Future Pop & Chill

Future Pop & Chill

Concept Samples

‘Future Pop & Chill' by Concept Samples delivers a collection of Chillstep, Dubstep & Complextro sounds straight into your studio.

Here you will find a myriad of unique material for your tracks, with cutting-edge Growls, Leads, Pads, Drums and more.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
CS_FPC_Dubstep Drums_140bpm CS_FPC_Dubstep Drums_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_High Thin Lead_140bpm CS_FPC_High Thin Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Vibrato Short Lead_140bpm CS_FPC_Vibrato Short Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Stab Lead_140bpm CS_FPC_Stab Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Lead_140bpm CS_FPC_Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Growls Talky_140bpm CS_FPC_Growls Talky_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Dull Arp Down_140bpm CS_FPC_Dull Arp Down_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Bass Long_140bpm CS_FPC_Bass Long_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Malfunction_140bpm CS_FPC_Malfunction_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Laser Talky Growl_140bpm CS_FPC_Laser Talky Growl_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Rough Lead Medium_140bpm CS_FPC_Rough Lead Medium_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Electric Leads_140bpm CS_FPC_Electric Leads_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Arp Up_140bpm CS_FPC_Arp Up_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Percussions_140bpm CS_FPC_Percussions_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Vibrato Lead Stab_140bpm CS_FPC_Vibrato Lead Stab_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Drum Kick Snare_140bpm CS_FPC_Drum Kick Snare_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Arp Down Fast_140bpm CS_FPC_Arp Down Fast_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Leads_140bpm CS_FPC_Leads_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Arps Hypnotic_140bpm CS_FPC_Arps Hypnotic_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Arp Down_140bpm CS_FPC_Arp Down_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Percussion Snare_140bpm CS_FPC_Percussion Snare_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Snare_140bpm CS_FPC_Snare_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Laser Wobble_140bpm CS_FPC_Laser Wobble_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Laser Leads_140bpm CS_FPC_Laser Leads_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Rough Leads_140bpm CS_FPC_Rough Leads_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Hats Snare_140bpm CS_FPC_Hats Snare_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Wobble Sci-fi Synth_140bpm CS_FPC_Wobble Sci-fi Synth_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Ultra Thin Lead_140bpm CS_FPC_Ultra Thin Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Straight Dance Drums_140bpm CS_FPC_Straight Dance Drums_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Laser Arps_140bpm CS_FPC_Laser Arps_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Rough Lead_140bpm CS_FPC_Rough Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Alarm Lead_140bpm CS_FPC_Alarm Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Slow Full Drums_140bpm CS_FPC_Slow Full Drums_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Legato Down Riser_140bpm CS_FPC_Legato Down Riser_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Alarm_140bpm CS_FPC_Alarm_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Main Lead_140bpm CS_FPC_Main Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Riser Short Lead Down_140bpm CS_FPC_Riser Short Lead Down_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Drums Kick Snare Hats_140bpm CS_FPC_Drums Kick Snare Hats_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Arp_140bpm CS_FPC_Arp_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Huge Growl_140bpm CS_FPC_Huge Growl_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Thin Vibrato Lead_140bpm CS_FPC_Thin Vibrato Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Vibrato Lead_140bpm CS_FPC_Vibrato Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Dreamy Plucks_140bpm CS_FPC_Dreamy Plucks_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Weird Growl_140bpm CS_FPC_Weird Growl_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Saw Leads_140bpm CS_FPC_Saw Leads_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Sci-fi Malfunction_140bpm CS_FPC_Sci-fi Malfunction_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Thin Vocal_140bpm CS_FPC_Thin Vocal_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Plucks_140bpm CS_FPC_Plucks_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Stabs_140bpm CS_FPC_Stabs_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Legato Distorted Lead_140bpm CS_FPC_Legato Distorted Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Saws Lead_140bpm CS_FPC_Saws Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Thin Lead_140bpm CS_FPC_Thin Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Laser Stabs_140bpm CS_FPC_Laser Stabs_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Bass_140bpm CS_FPC_Bass_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Laser Lead Down_140bpm CS_FPC_Laser Lead Down_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Bass Stabs_140bpm CS_FPC_Bass Stabs_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Arp Melody_140bpm CS_FPC_Arp Melody_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Robot Talks_140bpm CS_FPC_Robot Talks_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Riser Short Lead_140bpm CS_FPC_Riser Short Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Saws Stab Lead_140bpm CS_FPC_Saws Stab Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Thin Medium Lead_140bpm CS_FPC_Thin Medium Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Saw Chords_140bpm CS_FPC_Saw Chords_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Full Drums_140bpm CS_FPC_Full Drums_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Ultra Vibrato Lead_140bpm CS_FPC_Ultra Vibrato Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Thin Legato Lead_140bpm CS_FPC_Thin Legato Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Wobble_140bpm CS_FPC_Wobble_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Thin Arp Down_140bpm CS_FPC_Thin Arp Down_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Percussions Drums_140bpm CS_FPC_Percussions Drums_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Lead Up Melody Legato_140bpm CS_FPC_Lead Up Melody Legato_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Percussion_140bpm CS_FPC_Percussion_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Electric Lazer Down_140bpm CS_FPC_Electric Lazer Down_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Vibrating Lead_140bpm CS_FPC_Vibrating Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Sidechained Lead_140bpm CS_FPC_Sidechained Lead_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Robot Growl_140bpm CS_FPC_Robot Growl_140bpm 140
CS_FPC_Bass Dark_140bpm CS_FPC_Bass Dark_140bpm 140
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