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Future Groove House

Future Groove House

Skifonix Sounds

Skifonix Sounds presents ‘Future Groove House’. 

Inspired by the likes of Disclosure, Kaytranada, Pomo and Young Franco. 

Packed full of laidback grooves, funky synth lines and soulful melodies, this toolkit is the essential pack for creating modern groovy house tracks. 

The pack includes 10 construction kits with all relevant Massive presets, audio loops, MIDI files and insert chains to recreate the sounds from scratch. 

As well as this are 40 melodic loops, each designed to help you get a feel for the genre and inspire your next production. 

All loops come with the relevant MIDI files and Massive presets too, giving you even more control over the sound. 

Not only that, but we’ve included 100 processed and ready to go drum hits plus 15 funk-filled drum loops split into 105 individual parts. 

This is the perfect sample pack for that current House sound. 

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All Samples Name Key BPM
perc_6 perc_6
perc_11 perc_11
perc_1 perc_1
perc_9 perc_9
perc_20 perc_20
perc_10 perc_10
perc_12 perc_12
perc_5 perc_5
perc_15 perc_15
perc_13 perc_13
perc_17 perc_17
perc_2 perc_2
perc_4 perc_4
perc_18 perc_18
perc_8 perc_8
perc_3 perc_3
perc_16 perc_16
perc_7 perc_7
perc_19 perc_19
perc_14 perc_14
hat_1 hat_1
hat_11 hat_11
hat_4 hat_4
hat_20 hat_20
hat_10 hat_10
hat_6 hat_6
hat_17 hat_17
hat_5 hat_5
hat_19 hat_19
hat_15 hat_15
hat_18 hat_18
hat_16 hat_16
hat_8 hat_8
hat_13 hat_13
hat_9 hat_9
hat_3 hat_3
hat_2 hat_2
hat_12 hat_12
hat_7 hat_7
hat_14 hat_14
kick_16 kick_16
kick_4 kick_4
kick_18 kick_18
kick_5 kick_5
kick_9 kick_9
kick_19 kick_19
kick_2 kick_2
kick_6 kick_6
kick_1 kick_1
kick_10 kick_10
kick_14 kick_14
kick_8 kick_8
kick_20 kick_20
kick_7 kick_7
kick_13 kick_13
kick_11 kick_11
kick_3 kick_3
kick_12 kick_12
kick_15 kick_15
kick_17 kick_17
snare_11 snare_11
snare_12 snare_12
snare_4 snare_4
snare_16 snare_16
snare_7 snare_7
snare_18 snare_18
snare_3 snare_3
snare_14 snare_14
snare_10 snare_10
snare_19 snare_19
snare_6 snare_6
snare_13 snare_13
snare_20 snare_20
snare_9 snare_9
snare_5 snare_5
snare_1 snare_1
snare_15 snare_15
snare_17 snare_17
snare_8 snare_8
snare_2 snare_2
clap_3 clap_3
clap_6 clap_6
clap_1 clap_1
clap_18 clap_18
clap_7 clap_7
clap_9 clap_9
clap_14 clap_14
clap_12 clap_12
clap_19 clap_19
clap_4 clap_4
clap_8 clap_8