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Future Robotics

Future Robotics

Cinematic Sound Design

‘Future Robotics’ by Cinematic Sound Design features a collection of futuristic sound effects designed for Cinematic productions, games, apps and more. From hard-hitting rusty sounds too tiny droid talks, robot malfunctions, creaks, and lasers, inside you will find a unique collection for your next multi-media project.

This collection was designed using some of the best quality equipment, including Access Virus Ti, DSI Prophet, Waldorf Pulse 2 and more, all routed through an Apogee Symphony AD/DA for additional warmth and depth.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Yaaay Yaaay
Ya Lo Ro Down Ya Lo Ro Down
Would You Would You
Whoa Robot Whoa Robot
White Noise White Noise
Twisted TV Twisted TV
Twisted Laser Beep Twisted Laser Beep
Twisted Hydraulics Twisted Hydraulics
Turn Off Turn Off
Triple Yoy Triple Yoy
Thin Robot Drill Thin Robot Drill
Thin Machine Creak Thin Machine Creak
Thin Machine Button Thin Machine Button
Thin Lazer Question Thin Lazer Question
Thin Laser Thin Laser
The Evil Button The Evil Button
Teleport Teleport
Technology Typing Technology Typing
Technology Scratch Technology Scratch
Tech Sweep Tech Sweep
Tech Plucks Tech Plucks
Tech Machinery Fault Tech Machinery Fault
Talky Turn Off Talky Turn Off
Surpised Machine Surpised Machine
Stab Denial Stab Denial
Spaceship Interface Spaceship Interface
Spaceship Door Spaceship Door
Space Drone Take Off Space Drone Take Off
Space Drone Descent Space Drone Descent
Sleazy Rusty Lead Sleazy Rusty Lead
Short Stab Short Stab
Short Rusty Stab Short Rusty Stab
Short Negative Beep Short Negative Beep
Short Machine Switch Short Machine Switch
Short Machine Malfunction Short Machine Malfunction
Serious Intentions Serious Intentions
Rusty Throat Rusty Throat
Rusty Laser Movement Rusty Laser Movement
Rusty Denial Creak Rusty Denial Creak
Roundy Ball Roundy Ball
Rough Technology Rough Technology
Rough Tech Rough Tech
Rough Robot Laser Rough Robot Laser
Rough Laser Rough Laser
Robotic Yay Robotic Yay
Robotic Whoosh Robotic Whoosh
Robotic Weep Robotic Weep
Robotic T-Rex Robotic T-Rex
Robotic Plop Robotic Plop
Robotic Movement Robotic Movement
Robotic Lasers Robotic Lasers
Robotic Elephant Robotic Elephant
Robotic Double Open Robotic Double Open
Robotic Cop Robotic Cop
Robotic Blurb Robotic Blurb
Robot Yay Talk Robot Yay Talk
Robot Yaay Robot Yaay
Robot Wobble Down Robot Wobble Down
Robot Whoap Robot Whoap
Robot Whistle Robot Whistle
Robot Vomit Robot Vomit
Robot Thin Jump Robot Thin Jump
Robot Talk Robot Talk
Robot Talk Roll Robot Talk Roll
Robot Squeek Robot Squeek
Robot Speech Robot Speech
Robot Shout Robot Shout
Robot Power Up Robot Power Up
Robot Movement Robot Movement
Robot Lift Hand Robot Lift Hand
Robot Interface Slaps Robot Interface Slaps
Robot Interaction Robot Interaction
Robot High Twist Robot High Twist
Robot Happy Yay Robot Happy Yay