Future Dubstep

Future Dubstep

Concept Samples

‘Future Dubstep’ by Concept Samples delivers this product, packed full of gentle Pads, mesmerising Leads, immense Plucks, hard hitting Stabs & Drums.

Developed for producers of Dubstep, Chill Step and more, inside you will find the future sound of this popular genre.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
CS_FD_Short Throat_150bpm CS_FD_Short Throat_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Throat Bass_150bpm CS_FD_Throat Bass_150bpm 150
CS_FD_01_Perciussions_150bpm CS_FD_01_Perciussions_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Arp_150bpm CS_FD_Arp_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Thin Scream_3_150bpm CS_FD_Thin Scream_3_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Growl_150bpm CS_FD_Growl_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Growl Synth_150bpm CS_FD_Growl Synth_150bpm 150
CS_FD_01_Full Drum Loop_150bpm CS_FD_01_Full Drum Loop_150bpm 150
CS_FD_04_Top Drum Loop_150bpm CS_FD_04_Top Drum Loop_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Reverse_150bpm CS_FD_Reverse_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Triple Stabs_150bpm CS_FD_Triple Stabs_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Magic Arp_150bpm CS_FD_Magic Arp_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Organ_2_150bpm CS_FD_Organ_2_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Bass_2_150bpm CS_FD_Bass_2_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Robot Stab_150bpm CS_FD_Robot Stab_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Future Low Stab_150bpm CS_FD_Future Low Stab_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Reverse Synth_150bpm CS_FD_Reverse Synth_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Pluck Chords_150bpm CS_FD_Pluck Chords_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Fat Scream_150bpm CS_FD_Fat Scream_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Pad_2_150bpm CS_FD_Pad_2_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Electric Scream_150bpm CS_FD_Electric Scream_150bpm 150
CS_FD_01_Top Drum Loop_150bpm CS_FD_01_Top Drum Loop_150bpm 150
CS_FD_High Fat Lead_150bpm CS_FD_High Fat Lead_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Throat_150bpm CS_FD_Throat_150bpm 150
CS_FD_05_Top Drum Loop_150bpm CS_FD_05_Top Drum Loop_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Rising Scream_150bpm CS_FD_Rising Scream_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Lead 01_150bpm CS_FD_Lead 01_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Bass 02_150bpm CS_FD_Bass 02_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Arp Down_150bpm CS_FD_Arp Down_150bpm 150
CS_FD_03_Full Drum Loop_150bpm CS_FD_03_Full Drum Loop_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Low Alien Talk_150bpm CS_FD_Low Alien Talk_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Grained Talk_150bpm CS_FD_Grained Talk_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Sub Bass 02_150bpm CS_FD_Sub Bass 02_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Bass_150bpm CS_FD_Bass_150bpm 150
CS_FD_04_Full Drum Loop_150bpm CS_FD_04_Full Drum Loop_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Reversed Reverb 02_150bpm CS_FD_Reversed Reverb 02_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Lazer Pump 2_150bpm CS_FD_Lazer Pump 2_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Low Saw Lead 02_150bpm CS_FD_Low Saw Lead 02_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Short Stabs_150bpm CS_FD_Short Stabs_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Sub Bass_150bpm CS_FD_Sub Bass_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Bass 2_150bpm CS_FD_Bass 2_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Square Bass 02_150bpm CS_FD_Square Bass 02_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Short Arp_150bpm CS_FD_Short Arp_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Rising Scream 2_150bpm CS_FD_Rising Scream 2_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Reversed Reverb_3_150bpm CS_FD_Reversed Reverb_3_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Low Rough Scream_150bpm CS_FD_Low Rough Scream_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Chord Plucks_150bpm CS_FD_Chord Plucks_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Low Saw Lead 01_150bpm CS_FD_Low Saw Lead 01_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Reversed Reverb 01_150bpm CS_FD_Reversed Reverb 01_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Keys_150bpm CS_FD_Keys_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Lazer Pump_150bpm CS_FD_Lazer Pump_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Arp Low 01_150bpm CS_FD_Arp Low 01_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Sub Bass 01_150bpm CS_FD_Sub Bass 01_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Stab Growl_150bpm CS_FD_Stab Growl_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Rough Synth_150bpm CS_FD_Rough Synth_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Pad Intro_150bpm CS_FD_Pad Intro_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Reversed Growl_150bpm CS_FD_Reversed Growl_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Arp Chord_150bpm CS_FD_Arp Chord_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Reversed Reverb_150bpm CS_FD_Reversed Reverb_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Plucks_3_150bpm CS_FD_Plucks_3_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Square Bass 01_150bpm CS_FD_Square Bass 01_150bpm 150
CS_FD_03_Top Drum Loop_150bpm CS_FD_03_Top Drum Loop_150bpm 150
CS_FD_05_Full Drum Loop_150bpm CS_FD_05_Full Drum Loop_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Thin Lead_150bpm CS_FD_Thin Lead_150bpm 150
CS_FD_03_Percussions_150bpm CS_FD_03_Percussions_150bpm 150
CS_FD_02_Full Drum Loop_150bpm CS_FD_02_Full Drum Loop_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Robotic Wow_150bpm CS_FD_Robotic Wow_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Robotic High_150bpm CS_FD_Robotic High_150bpm 150
CS_FD_04_Percussions_150bpm CS_FD_04_Percussions_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Pluck Chord_150bpm CS_FD_Pluck Chord_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Intro Plucks_150bpm CS_FD_Intro Plucks_150bpm 150
CS_FD_05_Snares_150bpm CS_FD_05_Snares_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Lead 02_150bpm CS_FD_Lead 02_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Bass 01_150bpm CS_FD_Bass 01_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Evolving Scream_150bpm CS_FD_Evolving Scream_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Thin Scream_150bpm CS_FD_Thin Scream_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Bass Growl_150bpm CS_FD_Bass Growl_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Intro Low Plucks_150bpm CS_FD_Intro Low Plucks_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Organ_150bpm CS_FD_Organ_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Bass Stab_150bpm CS_FD_Bass Stab_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Malfunction_2_150bpm CS_FD_Malfunction_2_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Screamy_150bpm CS_FD_Screamy_150bpm 150
CS_FD_02_Percussions_150bpm CS_FD_02_Percussions_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Low Growl_150bpm CS_FD_Low Growl_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Stab_150bpm CS_FD_Stab_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Robot Talk Fast_150bpm CS_FD_Robot Talk Fast_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Pad_150bpm CS_FD_Pad_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Pitched Vocal Cut_150bpm CS_FD_Pitched Vocal Cut_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Chord Plucks 2_150bpm CS_FD_Chord Plucks 2_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Arp 02_150bpm CS_FD_Arp 02_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Plucks_4_150bpm CS_FD_Plucks_4_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Malfunction_150bpm CS_FD_Malfunction_150bpm 150
CS_FD_02_Top Drum Loop_150bpm CS_FD_02_Top Drum Loop_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Reverse Reverb_150bpm CS_FD_Reverse Reverb_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Short Laser_150bpm CS_FD_Short Laser_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Laser Scream_150bpm CS_FD_Laser Scream_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Low Fat Stab_150bpm CS_FD_Low Fat Stab_150bpm 150
CS_FD_Plucks_150bpm CS_FD_Plucks_150bpm 150
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