High Riser_128bpm CS_FC_High Riser_128bpm 128
CS_FC_ShoGrowl_128bpm CS_FC_ShoGrowl_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Bass Stabs_128bpm CS_FC_Bass Stabs_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Robot Yawn_128bpm CS_FC_Robot Yawn_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Arp Down_128bpm CS_FC_Arp Down_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Wobble Two_128bpm CS_FC_Wobble Two_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Bass Shot_128bpm CS_FC_Bass Shot_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Thin Talk_128bpm CS_FC_Thin Talk_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Legato Arp Down_128bpm CS_FC_Legato Arp Down_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Laser Stabs_128bpm CS_FC_Laser Stabs_128bpm 128
CS_FC_High Bass Synth Stabs_128bpm CS_FC_High Bass Synth Stabs_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Bass Square Sky_128bpm CS_FC_Bass Square Sky_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Rough Lead Stab_128bpm CS_FC_Rough Lead Stab_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Melody Arp Down Up_128bpm CS_FC_Melody Arp Down Up_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Snare_128bpm CS_FC_Snare_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Robotic Slow Wobble_128bpm CS_FC_Robotic Slow Wobble_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Legato Up Down Lead_128bpm CS_FC_Legato Up Down Lead_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Bass Square_128bpm CS_FC_Bass Square_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Short Arp Down_128bpm CS_FC_Short Arp Down_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Saw Leads Reverb_128bpm CS_FC_Saw Leads Reverb_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Robot Movement_128bpm CS_FC_Robot Movement_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Legato Lead_128bpm CS_FC_Legato Lead_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Laser Stop_128bpm CS_FC_Laser Stop_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Bass Up_128bpm CS_FC_Bass Up_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Thin Robot Talk_128bpm CS_FC_Thin Robot Talk_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Hat Short_128bpm CS_FC_Hat Short_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Evil Growl_128bpm CS_FC_Evil Growl_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Laser Down Short_128bpm CS_FC_Laser Down Short_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Bass Square High_128bpm CS_FC_Bass Square High_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Saw Leads Cuts_128bpm CS_FC_Saw Leads Cuts_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Bass Stab Medium_128bpm CS_FC_Bass Stab Medium_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Short Hats_128bpm CS_FC_Short Hats_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Robot Talk Wobble_128bpm CS_FC_Robot Talk Wobble_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Plucks Lazer_128bpm CS_FC_Plucks Lazer_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Bass Square Highest_128bpm CS_FC_Bass Square Highest_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Hat Squence_128bpm CS_FC_Hat Squence_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Long Reverb Snare_128bpm CS_FC_Long Reverb Snare_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Laser Stab_128bpm CS_FC_Laser Stab_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Low Stab Lead Up_128bpm CS_FC_Low Stab Lead Up_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Hat_128bpm CS_FC_Hat_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Robot Talks_128bpm CS_FC_Robot Talks_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Yell Riser_128bpm CS_FC_Yell Riser_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Synth Bump_128bpm CS_FC_Synth Bump_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Low Growl Sequence_128bpm CS_FC_Low Growl Sequence_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Laser Lead_128bpm CS_FC_Laser Lead_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Kick_128bpm CS_FC_Kick_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Low Wobble Stabs_128bpm CS_FC_Low Wobble Stabs_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Thin Growl_128bpm CS_FC_Thin Growl_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Saw Stab Lead_128bpm CS_FC_Saw Stab Lead_128bpm 128
CS_FC_Saw Lead Chords_128bpm CS_FC_Saw Lead Chords_128bpm 128
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