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Future House

Future House

New Loops

New Loops presents Future House – Over 1.5 GB of pumping House sounds inspired by todays leading producers, including Oliver Heldens, Tchami, Disciples, AC Slater, and Calvin Harris.

5 full construction kits are packed with all the sounds you need to make chart-topping House tracks with over 1000 sounds including multi-samples. You’ll find Drums, Synths, Bass, Vocals, and FX. Each kit comes with midi files and synth multi-samples giving you the flexibility to create your own songs.

All sounds are individually named and have the key and BPM in the file names. The audio loops have many variations such as full loops, kickless loops, hat loops, kick and snare only etc., as well as wet and dry loops.

As with all New Loops sample packs, once purchased Future House is 100% royalty free to use in your songs and audio productions.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Vocal Low E Vocal Low E
Vocal Gether Baby G1 Vocal Gether Baby G1
Vocal Gether Baby F1 Vocal Gether Baby F1
Vocal Gether Baby E1 Vocal Gether Baby E1
Vocal Gether Baby E0 Vocal Gether Baby E0
Vocal Gether Baby D1 Vocal Gether Baby D1
Vocal Baby E Vocal Baby E
Vocal Babe E Vocal Babe E
Tom Tom
Tam Shake Tam Shake
Tam Drum Tam Drum
Synth Stab Massive End Synth Stab Massive End
Squeak Squeak
Snare Tinny Snare Tinny
Snare Punch Snare Punch
Shaker Small 2 Shaker Small 2
Shaker Small 1 Shaker Small 1
Shaker Large 3 Shaker Large 3
Shaker Break 2 Shaker Break 2
Shaker Break 1 Shaker Break 1
Rim Rim
Ride Ride
Open Hat Open Hat
Kick Kick
Kick Small Kick Small
Kick Break Kick Break
Kick Break Roll Kick Break Roll
FX Slow-Down FX Slow-Down
FX Long Riser FX Long Riser
FX Crash FX Crash
FX Crash Reverse FX Crash Reverse
FX Clap-Verb FX Clap-Verb
Closed Hat Closed Hat
Clap-Snare Clap-Snare
Clap Break Clap Break
Clap Break Dry Clap Break Dry
Clap 2 Clap 2
Clap 1 Clap 1
Bass Bend E Bass Bend E
Bass Bend A Bass Bend A
Stab_Massive-071-B3 Stab_Massive-071-B3
Stab_Massive-069-A3 Stab_Massive-069-A3
Stab_Massive-067-G3 Stab_Massive-067-G3
Stab_Massive-065-F3 Stab_Massive-065-F3
Stab_Massive-064-E3 Stab_Massive-064-E3
Stab_Massive-062-D3 Stab_Massive-062-D3
Stab_Massive-060-C3 Stab_Massive-060-C3
Stab_Massive-059-B2 Stab_Massive-059-B2
Stab_Massive-057-A2 Stab_Massive-057-A2
Stab_Massive-055-G2 Stab_Massive-055-G2
Stab_Massive-053-F2 Stab_Massive-053-F2
Stab_Massive-052-E2 Stab_Massive-052-E2
Stab_Massive-050-D2 Stab_Massive-050-D2
Stab_Massive-048-C2 Stab_Massive-048-C2
Pluck_Spire-083-B4 Pluck_Spire-083-B4
Pluck_Spire-081-A4 Pluck_Spire-081-A4
Pluck_Spire-079-G4 Pluck_Spire-079-G4
Pluck_Spire-077-F4 Pluck_Spire-077-F4
Pluck_Spire-076-E4 Pluck_Spire-076-E4
Pluck_Spire-074-D4 Pluck_Spire-074-D4
Pluck_Spire-072-C4 Pluck_Spire-072-C4
Pluck_Spire-071-B3 Pluck_Spire-071-B3
Pluck_Spire-069-A3 Pluck_Spire-069-A3
Pluck_Spire-067-G3 Pluck_Spire-067-G3
Pluck_Spire-065-F3 Pluck_Spire-065-F3
Pluck_Spire-064-E3 Pluck_Spire-064-E3
Pluck_Spire-062-D3 Pluck_Spire-062-D3
Pluck_Spire-060-C3 Pluck_Spire-060-C3
Pluck_Spire-059-B2 Pluck_Spire-059-B2
Pluck_Spire-057-A2 Pluck_Spire-057-A2
Pluck_Spire-055-G2 Pluck_Spire-055-G2
Pluck_Spire-053-F2 Pluck_Spire-053-F2
Pluck_Spire-052-E2 Pluck_Spire-052-E2
Pluck_Spire-050-D2 Pluck_Spire-050-D2
Pluck_Spire-048-C2 Pluck_Spire-048-C2
Pluck_Serum-095-B5 Pluck_Serum-095-B5
Pluck_Serum-093-A5 Pluck_Serum-093-A5
Pluck_Serum-091-G5 Pluck_Serum-091-G5
Pluck_Serum-089-F5 Pluck_Serum-089-F5
Pluck_Serum-088-E5 Pluck_Serum-088-E5
Pluck_Serum-086-D5 Pluck_Serum-086-D5