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Future Interface

Future Interface

Cinematic Sound Design

‘Future Interface’ by Cinematic Sound Design delivers a huge collection of futuristic interface sound effects. Developed to be used within your upcoming game, app, advertisement, film or other type of project, these sounds will enhance your project and take it up to the next level.

This collection was designed using some of the best quality equipment available today: Access Virus Ti virtual analog synthesiser, DSI Prophet analog synthesiser, Waldorf Pulse 2. We have also used a Sound Devices 702 field recorder, a pair of Neumann KM184 microphones and an Apogee Symphony AD/DA for additional processing and routing.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Wrong Beep Wrong Beep
Wrong Answer Wrong Answer
Would You Would You
Wicked Future Wicked Future
Welcome Interface Welcome Interface
Weird Interface Weird Interface
Weep Interface Weep Interface
Vibrato Pluck Interface Vibrato Pluck Interface
Vibrato Interface Vibrato Interface
Urban Interface Urban Interface
Up Notification Up Notification
Two Plucks Interface Two Plucks Interface
Triple Thin Interface Triple Thin Interface
Triple Ping Triple Ping
Triple Beep Interface Triple Beep Interface
Tone Pop Up Tone Pop Up
Thin Switch Interface Thin Switch Interface
Wrong Wrong
Thin Repeat Button Thin Repeat Button
Thin Opener Thin Opener
Thin Metal Interface Thin Metal Interface
Thin Bell Interface Thin Bell Interface
Thin Access Thin Access
Thin Accept Thin Accept
Teleport Button Teleport Button
Technology Typing Technology Typing
Technology Scratch Technology Scratch
Tech Plucks Tech Plucks
Syren Interface Syren Interface
Sweep Blip Sweep Blip
Super Menu Super Menu
Super Entry Super Entry
Super Denial Super Denial
Spaceship Interface Spaceship Interface
Slim Pluck Slim Pluck
Slim Alarm Slim Alarm
Single Thin Beep Single Thin Beep
Single Short Beep Single Short Beep
Single Analog Pip Single Analog Pip
Short Ping Short Ping
Select Select
Science Interface Science Interface
Scan Complete Scan Complete
Roundy Notification Roundy Notification
Rough Vacuum Interface Rough Vacuum Interface
Robocop Robocop
Robo Transition Robo Transition
Right Direction Right Direction
Right Answer Right Answer
Reversed Plop Interface Reversed Plop Interface
Request Accepted Request Accepted
Radio Tone Radio Tone
Psycho Bits Psycho Bits
Power Up Interface Power Up Interface
Positive Interface Positive Interface
Pop Interface Pop Interface
Pong Interface Pong Interface
Pong Down Pong Down
Plucky Tone Plucky Tone
Plucky Interface Plucky Interface
Pipe Interface Pipe Interface
Ping Pong Ping Pong
Ping It Ping It
Phone Beep Phone Beep
Peck Interface Peck Interface
Paint Ball Paint Ball
Open Down Open Down
Old Radio Tone Old Radio Tone
Old Phoneline Busy Tone Old Phoneline Busy Tone
Okay Droid Okay Droid
Notify The Insect Notify The Insect
Notify Me Down Notify Me Down
Notification Opener Notification Opener
Note Note
Noisy Denial Noisy Denial
Noisy Arp Up Noisy Arp Up
Morse Code Morse Code
Modern Run Down Modern Run Down
Modern Arp Down Modern Arp Down
Mode Open Mode Open