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Future Trap

Future Trap

Touch Loops

Dark, twisted, snarling and aggressive. Fusing together elements of trap, grime and electronica, this epic trap sample pack takes all the elements which were so pivotal in forming this futuristic genre and spins them completely on their head.

With influences ranging from Troy Boi to Migos, Future & Travis Scott to the darker sides of electronica, this outrageously well produced and executed sample collection is system ready and crying out to be twisted, manipulated and adored.

Inside this dark, menacing gem you'll find ethnic influenced sitar and vocal loops, off kilter sub heavy rhythms, distorted 808 drum sequences and hi-hat patterns, mutating sub and bass loops, otherworldly pads and soundscapes plus a folder bursting with incredible saturated arp sequences.

We've also thrown in MIDI for all arps and basses plus a colleciton of over 100 one shots covering drums, chants, FX and all instrument not to mention some iconic, system shaking brass loops. 

This incredible tool kit of a collection is as flexible as it is focused and will sit perfectly against your sinister productions. So, if you produce trap or are looking to add some futuristic elements into your production then this ones for you. A real game changer of a collection.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
FX_BendyImpact_TL FX_BendyImpact_TL
FX_ReverseBassStab_TL FX_ReverseBassStab_TL
FX_Breath_2_TL FX_Breath_2_TL
FX_Scrape_TL FX_Scrape_TL
FX_Glassy_TL FX_Glassy_TL
FX_Birdy_TL FX_Birdy_TL
FX_Breath_1_TL FX_Breath_1_TL
Chant_2_TL Chant_2_TL
Chant_3_TL Chant_3_TL
Chant_4_TL Chant_4_TL
Chant_5_TL Chant_5_TL
Chant_1_TL Chant_1_TL
Bass/D_Chomp_TL Bass/D_Chomp_TL D
Bass/E_RobotWhip_TL Bass/E_RobotWhip_TL E
Bass/B_Doorstopper_TL Bass/B_Doorstopper_TL B
Bass/C_Stabby_TL Bass/C_Stabby_TL C
Bass/D#_LoveMe_Bass_Shot_TL Bass/D#_LoveMe_Bass_Shot_TL D
Bass/E_DelayedStab_TL Bass/E_DelayedStab_TL E
Bass/F_SubtleWob_TL Bass/F_SubtleWob_TL F
Bass/D_TroyboyDonk_TL Bass/D_TroyboyDonk_TL D
Bass/G_SimpleSlap_TL Bass/G_SimpleSlap_TL
Bass/D#_OminousStab_TL Bass/D#_OminousStab_TL D
Bass/A_MoreDonk_TL Bass/A_MoreDonk_TL A
Bass/G#_Offbeat_Bass_Shot_TL Bass/G#_Offbeat_Bass_Shot_TL
Synths/G_Ricochet_TL Synths/G_Ricochet_TL G
Synths/E_SustainedHit_TL Synths/E_SustainedHit_TL E
Synths/B_Lazer_TL Synths/B_Lazer_TL B
Synths/E_Springy_TL Synths/E_Springy_TL E
Synths/C#_Church_TL Synths/C#_Church_TL C
Synths/D_Pew_TL Synths/D_Pew_TL D
Synths/C_Watered Down_TL Synths/C_Watered Down_TL C
Synths/A_HeavySynth_TL Synths/A_HeavySynth_TL A
Synths/G#_Graves_TL Synths/G#_Graves_TL G
Synths/D#_TrippyPluck_TL Synths/D#_TrippyPluck_TL D
Synths/B_Wow_TL Synths/B_Wow_TL B
D#_BrassStab_TL D#_BrassStab_TL D
160_D_BrassLoop_4_TL 160_D_BrassLoop_4_TL D 160
E_PipaHit_6_TL E_PipaHit_6_TL E
C#_PipaHit_4_TL C#_PipaHit_4_TL C
A_PipaHit_1_TL A_PipaHit_1_TL A
C#_PipaHit_5_TL C#_PipaHit_5_TL C
A_PipaHit_2_TL A_PipaHit_2_TL A
D_PipaHit_5_TL D_PipaHit_5_TL D
G#_PipaHit_8_TL G#_PipaHit_8_TL G
F#_PipaHit_7_TL F#_PipaHit_7_TL F
G#_PipaHit_9_TL G#_PipaHit_9_TL G
G_SitarHit_5_TL G_SitarHit_5_TL G
D_SitarHit_3_TL D_SitarHit_3_TL D
C#_SitarHit_2_TL C#_SitarHit_2_TL C
B_PipaHit_1_TL B_PipaHit_1_TL B
F#_SitarHit_4_TL F#_SitarHit_4_TL F
A_808_1_TL A_808_1_TL A
G_808_10_TL G_808_10_TL G
G_808_9_TL G_808_9_TL G
C_808_3_TL C_808_3_TL C
F_808_6_TL F_808_6_TL F
C#_808_4_TL C#_808_4_TL C
F#_808_8_TL F#_808_8_TL F
A_808_2_TL A_808_2_TL A
E_808_5_TL E_808_5_TL E
F_808_7_TL F_808_7_TL F
Perc_4_TL Perc_4_TL
Perc_5_TL Perc_5_TL
Perc_7_TL Perc_7_TL
Perc_8_TL Perc_8_TL
Perc_6_TL Perc_6_TL
Perc_1_TL Perc_1_TL
Perc_3_TL Perc_3_TL
Perc_2_TL Perc_2_TL
Hat_4_TL Hat_4_TL
Hat_3_TL Hat_3_TL
Hat_2_TL Hat_2_TL
Hat_5_TL Hat_5_TL
Hat_1_TL Hat_1_TL
Kick_8_TL Kick_8_TL
Kick_12_TL Kick_12_TL
Kick_9_TL Kick_9_TL
Kick_1_TL Kick_1_TL